Monday, December 22, 2014

Countdown Till Christmas! 3 more!

3 more days till Christmas! Today I did my play! It was really good and funny! So today I'm doing a useful and hopefully fun post. A last minute Christmas present. YA HEARD IT!

                                     A LAST MINUTE CHRISTMAS PRESENT!
I was going to post pictures but I gave the present away already.

Okay, so first we got a cup that had a lid and a straw. Not one of those little and gross McDonalds though a nice one. You could also get a mason jar. Then, we bought a package of their favorite candy. We got Tropical Skittles and Gummy Bears. After that we put the candy in the cups put the lid back on and wala! We decorated it by giving a little quote or whatever your creativity takes you too!;) It was only about 6.00 for this gift. Awesome, right?!

Sorry this post was kind of short. I hope it helped you! Tomorrow I'm doing a fun post that you will enjoy.

Should I tell, Bob?

Why not?

Okay it's a Pinterest filled Christmas!

(Yeah Bob is my friend. He's not real though;( On all of my presents for my family I signed it saying, From Ellie and Bob!)

Peace and Love,

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