Sunday, June 29, 2014

Long week!

Hey everyone! This has been an exhausting week! This week I had camp. It was awesome! My brother and parents were there so it made me feel happy. My dad and mom were teachers! They were funny, nice, and great teachers! I was proud to say those teachers were my parents! I went to crafts! Basically we made shirts,bandanna's, and bracelets! It's was fun! Then we made a cardboard boat that was going to be in a race with the other teams. Everybody made there boat alittle different which made the race questionable about who was going to win. We didn't win. We also learnedabout  missions and missionary's. So going on,after camp my brother had four games in a row in four days. It was a lot of fun going to a game every day. And to pile on my sister is gone at camp to except longer then me and she'll be ccoming home today! YAY! I hope you had a great week too! :) 

Peace and Love,

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  1. hey Bernie, I saw you at camp! You looked great! So glad to be your Daddioso!