Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Bernie's Random Ramblings // My Birthday!

Hello and these are the things I got for my birthday! ;) Well some.
I know it's a little late, but  I wanted to show you the things I got for my birthday! I had a great time. And thanks everyone for the very nice wishes! :) I'm so thankful for you guys! I wanted to tell you a little about what I did for my birthday (also including some fun things I did that week also. we celebrate birthday weeks) ;)
For my birthday I firstly went to church and Sunday school. That Sunday was really special because on my birthday my family became members to the church we've been going to for a couple months. There's lots of kids and the messages are awesome! After that we went home and ate lunch. Then we opened my presents and ate my cake. It was strawberry and it said ER on it. Not emergency room, but those are my initials. Lol After that we went bike riding around the little town where I church was. And then we went to Sunday night church. Oh and did I mention, we watched The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe there too! It was a fun day! But we have birthday weeks. So the story is not over just yet.

A couple weeks later we were going to go camping for my birthday, but it was to cold. So, we went to Garden of the Gods. Our first stop was Logan's Roadhouse where we ate good food and got to see War Machine in Civil Wars actor being interviewed. I could hear but I just saw the clips. (unneeded comment you but it's relate to captain America so) We told them it was my birthday (even though it wasn't. but it was my celebration for my birthday) hoping to get a free dessert, but we didn't. Instead all of the workers gathered around me and one of them said, "CAN I HAVE EVERYONE'S ATTENTION PLEASE! THIS IS ELLIE'S BIRTHDAY SO INSTEAD OF SINGING A SONG WE ALL SAY YEE HAW" And everyone said yee haw. And my face beet red. Even my brother said he had red cheeks too. After that we went to Crispy Crème donuts and set off to our adventure. I took lots of photography (which will be coming soon) and flipped a lot. It was very fun. After all that we went to my Great Grandma's and watched the Cardinals game. IT WAS A FUN WEEK!

What I Got For My Birthday
A homemade balance beam that my dad made for me.
Some cowboy boots.
A lime green shirt and some denim shorts.
Hungry Hippos Game.
An elephant necklace.
A Rubix cube.
2 months for tumbling classes!
Some $$$.
A dress.
AND I think that's all.
Oh and a sign about friends! :)

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes.
And sorry this is late.

bouncing in to say bye,

P.S. Since it's summer and I have a lot of more time to post I made a schedule. On Tuesday's is Bernie Random Ramblings, which is basically my life. And on Friday is Good Apples Friday (aka a bible study etc.) And I will also be sometimes posting in the weekend. It's a bonus post.
Hope you like all my posts! :)


  1. It sounds like you had a very fun birthday! :) We use to take gymnastics and we have all sorts of old gymnastic equipment leftover in our garage....we have 2 balance beams, one was homemade and the other we bought, a bar, and a ton of mats of all different kinds! :P
    Happy belated birthday again!
    ~Katie@ sparklyambitions.blogspot.com

    1. I did! Oh my goodness! That's so awesome! Wow that'd be awesome to have. Do you have a trampoline? That's something I'm trying to convince my dad to get. :) Thanks for commenting!

    2. Yes!! We got to do gymnastics hours every day at home! Oh yes, we have a big one in our backyard! :)
      ~Katie@ sparklyambitions.blogspot.com

  2. I love those boots!!!! I got a gym mat and a balance beam for Christmas last year :D Happy late birthday :D

    1. Thanks! That's awesome! I would love those things, but our house isn't that big enough. Thanks Kiley! :)

  3. Nice photography, Bernie!! : )

    I think my favorite pic is the last one of the boots in the grass. Beautiful job! When I looked at it, it took me a moment to realize I was just looking at a picture and not out of a window or something! Well done!

    I got a tablet for my birthday! Its the only portable electronic device I got. I'm in love! Its lilac-colored. : )

    Happy late birthday! : )

    1. Thanks! I like that one too! Thanks! hehe. oh that's cool. nice. Thanks for the wishes!

  4. Happy late birthday Bernie. I love your blog:)

  5. I hope you had a great birthday! Your boots are really cool. ;)
    I also nominated you for a tag on my blog, if you're interested!

    1. I did! Thanks! I love them! Awesome thanks for nominating me! :)