Friday, August 22, 2014

Guest Post: We Will Finish It

Hey, I'm TW Wright (or Abrielle Lindsay, whichever you use is fine) I blog over at Indonesia Around Me. Yes I usually live in Indonesia. But right now my family is taking a nine month break in America.

So a couple weekends ago I met an online friend that goes by the name Mary.

Our families met up at JAARS for JAARS Day. We traveled around and saw a lot of great things that mainly concerned around planes, helicopters, and Bible Translation.

This wasn't the very first JAARS Day I had been to, but one where I could understand it a lot more.

While we were around in the hangar, we saw a huge, 1900+ languages around the world that still did not have a Bible project started.

We looked at all the countries that were still in need of those languages. Lots of countries only had ONE LANGUAGE left! And others, like Indonesia and Nigeria, had almost a complete row of languages still waiting for a language project to be started.

While we were staring at it, someone came up and said something to us. And it struck me hard. I had never thought of that before.


Here's what he said (and I quote): "The olds guys like me aren't the ones that are going to be finishing the Bible Translation, no, it's going to be you kids."

Wow that kind of struck me.

But come on think about it a little.

Older people can't be the ones to finish everything.

Remember, we die off slowly.

This is probably not the post you were expecting, but God has made you UNIQUE (just like Ellie's title :) ). He may be calling you to go to the very least of these.

I hope this post encourages you! :)

Thank you Ellie for letting (and asking me!) to post! :)

TW Wright


  1. Very nice post, TW! I've been to Jaars before! It is a really cool place! I know, isn't it staggering how many people around the world who don't have a Bible? It is so sad, but something can be done about it! That man was very right, it is up to us, as the new generation!


  2. Wowi! Thanks TW! That was awesome!

  3. Wow! Never thought of it that way before...but you're right, TW!