Friday, September 18, 2015

Bernie's Random Ramblings #3 Jessica Fletcher the guinea pig.

Hello guys! Another Rambling I know. Today I'm going to do it about my other pet. My guinea pig, Jessica. I got this guinea pig from my cousin and her name was originally Jessica. I would've changed it, but we like this show called Murder She Wrote. And the main character is Jessica Fletcher so we thought since we like Jessica Fletcher we'd keep the name for her. Anywho, I did a photoshoot with my new pal. Here it is.
Jessica is very spoiled. My cousin spoiled her.

She is very sassy.

She looks like a true detective here. Lol

She mostly exercises in the night.

She loves her Timothy Hay.

She has an interesting relationship with Rudo.

She's picky when it comes to food.

She's cool, but I little boring.

But she is a guinea pig I guess.

I like her a lot.

We also call her Mrs. Piggy.

And another good detective picture.

I love her a lot.

Do you have a guinea pig?
Is he/she really sassy?
Which picture is your favorite?


  1. Jessica is adorable! My cousin/best friend and her sister have 4 guinea pigs altogether. Pumpkin Snickers Charlie and Mo. I know, pretty crazy. I think Jessica looks a lot like Pumpkin BTW. :)
    -Hannah M

  2. Pumpkin is also a little sassy to, Lol! ;)
    -Hannah M

  3. Awww, she is soo cute!!! Great pictures Ellie! :)

  4. She is ADORABLE! Awesome post Ellie!