Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I'm so sorry

Hello Peeps! So, I am so NOT loyal. If that makes any sense. I haven't posted in a really long time. When Sarah told me she guest posted for me I was overjoyed! I have so disappointing and I'm sorry. It's school. If that's an excuse. I will try and try and try to post a little more. Please forgive me!

So, Sarah is going to have a early birthday party this Friday! She's going to go skating and have a sleepover! ANNNDD! Guess what!!! I'M DOING TENNIS LESSONS NOW!!!!! I'M SO EXCITED!! Also, I'm writing a critique of 'Rikki Tikki-Tavi" for my writing assignment! I'm also reading "Tom Saywer" right now for my literature. It's an okay book.

Gardiner Sisters released a music video of "All of my life" here it is:
Other than that! I think I've covered everything! Thank you Danielle and Sarah for guest posting! You were a help in my hours of school!
P.S. My sister said I should make a blogging series and it would be some adjectives like "Happily You" and "Crazily You" so I'll try my best to start that. Thank you for reading! How is school going for you? Tough, awesome, sad, okay, perfect, well whatever it is please comment below. 
peace and love,


  1. Hey Bernie! This is Julia. (Duh... my name is at the top of this! xD ) So I'M sorry that I haven't been reading your blog. It's the ugly truth.. uggg.. lol So anyway I wand to read your posts ALOT more efficiently and diligently from now on, because I love you! (Your blog is awesome)
    I love your post! School is... okay, tough, and a blessing! Thanks for asking! I can't wait to read more of your posts!
    In my Rock, my Savior, my blessed Jesus Christ!
    -Julia Lynn-o (because adding o to the end of words is awesome!)

  2. Hey Julie! Thanks so much for commenting! I'm just like you Julie! As I've started school it's almost like I've ditched all my friends, but I didn't I'm just busy. Your blog is so awesome too! SO, maybe together we can read more of each other's blogs and learn more about each other.

  3. I completely understand about being busy!!! I am too =P Is Sarah's skating party roller skating?! Because I love doing that but none of my friends who live close do! I hope she has a wonderful birthday!!! =)

    1. Yes it is! She love roller skating! I do too! Yeah! Skating is awesome! Thanks! I 'll tell her that.