Thursday, March 26, 2015


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This picture right here on the left is Fred! I love to make funny faces and doodle! So we were at a restaurant and I was kinda bored so I draw Fred! Isn’t he cute!
On the right is a sunset. We were on the 6th floor at our hotel and it was gorgeous!
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On the left is another sunset photo that we saw.
On the right is a guinea pig. Unfortunately he’s not mine. Our writing class teacher’s son has this cutie and me and my friend Ellie actually love taking him out and playing with him.
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On the left is our campus. Our Dad works there and he has to walk to his car so I went with him and I had a camera so I took pictures!
And that’s the campus again.
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On the left is my converse! Cause everybody loves that black and white stuff!
There’s a really pretty flower that I had to take a picture of! YAY!
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So this chair on the right is so colorful and this is like probably my favorite color!
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Just my view!
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Okay girls! So my friend Ashley who blogs here made this for me! I got two. One for me and one for a giveaway. Maddy (on our blog) won! And Katie (on this blog too) won a interview! Congrats! Thanks Ashley for making this gorgeous thing!
So, I go to a writing class on Wednesday! We took a Andrew Pudewa class. I take it with my friend Ellie and my friend Cassidy! We have a blast cause if you were there you’d know the real me! I’M CRAZY! THEY’RE CRAZY! WE ARE SO AWESOME! Then my sister (Sarah) and her friend Mila take a speech class also by Andrew Pudewa. Then we have our teachers son, my brother, and Cassidy’s brother. I laugh the most on Wednesdays cause they are there. We also take like a million selfies together to make sweet memories!
We also went to a homeschool conference this weekend. It was so fun! We got to see my sister’s biology author, out history author, and Andrew Pudewa! I recommend you to go and check Dianna Warring and Andrew Pudewa! They are very fun teachers/authors! We also did a little art project which totally got us pumped so do more art. We have been taking tons of drawings now! :)
If you had a great week and would love to share it with me please comment below! Also please give me some advice on what I should post about next time! YAY!
Peace and Love,


  1. Awesome post Ellie! You got some great pictures!

    1. Thanks! And thanks again! And thanks again for commenting!