Thursday, July 6, 2017

My Once Again Super Late June Highlights // Hey July

JULY you're here. Well duh Ellie. YOU'RE LATE AGAIN. Ugh sorry guysss. My excuse this time is I just got back from camp and now we're planning a vacation and it's like AHHHH. Busy. Anywho, back into it being July not my stupid excuses about being late. Honestly, I'm a bit sad about June ending. June was great. SUPER busy, but a GREAT busy. A super awesome you-don't-do-this-everyday kind of month. I'm excited to share it with you. So let's gooooooo *yay I'm so excited right now. like literally streamers and confetti are flying out in my brain right now*

J U N E in review

Meeting Anya and Aiyanna - You know your month is going to be good when the first day is THE BEST DAY EVER. I met my long distance friends Anya and Aiyanna after 2 years of knowing each other and wanting to meet. They were traveling back home after a trip and they got to stop by for dinner (thank you so much for giving your time even though you probably wanted to get home).  It was funny because this year Anya sent me a birthday letter and one of the things she said was "I wish I could see you for your birthday but maybe I'll see you next year." And THIS year we met. Like less than a month after she said that. Awwwww I love our little story. haha We also took super cute photos (above is one of them^ but there's more that are sooo cute)

Cousins - Earlier this month we took a trip up to see our family. Mainly, our cousin who was about to leave for the military. So our family hosted a nice party. It was superrrr nice to see all our family we haven't seen in a while. We colored till our fingers dropped played a lot of hide and seek, and ate a lot of blueberries.

Gymnastics - This month my homeschool gymnastics class ended for the summer so we had to find another class for me to enroll in. My coach invited me to be in their gymnastics team. Basically, I'll train in the summer and then in the fall we'll compete. There are lot of differences in my homeschool gym class and my team class.

Gymnastics Homeschool Class vs. Gymnastics Team Class
Mainly just for fun                           To train for competition.
Practices are 45 minutes long.         Practices 3 to 4 hours long.
Less stressed. Not so pressured.      Very stressful. If you aren't doing very good, you will be pushed*
Only about 10 girls                           Probably 20-25 girls.

*Now this is in a totally good way. There are girls (we all do this sometimes) who talk a lot, don't try their best, and overall are kinda lazy in their work. So yes, they will be pushed to pay attention, do their best, and work hard. Gymnastics teaches you great character*

So yeah it's really fun. Actually right now I'm taking July off for gymnastics because vacations, VBS, baseball games, etc. are taking up a LOT of our nights. I'll be training in my backyard again for right now but that's totally okay. I'm excited to improve on my skills during July but also just take a little rest. It takes way more energy than you think.

Baseball games - my bro's lighting up that pitcher's mound ya kno #proudsister. It's sooooo fun to watch him and his teammates play. They're improving too. YAYYYYYY it's awesome to watch that happen :)

Jeppin  - one of my friend's got a jeep and we got to ride in it. IT WAS SO FUN. I'm dreaming about getting a jeep now lol. Anywho, the wind was blowing and the music was super loud. IT WAS THE BEST. And sang to We are never getting back together which I don't even like that song but you can't NOT sing to a song and have fun when you're in a jeep. it was so fun.

Lake day - For about a week I was begging my mom everyday to go swimming. Everyday felt inconvenient and she had to say, "Sorry Ellie. We'll do it tomorrow." haha and that went on for about a week. Until finally we found a free day to go with the whole family. It was sooo worth the wait. We spent the whole day hooping the tennis ball in a tube, doing front flips off the deck, and then we got pizza. I ate pizza in the water (it didn't get wet. I know, that'd be gross). It was loads of fun and I can't wait to do it again.

FCA camp - I've kinda already went into detail about this REALLY FUN HIGHLIGHT (that you should totally read about if you haven't) right here so check it out. A short summary though. FCA is a sports camp and I got to attend and be a huddle leader for my 2nd time in a row. It's always very tiring but loads of fun. but read more about it here hehe :P

Danny's Birthday - Over the time of FCA was also Danny's birthday! Although our day was super busy like a full day of camp and then he had a baseball game, I think he really enjoyed it. He also got some pretty rad birthday presents that I KNOW he really enjoyed getting.

D3 - D3 is a Christian summer camp that lasts for about a week. It's taken place on a BEAUTIFUL campus. (You can witness just some of the beauty when you see my photos of the campus^ there's much more beautifulness though haha.) I went to D3 last year and it was soooo fun, but I got a concussion. This year was wayyy more fun since I didn't get hurt. Anywho, I really enjoyed the sermons, the track sessions, (which is basically just lectures about three topics missions, worldview, and leadership which you have to choose between. I chose leadership) team games, and the fellowship I had with my youth group. I'm going do some posts with more details so be looking out for that ;)

   Some funny stories that happened were being in the talent show :P So our leadership teacher made a dance and taught it to us girls. She told us she wanted some girls to help her do it for the talent show so me and my friends agreed. Now let me tell you. We were in a good mood that day. Because I DID NOT want to do it the next day. I endured it though and it was actually kinda fun. We got to dance on the stage and then watch all the other kids dance with us. It was hilarious cause we all looked like total fools.

    It was the last night of D3 and I was getting ready to head to bed. There was one girl in my room who was sleeping so as I left the room to brush my teeth, I shut the door so she wouldn't wake up. Well after finally heading to bed, I tried to open the door to my room and it was locked. This is horrible. My pillow, bed, blankets, and everything I need to go to sleep is in there. What am I going to do? So I kinda talked to some of my friends hinting to them that I needed a place to sleep but they didn't really do anything lol. I was ready to sleep on the couch when I saw one of my friends and just kinda mentioned I'm locked into my room and she was like, "Oh we have to open it. We can help you. C'mon let's go." So we banged on the door trying to wake up my friend who was sleeping in there but she would NOT wake up. My friend said, "Okay, let's open my window, you climb outside, open your window, and climb inside your room." Which thank God we were on the 1st floor otherwise I'd probably be sleeping on the couch by myself. I climbed into my room though (barely). It was a funny experience in the end :P

   D3 was soooo awesome (as always) and I can't wait for next year!!

Thanks for reading guys!!
bouncing in to say bye,


  1. ahhh sounds so FUN!!!! What's D3??

    1. It was!! :) It's a youth conference. It's super fun!

    2. Ok! =D It looks like it. I would like to go to one someday!

  2. Wow! It sounds like you've had a bust (and fun!) June! My cousins came over in June too!

    1. It was :) Oh that's awesome! Don't you love cousins?! haha

  3. Sounds like you've been having a super fun summer!! (oh and I'm always late for my monthly recaps so don't worry xD) That's so cool that you're into gymnastics! Sounds intense. O_O but INTENSE IS GOOD MUAHAHA.

    Have a fabulous July!!

    rock on,

    1. I am!! haha thanks! IT IS INTENSE but A GOOD INTENSE haha :P

      Thank you so much :) you too!!