Monday, May 1, 2017

My April in Review // Hey May!!

 Heyyyy May. And hey you :D what's up? how's life? This month was awesome. Busy but filled with tons of exciting events. *intros are always so hard to write cause I don't want to say how my month was. I just want to tell you all about it* so let's talk about it ;)
But first...
April Photo Dump

 this photo isn't upside down hehe :P


 AHHHHHH look at him

April Highlights
-playing chess (and winning, against Sarah)

-celebrating birthdays by eating slushies with bubbles (oooh soo good)

-spending a beautiful day outside with cousins and eating watermelon 😝

-dressing up at Tweedle-dee and Tweedledum in Alice in Wonderland. dude, we have special dresses, makeup, and our own personalized flag thingys (it’s in the movie) AHHH it was awesome. Mad Hatter (ME) hasn’t made his appearance yet, but it’s coming soon (hopefully).

-Resurrection Sunday. The day before that we hosted our grandparents. I love having my family over. It was nice having them over. Then, Sunday we went over to our church friend’s house and had lunch. Before that we went to church. You can see my dress in the photos above πŸ˜‰

-organizing and flipping clothes around.  An organizer freak who’d love to remodel the whole house (but can’t) spends their time going in their closet and cleaning. Like nonstop. BUT ITS SO FUN. I flipped our winter clothes around to summer clothes and AHHH it’s so awesome. I love the Spring clothes right now Oh and is anyone in a obsession of plain tshirts? Cause I am!! 😝

-the fact that I’m FINALLY getting a hang of my vault YESSSS and it’s so fun. I did a windmill on the beam (totally without my coach. It wasn’t even at practice). OH OH I almost forgot. I did a roundoff backhandspring my myself without even warming up with my coach first. AHH it was a little scary but I did it!! It looked seriously horrible but I DID IT yayyyy

-finding bugs outside. Like snails, slugs, spiders (with a GIANT egg on it *gasps*, and all kinds of cool stuff. s

-the fact that there’s 3 MORE WEEEKS of biology and history left of this school year!! Yasssss so excited for summer.

-going to the zoo. We didn’t get to see my family (the elephants) but that’s okay. I miss them though *sad face*

And my favorite highlight of this whole month…

-SEEING NF IN CONCERT. Anybody know NF? He’s a Christian rapper and HES AWESOME. C’mon girl look em up please. Do it for me. Anywho, our youth group got to see him in concert and it was awesome. Ugh I’m speechless. Comment down below if you’d like to hear more about the concert.

-3a.m. car rides. The concert ended at about 10:30 (on a weekday I may add) and we still had a 2-hour drive home so it was a late night. SO FUN THOUGH. Late nights reveal the unexpected personalities of your greatest friends. <that’s what we learned.

-bowling with our youth group. The bowling alley was glow in the dark (whhaaat). We had a blast playing bowling πŸ˜ƒ

-rain, rain, and more rain. And thunder and lightning too 😝 We got 13 inches of rain in 3 days ahhhhh crazy.


windows down, music up (LOUD), listening to NF. The feels

getting a plain black shirt that you’ve wanted for sooo long. I didn’t know you could be so in love with a plain black shirt, but you can. Am I weird?

doing school outside on the back porch while it’s raining. Suddenly, school became very enjoyable *gasps*

walking outside and realizing that all the trees are green now. (I think summer is here guys)

getting 100 followers on my photography account (it sounds bad but I’m so happy). FOLLOW IF YOU HAVEN’T PLEASE THANKS.

having a photoshoot with Sarah and getting bomb results

when calls the heart announced season 5 YESSSSSS

knowing your birthday is soooo soon

when you think of some killer harmonies for your youth band yessssss

April Goals-

Post two times a week at least TWICE this month.  Yay I did this

Do an aerial (no handed cartwheel) again. I just can't do it anymore. Ugh

May Goals-

throw a the bomb birthday party

get a camera for my bday

try Bible journaling

finish biology class strong

Have a fantastic May ya'll!
bouncing in to say bye,


  1. Hey what photography thing???? Lol, never knew you had one, could you give me a link?
    This post was awesome! And I can totally agree that late nights reveal true personalities yup yup!
    I've never heard of NF maybe I'll look him up!
    Those first two pics=awesomeness.

  2. Oh it's my photography account on Instagram :) here's the link:

    Thanks!! Yeah you should look him up.

    Aww thanks. :)

  3. Me: WOAH! THAT IS A GIGANTIC SNAIL! no but really it is :D ~Liah

    1. haha well I wouldn't know (I don't know anything about insects) *embarrassing face*

  4. Nice photography, seemed like you had a fun April!

  5. YOU SAW NF IN CONCERT???? *ahem* Sorry, I got a bit overexcited there. XD I LOVE NF. He is so awesome and his lyrics are so real, but he's not massively popular which is sad. He's my favourite artist! (Sadly I can't see him in concert as I don't live in the US.) :( How was it? Which songs did he sing?
    Sounds like you had a great month; I hope you have a wonderful May! :D

    1. me: sees this comment and immediately visits your blog and follows it.
      haha that's awesome! you're awesome!! haha

  6. I love your photos- they're beautiful! and I love your whole blog: so happy I found it!!


    1. Thank you :) awww thanks! I'll check out your blog!