Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving has passed but Christmas is almost here!

Aloha! How's was everybody's Thanksgiving? Did you eat the biggest meal you ever ate before? I got stuffed before I got even close. Here's a good question. Turkey or Ham? I like Ham better, but Turkey it good too! So, anyway I'm going to do a Thanksgiving post. What I did, What I'm thankful for, along with some random Christmas pictures I took! Let us move onward!
Here are the ten things I'm thankful for.
1. Jesus Christ
2. Family
3. Friends
4. The bible
5. God's creation
6. The gifts God has gave me
7. Communication with long distance friends
8. My lovely clothes and house and everything in it
9. FOOD!
10. You followers and viewers!
There's many more. These are just few!

Wednesday (the day before Thanksgiving day) we left for our Grandma's house. Her house is about six hours away from our house. The drive seemed like it took all day. You know how you always bring a lot of stuff for the drive up, but you don't use any of it. I do that a lot! We listened to the Chronicles of Narnia cd of Prince Caspian. Speaking of that, I JUST FINISHED THE LION, WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE! YAY! Moving on.

The next day was Thanksgiving day! I had so much fun eating and playing with my family. I have the most adorable cousins in the whole entire world. We did a lot of cool things together! We played piano, watched Frozen, ate and ate and ate (of course it was Thanksgiving) and colored! Meanwhile in the afternoon my little cousin fell asleep on me. It was the cutest thing ever! I love my cousins SO MUCH! On Friday, it was almost the same. Eat, play, eat, play. We played Head Bands except it was the newest act it out game! It was a blast playing it with my cousins! That night we had the best pizza in the whole world! It was delicious! Then, we put up the Christmas tree for our Grandma. It was so funny and enjoyable because we were all in the Christmas spirit while singing songs. The house went bonkers when my uncle brought the Santa up. He sings. He's creepy. But everybody loves him! Rudo (our dog) was terrified by him. He used to just bark at it, but not now. Even when we shake his hand his bolts out of the room. It's funny!

On Saturday, we left. It was sad saying goodbyes. Although, our Grandma is coming to our house this week because my uncle is coming for hunting season. Before we left we went to see my Grandpa's grave sight. It was so sad to see it, but it made me happy too! I thought about all that pain he had. Now it's all gone! Though we miss him so much we know he's in a better place. I love him so much! Which brings up the fact that my dad killed a buck deer and he's is cutting it right now. We saw a Christmas tree in the middle of the road. It was so beautiful! We also went to an awesome Italian restaurant. It was really yummy!

When we got home we unpacked then we set up out Christmas tree. After putting up our Grandma's we totally got in the Christmas mood. There's so many memories that come up when you think about Christmas, ornaments, Jesus's birth, family. Then today we did some extra decorations. I put my little town up and some garland in my room. We also put up a manger scene and some others. I'm so ready for Christmas. What about you?

This whole trip was awesome! We hadn't seen my Grandma and her house in a long time so it was good seeing it again. It just has to make you smile when you think about family. Their so precious! The food was delicious! It's always good when your go to your Grandma's! So here's some pictures to contribute to this post!

                                    This is my Charlie brown Christmas tree Sarah got me

 Sorry this is wrong way. I don't how to rotate it? If you do could you tell me? Anyway this is my town.
                                          The boarding house and The Gold Nugget Tavern
                                                          General Store and Pharmacy
                                                                    The church
                                                             The garland in my room

                                                               Precious Moments
                                                                   Fake candle

                                                                     My stocking

                                  I know it isn't spring or summer. It's winter. I love it though!
The Christmas Tree!
Peace and Love,

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