Friday, December 19, 2014

Countdown till Christmas. 6 more!

6 more days! Getting closer every day! Ahh! Yesterday I went shopping for my siblings and friends. I've been really busy because I'm actually helping at a Christmas camp and we got to work all day today and tomorrow. Anyway, today I'm going to post some of my favorite Christmas songs. Soon I'll a DIY Christmas present post for you. Some of the videos will include Christmas specials. Like q&a or gift exchange. Cause I love 1 girl nation and they're posting a lot of those. I just got their Christmas album for an early present. I got Cimorelli's too! Go check those out! There awesome!
I just love this whole song! Kari's voice is just so soft and lovely. I absolutely love the first verse.
This song is just............JOOOOYY!
I love how they change up the tune to this song.
I love this song!
This has always been my favorite Christmas song. I love their version.
Gotta love this song!
This song is SO TRUE!!!
Have yourself a merry little Christmas ya'll!
Peace and Love,

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