Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Logo Game and We got em!

Last night we went to a friend's house for dinner. We had lasagna which was the best, bread, and salad. It was really good. We got to play the Logo Game. Which I highly recommend you NOT to play. Of course, no matter how bad the game it's always fun with friends and family, but we were horrible. At first I was like okay this is easy. All we have to do is name the store of the picture they're showing me. And some of them say the store name on it. This is easy. Little more complicated than that though. We had lots of laughs though. And while the sun was going down we went on their roof. It was like a deck but it was their roof. And I took a handstand picture on a roof. boom! Lol thanks mom for taking the picture! :)
April Fools Day. My day. When I woke up my brother threw a toilet paper roll at me. I watched as it rolled over me and just slept more. When I got up I was like. It's a normal day. Why did he do that? I almost forgot, but then I remembered. IT'S APRIL FOOLS DAY! the tricks begin. Now I do not consider tping a room a trick. Danny says your being tricked into walking into a room with toilet paper, but all the rooms he did we're like normal living rooms. Anywho, it's funny. So, me and my brother tped our mom's bathroom. When she got up and came in she said, "WHAT IS THIS?"  We tried to trick her with a little stuffed mouse in the sink, but that didn't work. So, my brother tricked my friend who is a Cub fan. He said, "Jason Heyward just got arrest for being crazy at a bar. He has to go to court. Pray for him." They replied saying, "Nice joke." A couple minutes later we got another text, "Okay we we're actually really fooled. We looked it up and then found out." And then we tricked out Latin friends.
Me: "No Latin test for this week because we're going to Florida! Woohoo!
Ethan: Yes!
Ellie: Take me with you!
Me: Oh I would love to, but we're not going. It's April Fools Day!
Yeah we got em good!
Did you do any tricks on your friends or family?
Do you think tping a room is A trick?
Have you ever played the Logo Game?
bouncing in to say bye,


  1. For April Fools Day my friend played a trick on me saying that she was moving at the end of the month and I was crying and when she said April Fools I was soooo mad!Lol glad that's over!---Liah

  2. Haha I tried to do that before! hehe!

  3. so sorry I'm late here is my email address

  4. I love the picture of you in the handstand! the other pictures are great too! nice blog :)