Monday, June 26, 2017

FCA camp stories + flower photography overload


GUYS I JUST WENT OUTSIDE FOR A NICE AFTERNOON WALK AND I REALIZED OUR FLOWERS HAVE BLOOMED...whhaaattt? Where has the time gone? It seems like we planted them yesterday?!?! I was soooo excited. As you know, I might get OVERLY BEYOND EXCITED about our flowers in the backyard and maybe spam your feed with LOADS of pictures of them. #unashamed
   This week my brother and I attended FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes). We've attended for 5 years. This was my 2nd year being a huddle leader. During the 3 days of camp the kids play sports, but most of all learn about Jesus Christ. As a huddle leader, you help them understand how we should honor God in sports and life and get the privilege to get to know the kids.
    My favorite part of the camp is firstly, getting to see their progress. The first day I had quiet girls who wouldn't answer questions, didn't want to pray, and would forget everything I taught them. As the days went on I saw their progress. Suddenly, I had to ask the girls to raise their hand so we wouldn't be talking all at the same time. I saw the girls desire to WANT to be a better Christian. I got to hear them memorize their verse which I heard dozens of times that week. It made me so happy to enjoy learning about Jesus :)
    Another favorite part of the camp was (of course) the competition. I mean, who doesn't? It's a blast to see the hard work (even when it's super hot) we all contribute in to. I also like cheering them on ;) and giving them tips. The week of FCA is always usually the hottest week of the summer so it's super exhausting to play outside. After you come in, you look badddd. I mean I defs did. Like I was walking in with frizz everywhere, a red face, and a sweaty shirt. I like it though, cause it makes me feel proud ;P
    So, I'm walking around inside and one of the competition directors (who looks just like Robert Redfern) asks me, "So what soccer team are you on?" It was SOOO funny cause I NEVER play soccer and I don't even like it that much. So I tell him, "I don't play soccer. I'm horrible at it and I don't even like it." And he was sooooo shocked. He told me everybody knew for sure I played soccer. hahahahaha I was like nooooooo.
     He also told me I run like gazelle and I have natural abilities. and as we sadly said goodbye to the camp he told me, "Get into a sport okay?" and apparently he told my brother the same of me as well. He's got me thinking about possibly looking into a sport that involves more running, throwing, and catching. BUT. I don't like softball. I don't think I'm good enough at basketball. I like soccer kinda but I don't think I'm good enough. I love football know you gotta tackle people...nah. I'd love to go for tag football or flag football :P but I'm too old to be in a league like that. So I'm stuck. Any suggestions?
     I think that's all in my life other than right now while you's reading this, I'm at d3 Youth Conference :D Don't worry, I won't get a concussion. (You'll get that last sentence if you read this post ;P)

How's summer treating you? 
What's the weather like? 
Do you know a sport I could play that involves at least running, throwing, and catching?

bouncing in to say bye,


  1. Love the post, sweet girl! Sounds like you had fun AND got to shine your light to those little girls; what a blessing.
    For a suggestion to fit your requirements (and I will say nothing about you not liking softball, though someone here loves it! *wink*) would be volleyball. OR I would suggest lacrosse. Being a gymnastist, you would be great in volleyball because you are flexible and already fit I assume.
    Well, enjoy your summer immensely! Mine has been great and I have learned a lot in marching band. BTW, would you mind telling me what state you live in? That would help me suggest sports to you if you are interested. Mainly though, I am a musician, but adore sports as well. God bless and stay safe!

    1. Heyy hmmm idk I've never been good at volleyball but then again I never play. I might try that out. Lacrosse sounds fun but idk if there's a team around us. I live in Illinois.

      Enjoy your summer too!! Glad you're enjoying band. What instrument do you play?

      Thank you so much for commenting!!

    2. Yeah, so I play the French Horn in concert season and during marching band (look us up at I play mellophone.

  2. You should play softball! I looove softball! :) I agree with a previous comment; maybe try lax or volleyball? Or you could try competitive CrossFit! I also love CrossFit lol. It's fun because it's kind of like gymnastics, but there are so many other exercises all mashed in with it--running and rowing and weightlifting. It's great!


    1. I don't know. I've grown up on always playing baseball with my brother so idk if I would like that change. Idk though. I love baseball though. What's Crossfit? Hm I'll look that up. Thanks for the advice!! It's so cool that you're a softball player. I like softball players outfits lol :P do you have an Instagram?

      Thanks so much for commenting!!

  3. I'm loving the flower photos!! You're an amazing photographer. :)
    glad you got to be such a light to those girls!! FCA truly sounds like a blessing.

    1. Whoopsies. Looks like my link didn't work...haha! Sorry about that!!

    2. Aww thank you so much :)
      Thank you! It is!

      haha no problem! ;P