Friday, February 6, 2015

Foreign and Popular 3# part!!

Hello Peeps! Here is the third part to my story. If you have not read my other parts here is the first part and here is the second. Please comment below! I love to know someone is reading and thinking about it!

So as Popular said when she turned the age five she was captures by him. Foreign was taking a lovely stroll to the village to go buy eggs when Popular came in almost the same appearance as when she was a baby. His eyes looked like a young kid just saw a large lollipop. For sure he was ready to become father of Foreign. Of course because of Foreign’s curse she was not frightened or worries. For she put her tiny eyes in his face and loudly proclaimed,

“We don’t see visitors around here much. For I suppose you could be a new villager, but I haven’t even glanced at a familiar yet handsome face. For who are you anyway?”

“At this scene right now you don’t need to know just follow me and we can become friends.” Said Popular in a convincing sound.

“Maybe for a walk or some small serving of tea but I’m quite sure I wouldn’t want to just walk away with you anywhere, there was a long silence until she added, you know what. Why would I even consider thinking like such was? No! No! I shall not take a walk with you or even talk any more to you. Goodbye!” she added with an honoring curtsy.

“Oh please oh please don’t leave now. For I’m quite fond of your acquaintance. My lady, princess, anything for you to stay oh but just a second longer.”

“Well…..I-I should be back home now for I don’t know what to say to my Father and Mother if they ask me where the eggs are. I shouldn’t. Maybe another pleasant time like this?”

“Well….you could tell you Father that you simply forgot when you saw the beauty of the trees and you suddenly forgot such any things like buying eggs.”

“Well thank you for the advice I think I will right now. Goodbye! Again!”

“Now WAIT! Young princess if you would be so kind to meet me when the sun is coming down tonight. We could watch the stars appear. Oh and I’d enjoy meeting your parents to if they’d like. Please.”

“I’ll think about it. Oh by the way, what is your name? Mine is Foreign.”

“Mine is Popular, but please call me Fredrick. I’m not fond of my real name. Are we friends?”

“Friend very much indeed!”
Peace and Love,



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