Thursday, January 12, 2017

Bernie's Random Ramblings // My life right now.

 look at that adorable face. AHH. he looks so worried though.

that's our smiley face water tower that we live by :)

Hello everyone.

Well it's kinda been a long time since I've posted. Dudes, everybody's getting sick these days.So for about 2 weeks our family has been taking turns getting all sick and bleh. And for 2 weeks I've just had a mild cold. But then Monday I got a headache and stuffy nose. Today it's getting better, but still music, math, and biology make it hurt. Anywho, I'm here. yayyyyy :D

Anywho, last Tuesday we started school after about 2 weeks off. It seemed a LOT longer. I was pretty excited to start and get back in the schedule, but then came a snow storm which made us stay in the house for two whole days. TWO WHOLE DAYS. Lol I'm used to always getting out. So, that was big. Although the snow was pretty, there wasn't enough to play in so I was just stuck in the house. Currently, school isn't bad, I was just spoiled of doing whatever I want, whenever I want, and you can't be like that with school. It has to get finished.

Oh, and weather around here is pretty awesome. Sunday it was 5 degrees pretty much all day. AWESOMENESS. But then, Tuesday warmed up (like high 50's) and SUPER windy. We also got some rain. But this weekend we might have an ice storm. I'm pretty excited about that. I mean, as long as church isn't canceled. If there is snow to play in, I'm a happy girl. Who loves snow and total coldness? Cause if you do, fist bump. You're cool.

Also, enjoy the beautiful pictures of my dogs, cause they're adorable. The  beagle is Rudo, he's our dog.  The other dog is our piano teachers dog, Cooper. So yeah, they're cute.

I hope you enjoy my random life :)
Stay healthy.
bouncing in to say bye,

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 in Review

Hey guys, so after reading everyone's fabulous posts about this year, I found some inspiration for my post. I hope you enjoy.


1. There is ALWYAYS something to be thankful for.
Yes, I know there are hard times where we really need something, but we need to always stay thankful. God has blessed us so much. Firstly, it's a blessing we're even alive. Then, we have our family and friends and so many other things.

2. Prayer is powerful.
I've prayed so much this year and God has answered my prayers. Even if the result wasn't exactly what I wanted, I was satisfied and I knew God had a plan which leads me to say...

3. God always has a plan.
This year I gained an interest for gymnastics. I have a dream that someday it could become my career. That seems totally impossible though because of how old I am. But when I feel inspired to become a gymnast and I doubt myself, I remember God has a plan. No matter how impossible it might seem, if that is God's plan for my life, then it isn't impossible. If it isn't, his plan for me to become a gymnast, it's okay. I know his plan is better than mine.

4. Always be yourself.
This blogging year has been hard for me because I read so many blogs and they're all interested in writing and reading. That really isn't me though. I'm different. And sometimes I try to think of posts that will please the crowd, but I have to remember to be myself. Not to compare myself to others. But to be me. To be unique.

5. Correctly others always won't help them.
There are some people that I try to correct, but I've learned this year, it's not helping. We need to be a light to them. We need to love them. All they need is encouragement. When you correct someone that tears them down, but when you love someone that builds them up. That encourages them to be better. So love others.

// making friends at church
// playing guitar
// making dinners for our family
// burger king and English with mama and Danny
// the stressful yet memorable car rides with our family
// going to exciting places with our youth group
// listening to my pastors preaching the good news
// going to party city with friends
// doing handstands everywhere
// holding little kids
// playing football outside
// doing latin class with some of my favorite people
// camping in the scorching hot weather
// going on my first rollercoaster
// hunting with my bro and dad
// doing crazy things like putting ketchup and mustard on our faces like war paint with my best friends
// embarrassing myself but having fun at gymnastics classes
// growing in friendship with bloggers
// facetiming long distance friends
// reading good Christian books
//laughing constantly

get a reliable paying job
learn a backflip
give more to the missions (yes I did this last year, but I want to give even more this year)
read 10 books (I didn't accomplish this goal this year, so I'm trying again)
overall grow in blogging
learn the violin
do some kind of sport competitively this year
buy a nice camera

Happy New Year Guys!!!
Thanks for making this year awesome!!

what are the lessons you learned this year?
what are some highlights of this year for you?
what are your goal this year?

bouncing in to say bye,