Thursday, January 29, 2015


ELLO PEOPLES! Here is my story. If you like it please comment and tell me if you do. If you have an suggestions PLEASE tell me! HOPE YOU LIKE IT!

   Some time ago there was a village. The town was called Anonymous. Their king was named Unknown and the queen was named Unaware.  They had one daughter named Foreign who they were very proud of. She was a beautiful and kind young girl, but had a terrible curse. Foreign wasn’t scared of anything. Literally. Nothing frightened her when she went to sleep when she wondered around in the woods or even when a nasty bug started crawling on her shoulder. Though she didn’t know this curse. Her parents tried to not tell her. Foreign was a very curious girl so sometimes she would curiously ask why her Mother would be so scared of a bug because she simply never experienced that. She nearly forced her Father to teach her to fight for herself and hold a dagger like she could hold a spoon. Fighting, her Father worried a lot about her. He never knew when one day her curiosity could take her anywhere like far away from him. This was Unknown and Unaware first and only child so they wanted to protect her as much as they could. Although Foreign wanted to fight and travel around more she understood and lived life like a happy little bird.

    Now you might think Unknown, Unaware, and Foreign had a perfect life, but that didn’t work around their house, or castle I suppose.  Unknown had a brother. They loved each other and did everything together. Her Mother always smiled when she saw them playing together, eating together, talking, walking, studying, everything they did together! Life was wonderful and joyous! They never fought they never had a disagreement. Unknown was the youngest and Popular was about two years older than him, but the age separation didn’t matter to them.

   When both of them got older including their Father and Mother something tragic happened. Unknown and Popular’s father was growing old and weak. Laying down in his bedside, he spoke to Popular asking him to be the king once he died. Poplar couldn’t believe. The wealth, the fame, and the love he would get if he was king. He happily accepted, but did not mention it to his brother for he knew he’d get jealous and mad at his brother. That night when their whole family gathered together to celebrate and mourn over Unknown and Popular’s fathers life they finally had to say goodbye. As their Mother cried and almost died herself Popular drowned in his wealth and didn’t even care about his Mother, brother, Dad, or anybody but him. Unknown wept not only because of his Father’s death but because of his brother. For he was not jealous. He sorrowed because of his vain character. Unknown never knew Popular as who he was now. For four more years he lived with his vain brother and his sorrowful Mother. When he turned nineteen years old he said farewell and fled to live a better life and indeed he did.

    Unknown never would have never dreamed of becoming a king. He in fact was scared and didn’t want to. When Unknown went on this journey at age nineteen he met a very old man. His name was Cornelius the fourth. Cornelius told Unknown about how he was a king and drowned in his wealth just like Popular. His wife and his two daughters hated him. Well, they loved him, but hated his pride. They finally decided to flee away from Cornelius and find another life. They wouldn’t be as wealthy. They would be sorry and regretful sometimes but they just hoped he would call them back and learn his lesson. That’s what he did. He learned that his fame and wealth never even compared to the relationship with his family. After that he gave the throne to someone else and lived a different life. A life he hadn’t lived before. Ten years later his wife and daughters all died because of a serious and dreadful famine. Cornelius wept and wept until he almost died. Though he still lives but not in the most happy way. He lived in pain.
Now Cornelius was growing old and he knew any day he could die. So, on his last night of life he asked Unknown something. Something very important. Like life changing important. Unknown came gladly and asked him what was wrong.
"I'm growing old and weary. I can not fight anymore. Would you take the throne?"
I- I don't know. I don't want to make a mistake like my brother," Unknown proclaimed desperately.
"Whatever you do, Cornelius said very quietly, do better than I did."
After that he quickly died. Unknown wept at his feet and regretted what he said. He wished he could of said more encouraging words. Though he knew Cornelius wouldn't want him to weep more. So, he and his wife become King and Queen of Anonymous. Now this was before they had their first child. When the time had come Unaware had her first child and they named her Foreign. 
Peace and Love.


  1. Aw! It's such a cute little story! :)

  2. THANKS! Glad you like it! Anything I could improve on?

    1. Hmmm, nothing that comes to mind this instant. I thought it was good. I liked the simplistic style you wrote it in, and the names you gave the characters make me really curious. Good job!