Saturday, June 21, 2014


Hey everyone! :) Well, this weeks been tiring but awesome! Me and my brother went to a sports power camp called FCA (Fellowship Christian Athletes).

Basically, you had a huddle group and would hang out some times together. Later, you would separate and go to you clinics or sports. I did track and field for the first time and softball. Both sports were really fun! At the last day of FCA we did a scrimmage game at softball against the boys. WE WON! Then we had delicious lunches! After that a guest speaker who had to relate to sports like maybe a coach or player. Last, but DEFINATLY not least was competition. My huddle or team would play games relating to sports or just fun games, like volleyball, dodgeball, soccer, basketball but with a football and all kinds of other fun games. Our team wasn't great, but we had fun! It was great to make new friends, learn more about sports and eat good lunches. Our huddle was also provided with delicious candy like kisses, gum, and awesome candy! Woah!

Okaaay, so our team was team #12. Our team name was Pink Fluffy Monsters! We got if off google, I think. So, to encourage our team we wore pink! We had pink war paint on and some people wore pink bandana's. We also had pink ribbon to use for styles, like shoelaces, hair pieces, anklets, or headbands! We loved our team! IT WAS AWESOME!

I learned a lot about encouraging teammates. When I did competition almost everyone would say "It's okay" or "Nice try" to a teammate who didn't hoop a ball or didn't get the ball in the goal. It was nice to know that everything was fine if I didn't get something right. Or if someone got a score I would "Good job" and clap really loud! One time we were losing and we started screaming really loud saying "PFM" (Pink Fluffy Monsters). It actually made us play better, but then someone told us we kind of detracting other players in another game so we had to be a little less quitter. Anyway, it was fun!

Anyway it was second year and I really like both years but this year (2014) is better! FCA is in other places around Southern Illinois so maybe next year you can come! Also, I won't be posting any this week because of another camp. It's an overnight camp so yeah. I'll miss you! Have a great week and summer! Thank you! And also a HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BROTHER DANNY! HE'S JUST TURNED 11! LOVE YOU BRO!

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