Friday, January 15, 2016

Short Story / Hazel's Horrible Day

I've been wanting to show you guys some of my stories I make for Latin. Hope you like.
Hazel’s Horrible Day
Hazel playfully messed with the piece of her hum like playing with plato. She madly thought of all the unfair happenings of the day. After waiting for her fiery burritos at McDonald’s for almost an hour she hurried over to her social class. She opened the giant door only see nobody. She quickly realized they relocated fir the day. As she offered a mundane excuse for being late with all the ladies they just looked at her like she was a barbarian. Hazel was having thoughts about dissociating with the social group. The only reason Hazel joined the group was to break her antisocial self, but they made her not want to talk. Like the day when Hazel was just telling them about her day when they started jumping on her about practicing her pronunciation. So she drove back to home. Only things got worse when she turned on the tv only to find her favorite president. Goulding. She hated Goulding. She was so stressed. So Hazel turned into the only thing that could make her happy. She opened her pantry to find her fiery burritos. Only to find none.