Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Summer Goals for 2016

   Summer is finally here ya'll. I'm so excited for this summer. And yeah I know these goals are sometimes just totally forgotten after you post it, but I'm not planning on it. Schools cool, but we need a break to have free time and relax for a little bit. I'd say the most dreamiest time of this summer is getting up in the morning and knowing you're not filled with tons of stuff to do, but you actually have time to sit down and relax. And with me, joke around with my fam bam. So yo, I'm doing a Summer Goals for 2016.
   And I'm a very organized person around in my family. Every day I wake up I clean off the messy table in the kitchen. I often get overwhelmed at night because I want to read and my room is a mess (or more like my sisters.) I think I'm the only one in my family who actually makes goals for the summer and the new year. But that's okay. We all do things differently. I like to remember what I want to do for the year or for summer. And Sarah likes just not doing that. Anywho, total rabbit trail. Nothing else said. Let's start!

1. Even though I'm done with school still learn and read.
2. Read 2 books! (I know. It's bad. But they're big books I want to read.)
3. Have a sleepover with my three friends!
4. Get a new iPod that I've been trying to get for a long time.
5. Learn how to do a roundoff back handspring.
6. Learn how to do a front tuck.
7. Develop pictures to put in photo books.
8. Keep having Tuesday as my Youtube off day.
9. Blog at least 2 times a week.
10. Take summer pictures for siblings and hang them up in our living room.
11. Draw more.
12. Have a fun summer with my family and friends!
Dere ya go folks! Hope you like.
BTDUBS, I made a list but I lost it. So, I might've forgot some.
BTDUBS, btdubs is my way of saying by the way.
bouncing in to say bye,
What are your summer goals?
Are you an organized person too?
Are you happy you're done with school too?
And was that question^ even a question?


Saturday, May 21, 2016

I Interview Sarah My Weird Sister.

I've interviewing Sarah from Forever Changed.
1. If you could live one day as the life of anybody real who would it be?
Taylor Swift's keyboard player so I could be on her tour and not have to sing.
2. If you could have any super power what would it be and why?
Either fly or heal people because if I could fly anywhere and I'd wanna heal people because that's a nice thing to do.
3. What's your favorite instrumental genre?
Jazz because it's fun to play on the piano.
4. Who's your favorite Avenger besides Captain America (because he's the best)?
"I don't knowwww, Can I do top three? Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, Bucky if he counts (which he does)" BONUS: Me (Ellie) top three besides Cap are: Bucky, Falcon, and Black Widow.
5. What's your favorite quote from a movie cause I don't care about books.
"And she said, "Compromise where you can. Where you can't, don't. Even if everyone is telling you that something wrong is something right. Even if the whole world is telling you to move, it is your duty to plant yourself like a tree, look them in the eye, and say, 'No, *you* move'." Sharron Carter quoting Peggy Carter in Civil War.
6. Pet peeves?
When people think that you're antisocial because you read a lot in public places. Just cause I want to read doesn't mean I'm antisocial.
7. Would you  rather own a swimming pool, hot tub, or trampoline and why?
Trampoline because I don't like swimming much and I can jump on a trampoline. Well duh Sarah.
8. What's your favorite lyric? (just so you know I'd never ask this to a music freak, but I'm running out of things to say)
"Mind your own biscuits and life  will be gravy"
9. What do you enjoy doing the most during the week?
 I  like writing library with my friend, and petting my dog, and I love blasting music that my siblings don't like in the car and in the house. 
10. Ninja, ABC game, Mafia, or Concentration?
 Probably mafia because it's creative and fun.
11. Slam, Football, or Knockout?
 "They don't know these games." Do you?
Slams because I have a slim chance of winning (not with us though).
12. If you could rewrite any book what would it be?
The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan.
Hope you like!
bouncing in to say to say bye,

Sunday, May 15, 2016

14 Facts about Bernie: A Birthday Post

Hello A Bounce in Your Step Readers!
Happy Sunday! Before you read any farther, you should know that this is not the owner of this blog, Bernie. If you've been following this blog for awhile, you might remember that Bernie's annoying sister hacked her blog on her birthday. And if you follow my blog, she did the same to me. Well, I'm back today since it is May 15th, officially declared "National Bernie Day" by the President of the United... no, just kidding. But it SHOULD be!

So hello, I am Sarah from Forever Changed, Ellie's boring teenage sister. Off the Bernie subject, you might remember that I like lists. And since 14 is the lucky number today, I'm going to post 14 facts that you might not know about the birthday girl.

1. I called her "Fluffy" when we were toddlers. Not sure why, but my mom will never let go of that nickname as long as we're alive. Nowadays, her nicknames are much funnier.
2. She is obsessed with Christian rap. This is a thing that I don't grasp, but she and Danny, the bro, love rappers like Lecrae and KB. And yet, she doesn't really listen to any other music. I call her gangsta.
3. She was into many hobbies, like singing, dancing, and cooking, before she started doing gymnastics. And now, all those other hobbies are a thing of the past. For her birthday, Dad made her a homemade beam.
4. Her middle name is Bernice. You might have known that? It's one of the reasons why her nickname is Bernie, since "Bernie" is a bit of a combination between "Ellie" and "Bernice."
5. I just had to tell her to stop spying on me. I think she knows I'm doing this now. Shhh....
6. Danny had a brilliant idea to purchase Lecrae's newest mixtape "Church Clothes 3". And ever since then she's been making funny lip-sync videos. But I must admit, she's a good lip-sync rapper.
7. Her first man was Daniel Lissing, the guy who plays Jack Thornton on When Calls the Heart. I don't blame her. He was a catch. (Just because he played Jack. I mean, who doesn't love that Mounty?)
8. Her best friend is also named Ellie and is just about as crazy as her. I know it's hard to believe. They call themselves the "Ellie Squad."
9. She is extremely neat and has the urge to clean every mess up before she can get anything done. This is a slightly bad arrangement since I make messes unintentionally and it doesn't bother me. But I made sure our room was clean for her birthday. Aren't I nice? Haha.
10. Following our obsession with the Avengers, Ellie dumped Jack for Captain America. Cold, I know. But don't worry, the Steve Rogers is a good man.
11. When at home, you can catch her playing whiffle ball with our brother. Which is another reason why she's nice. Danny loves baseball, but he can get a tad bit competitive. They love playing together and their names can get pretty interesting.
12. She despises the song "NO" by Megan Trainor, even though I love it. But she gets me back by obsessing over "Crowns and Thorns" by KB, a song that I can't stand.
13. She's a great writer, which you all knew, I know. What's great about it is that God inspires her writing. It makes it all the more beautiful. I'm so proud of her.
14. And I better stop writing so I can finish making my part of her birthday dinner. Mashed potatoes.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Did you know any of these facts? Drop a comment and wish a happy (or belated) birthday!

Friday, May 13, 2016

What I like about The Secret Place.

Hey guys!
Today I'm going to start off a little new series called..
What I Love About This Song.
I'm not a big music listener, but whenever I listen to Christian music I love it.
Me and my brother also love rap, but I'm not gonna talk about that.
I love peaceful music.
So my first song is Secret Place by Phil Wickham.
I already featured the lyrics in a post right here.
I love this song because it really shows how eager we should be when we are in hard times.
Sometimes life is just hard. And we try to cure it with things we love.
Like movies, writing, reading, or food.
But we need to focus are eyes are Christ.
That he will be there for us.
It says in verse 2,
                               You are my only hope                          
       You are the Rock on which I stand
                           You will not let me go                     
        I know that I am safe inside Your hands
When you are just tired of fighting something that is just making you mad.
Or fighting something that is making you said.
God is there.
And you are safe with him.
The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged," Deuteronomy 31 says.
Better is a moment that I spend with You
Than a million other days away
I'm running, I'm running
I'm running to the secret place
I love these lines because it's so true.
Better is a moment with you than a million other days.
It reminds me of that song Better is One Day
Better is one day in your courts
Better is one day in your house
Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere.
I love that song!
I hope you like this song too! And maybe get a better understanding too.
To know that you are safe in God's hands. 
And that with God is better than anything.
Here is the song for you to listen too:
Hope you like!
Comment if you want some more! :)
Thanks guys!
bouncing in to say bye,

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Interview with my Brother

Today you will be reading about my brother!
I understand that I talk a lot about my awesome relatives so now it's time to get to know them better!
I asked my first interviewer: Danny 12 questions that he will answer for you.  
Let's get started!
Daniel (Danny who we always call him) is 12 and loves baseball and all sports.
1. What sport player inspires you the most? And Why?
Tim Tebow because he is the only player who has stood up for Jesus.
2. What is your favorite joke?
Why does Ed Sherran not have a girlfriend. Because Sheeran.
3.If you could live with any animal what would it be?
A grizzly bear
4.If you could live in any movie what would it be?
After debating between When Calls the Heart and Hobbit, Danny chooses Hobbit
5. What is your dream car?
A four door blue chevy truck with monster wheels.
6. If you could lose any sense what would it be?
7. What is your favorite toddler song?
Little Einstein's Remix
8. What is tv show or movie role model and why?
Captain America Steve Rogers because he is super buff and he doesn't have any high power weapons he just has his fist. Which kinda is a high powered weapon but whatever.
9. What is your favorite restaurant?
Taco Bell. "I could eat taco bell for days," he said. And Panda Express.
10. If you could be  someone for one day who would it be and why?
Jeb Bates (the little kid from Bringing Up Bates Tv Show) because he has a cool accent and lives with rednecks. And he's cute.
11. If you could play any sport other than baseball professionally what would it be and why?
"Golf. No just joking. I hate golf cause I can't get it in the dang hole. Not NFL for sure. Basketball because I want to dunk good."
12. What is be your dream Friday?
Shooting mussel loaders, going mudding with trucks, and going really fast in a four wheeler down a muddy wet hill.
Thank you for reading!
Hope you like my broder;)
Bouncing in to say bye,