Saturday, April 23, 2016

My Extremely Exciting and Excellent Week

Aww this week was a blast. But first before I tell you, I want to say sorry for not posting in three weeks. I missed you, but I was busy and needed a little break. I got a lot of things bursting out of my mind though. So I'll be back. woooohooooo! hehe sorry!
Starting off this busy week was on Sunday when after church me and my sister went to a birthday party for our best friend. We all ate at Fazoli's and then headed to the mall for a scavenger hunt. It was a blast, but as much as you might think I'm crazy, I'm shy when it comes to talking to new people. So the ones like "go up to a stranger and say hey I've been looking for you for like forever" or "go up to a stranger and ask for their signature" or "ask someone to pop a balloon for them." I asked if someone could break my ten dollar bill though. Thanks awesome shoe store worker. No one else would do it for me except that guy at the shoe store. We also had to ask for a fry at a restaurant. That was fun! It was awesome though!
On Monday I just did school. boring. who cares. THE NEXT DAY. On Tuesday we were going to St. Louis for our moms appointment. Whenever we go there we do fun stuff so I was excited. First, we read about the World War II. Thanks dad for explaining the confusing stuff to me! After that we did more school and then went to the zoo. That was very fun to see new and strange looking animals. Then, we picked up a little shirt for Sarah because she couldn't come. And I got one too. hehe :P. After that always Chick-Fil-A. Mmmm I loved that sandwich.
Then we get good. On Wednesday we plan to go to a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game with our friends. And their playing the Chicago Cubs (their rivals.) And....we're going with a Cubs fan. If you don't know Cubs and Cardinals are rivals and the fans get feisty with each other. On the car ride up we play a lot of mafia. If you don't know how to play that. learn. it's a blast. Basically you all get cards and whoever has the 12 card is the mafia.  you make a story everybody goes to bed in the story and then whoever is the mafia squeezes someone hand and their dead. And everybody else has to figure out who is the mafia. The game was awesome other than being rained out for 2 hours. We enjoyed out time eating ice cream, splashing water on each other, and getting ourselves soaked. After that we had Panda Express and headed home. And more mafia. Now I was always the mafia and no one would guess me. After a while people started understanding I was mafia a lot so they got me more. I made a story though here we go, "One day we all went in a jeep and we got in a car accident and fell asleep. A little bit later someone woke up and looked on the ground and saw a brain. When he saw it he said, "oh there it is. I was looking for that." And he died. After that another person woke up and saw the brain and said, "Oh hey I might need that soon." Yeah it was a hit. Everybody was you like, "you got him good" or "hey I'm going to use that sometime."
Thennnnn....on Friday we went to our Grandma and Grandpa's while our parents went on vacation for their anniversary. We scootered outside a lot, but after a while going up and down a hill over and over again gets boring after five minutes. So, we did chalk. And I made an American flag, rainbow, and a giant sun, and a moon. We also played tennis until we failed a lot and decided to stop. After that we got pizza. And then, my favorite part. We're just playing outside. I'm doing roundoffs and I hear something. IT'S AN ICE CREAM TRURCK. I tell my grandparents and we get excited. When everybody heard it around the neighborhood every kid comes out standing in their backyard waiting for the guy to come and getting nervous about if he'll stop at your street. You get excited when you hear the music coming a little closer to you. And you buy a popsicle that had captain America so that's why the decision wasn't so hard. And you eat it while singing "It's A Small World." And the next day you scratch it off your bucket list. Awww!
The next day we go to a castle park. Me and my brother play spy. A game where you have to go somewhere without anybody seeing you. It's hard though because there's a lot of people. After that we do yard working for the rest of the day. And then at the end of the night we ate pizza and enjoyed our good looking work outside. This week God has shown me how blessed I am to have great grandparents and great parents. And a nice home and backyard. Thank you Jesus! I deserve none of it. I can't go a hour without sinning against you, but you love me anyway. And you forgive me. And give me lots of stuff that some people don't have. That's how good my God is!
Thanks for reading! Sorry for the quickness at the end. I'm ready to go to bed and I got some people saying, "We gotta go to bed soon" behind me. hehe! Thanks everyone!
Was your week as busy as mine?
What did God show you this week?
Have you ever ate from an ice cream truck?
Bouncing In To Say Bye,


  1. Sounds like a really busy (but fun!) Week!!!!! I've ate from an Ice cream truck a couple times. And they are awesome!!!!! :D

  2. It was! Isn't it the best! yes they are! :) thanks for commenting!