Monday, February 2, 2015


Hey peoples! Here is the second part to my story/book. I don't really know. If you haven't read the first part yet here is the link right here. Please also give feedback! Thanks!

     When Cornelius finally died he decided to give Unknown the honor to be king the village he lived in. Like I said not long ago that village had no king or queen for many years because Cornelius’s sadness. Unknown was honored to be a king but honestly he didn’t want to be one. Though Cornelius was his very good friend almost like his second Dad. He surely knew life wouldn’t always please him nor would it always make his not regret accepting to be honored as king, but he lived life happily. He remembered every day to cherish what he has and not waste time on what you can have like money and fame. So now we told the story of Unknown becoming king let us now talk about Foreign.

    On the glorious day the whole Unknown villagers could see this baby Foreign little fairies like always went to grant her joyful gifts, talents, and ideas. It was a ginormous castle just for these kind of parties. Oh how these parties made Unknown and Unaware so happy to be queen and king. For the numbers grew every party and the happiness surely increased. Finally, the king got every single villager in attention and announced the coming of the three fairies granting their daughter Foreign three wonderful gifts. Everyone cheered and danced around while they heard this. For they had never experienced something so magnificent.

   As the splendid trumpet sounded as the chirpy fairies entered the castle the villages loudly whispered in their heads for they were so excited yet they wanted to hear the gifts so badly.

“Thank you queen Camilla Justice daughter of Sharanell and Camellia grandmother of Prince Crandall.” Unknown shouted.

The fairies were beautifully small like always. They were the ordinary fairies with joyful colors and beautiful smiles. After not much of silence one of the fairies whispered.

“I give Foreign the gift of-

Suddenly the door opened and another king came rushing in with a heavy and long robe on. Though he was very noticeable in appearance he also wore dark evil clothes and wore a horrid frown on his face.

“Oh don’t be afraid I’m only a king who wants to have a joyful time here too.” The king proclaimed.

By his voice Unknown realized it was his brother Popular after hearing his arrogant tone. A little afraid he stood up and asked him if he had any business to be here. Popular answered saying questionably,

“Well she is my niece. I bet she’ll become a beautiful girl. She’ll be just like her mother, but maybe a little like you of course. Very gentle and kind, but strong and brave, then she might have a little curiosity like her Dad and perhaps a tiny bit of foolishness too. That’s not the gift I’m giving her though. There’s far more bitterness.”

“You will NOT have any honor any gifts! For you think the only good gift you can get is fame and wealthiest, and you forget about the gifts that last longer.” By the time he was done Popular was almost done telling Foreign his treasures.

“She’ll have the gift of beauty oh yes surely she will, but she’ll never be afraid of anything. Please notice I’m not using a metaphor. Oh yes one more on the day of her third birthday she’ll feel a sudden urge to go outside in the woods and maybe fight some. When she does I’ll be waiting for her and I’ll pick her up and use her as my new slave and servant. Don’t bother taking her away to a deserted island either. I’ll be there waiting wherever she is.”
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