Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Bernie's Random Ramblings // September Highlights

Welcome to Bernie's Random Ramblings
Today I thought I'd do another September Highlights.
Firstly, I can't believe September is already gone.
I'm happy though!

1. Me and my friends finished our movie.
We've been making a mystery movie these days. Every Tuesday we meet at the library and shoot it. It's really fun because we can make really funny personalities for all of our characters. I'm Director Bernie. Sup. Now that we've finished that 20 minute movie we're doing a prequel which is around 20 minutes long. We haven't finished it though. We could have a show!
2. My family went to the Apple Festival.
Every year we go to the apple festival with all our mom's family. It's super fun to go on the rides, hang with our grandma and grandpa, and go to the parade. This year we had to babysit some kids so we got to go to the parade with them and take them on rides. I got to go on the dumbo ride. I was a flying elephant. :P It was super fun! I also went on a ride that took you upside down. Very fun also :P
3. Play Behold our God on the guitar.
We've been doing guitar for about a month and now we're playing Behold our God. So far we've learned the G, A, C, D7, D, EM, and F. It's very fun. I love playing guitar because I can praise God and also be doing something else. Like playing the guitar and singing to God. :)
4. I got a 92% on my biology test!
Yay! My first test and I was very satisfied with my score. Tomorrow I have another one that I'm a little tiny bit worried about. I can do it though! ;) I enjoyed this chapter because we talked a lot about bacteria. That was fun.
5. Enjoying church history.
This class has been so fun! I love it. I'm dying this week because we don't have a class this week.
6. Getting really close to doing my backhandspring by myself.
Right now I just need to work on not being nervous when I do a backhandspring by myself because when I'm nervous I don't think about doing my backhandspring right. I can do it though. I'm really excited. I THINK in a couple weeks I'll have it by myself. Hopefully. Please pray!
6. Went on a mission trip!
I'm excited about this one! This week we went to a Children's home with my youth group. It was very fun! I'll have to do another post about it. Basically we did weed eating for them and also made fleece blankets for the girls. We also did a special service for them. Anyway, you can hear about it soon. STAY TUNED!! :P
7. This isn't a highlight because I wanted glasses (reading glasses) but we went to the eye doctor and I don't need glasses.
I love glasses because I look good in them. Even the girl said, "I owned those glasses." :P I'm going to buy myself some fake glasses cause I won't too. Don't judge. The girl said me and my mom should be glasses models. I'm looking into it. You don't know how much times I work on my smile in the bathroom. :P lol
8. I wore a long sleeve shirt!
yay! It's finally getting cool out. :) YAY FALL!

9. We've been staying up late!

October Highlights
1. Get up earlier. September Highlight 9 is still gonna happen though.
2. Get my roundoff backhandspring.
3. Drink apple cider!
4. Go to more high school football games.

yay! hope you liked!

my dad said I should say bouncing out to say bye, but I like bouncing in. what do you think?

bouncing in to say bye,


  1. Yes Fall! Bernie I get you. I want glasses so badly! One more thing I CANNOT wait fo apple cider! Isn't it the best thing in the world!?
    Loved it---Alison

    1. Yay fall! :) Yeah I did want glasses, but then I thought they'd bother me when I did sports. So, I'm thinking reading glasses! ;) It is!!

  2. Sounds good! Lots of people wear fake glasses. I work at an eye doctor. I have fake glasses. Our homeschool group used to make movies! It is so fun. Geez, you could play just about anything you want with those chords. Lots of songs are written in that key. It's my favorite key ever.

    1. Yeah..I don't hear about a lot of people wearing fake glasses. that's cool that you have fake glasses! :) Yeah I like C and G chords!

    2. Lots of people wear them and don't admit it ;)

  3. I got fake glasses and I think they messed up my eyes, because I had to get reading glasses after that. Is that even possible? Whenever I wore the glasses I had headaches, but I was positive they were fake. They said fake right on the side. Hmm, strange....

    So, if you get fake glasses, BE CAREFUL!

    With love and all joy,
    Allie D.

    1. Hmm..that sounds weird but it could of. I don't know! hehe I will! Thanks!

  4. I am glad that you had a good September! I cannot believe that October is already here, like here has the time gone?? I absolutely love fall though so I'm excited!

    1. IKR? September was so fast. Totally. September was hot so finally October is here and it'll get colder. Plus all the fall celebration is here now! :)