Friday, February 26, 2016

Piano Festival, Lasagna Dinner, and WCTH.

Today, in this post you will read about my exciting last weekend.
Hi guys! What's up? As you can see above you what I'm posting about.
Last week we had some exciting things going on and I wanted to share them to you.
And I quick rambling about today. I just went outside and played on my homemade beam and I was going to do a one handed roundoff on the beam. Well don't try it. I got to scared and ended up tripping and falling into the BIG mud puddle. And also I just wanted to say if you have Windows 10 (which we just got) get the free Spotify app. You can select ANY song on there on demand for free. I'm amazed! So there are my ramblings for today. on to this weekend.

 Friday consisted of school. (of course) Then, at night I flipped (of course).

 After that we enjoyed watching Woodlawn (the movie). It was good.
On Saturday,
Me, my sister, and my brother got up early to play in front of judges and perform two piano songs we've been playing for about four months. I was kinda nervous but at the end of all my songs I actually was sad I had to stop. It was kinda fun playing on the cool grand piano. hehe :P And at the end, we went to Golden Coral. I'm serious I've never seen that much food. And that was my little breakfast desert. The food was great! didn't have waffles though. or smoothies.
And On Sunday, hehe my favorite part.
We went to church but then we went to my great grandma's house and prepared a lasagna dinner for lunch. It was our late traditional valentines dinner. We got to eat it with our great grandma and grandparents. We enjoyed lovely lasagna, fruit ball, cheesecake, garlic bread, and salad. Mmm...I want some more. Especially since we don't have a lot of snacks right now. I've already ate an apple too. Anywho, after that we read a love bible verse and went around saying how we see love in our lives. It was pretty awesome.

After that we traveled to go and see our great grandma's homestead. It was so cool to see our grandma's house when she was my age and see where my grandpa live as a kid. That consisted of me and my brother fighting over my mom's camera to take pictures and having handstand competitions. It was really fun though!

And after the night I'd been waiting for for about three or four months. When Calls the Heart Season 3 Premiere. And must I say, I LOVED IT! It was so good. I have to say I wasn't so like, "oh I gotta watch the next one" until the little clip after the show. Once I saw Jack's mom I was like, "Please let these videos go on youtube." I think I'm going to hate Jack's mom. She looks bad weird to me. Comment below if you want to be my When Calls the Heart venting buddy? Cause I love to do that.

So there's my weekend for you! I forgot to say all of my siblings and me got superiors on our piano songs. I've got a superiors on all of my songs for five years straight and my brother and sister four years straight. One more year of another superiors and I get a second gold cup! Yay! :)

Thanks for reading! Hopefully more posts coming! Thanks guys! ;)

What was something excited that happened to you this week or last weekend?
Did you watch When Calls the Heart? Thoughts?
Would you like to be my When Calls the Heart venting buddy?

             Ellie R.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

God in the Center

Hey guys! I'm Anya and I am going to write about how to keep God in the center of your life. I am the oldest of almost 6 kids and between helping with children, cooking, schoolwork, etc. it can be hard to set aside time for God. As a teen, it is most important for me to grow close to the Lord as I get older so that I will have a strong relationship as an adult. Some ways to keep Adonai in the center of your life are:

Setting a time:
I can focus better when I read and pray in the afternoon.

During school:
I have bible school work and the curriculum we use (CLE) has us read multiple chapters so, adding on more reading wouldn't hurt.

Whenever you are in a quiet place:
Whether you are putting a coat in a closet, outside, folding, etc. grab your bible or phone or whatever you use and read or listen to your bible.

Include friends:
It would be nice to include friends in prayer and bible reading to help you stay accountable.

Social media:
I use my email a lot and I just ask my friends or family if they need prayer requests or I ask them for prayers.

Through Music, Movies, or Books:
When engaging in uplifting media, it helps you think more about Christ and encourages you to really remember who you are living for.

You don't need to pray only at night, pray constantly. I find that when I thank God about something I don't like doing like, cleaning the restrooms, it helps me become more grateful. It usually goes a little something like this, "God, though I don't like cleaning the restroom, thank you so much for a bathroom to clean, and a home that has bathroom in it, etc." Prayer is very important, my parents always say, "If you don't spend time and talk with someone, how do you get to know them?" 
1 Thessalonians 5:17 "Pray without ceasing."

These are ways I hope can help you grow in your spiritual walk but, one shouldn't just try to check it off the list. Really sit and enjoy the moment because life is not promised and we need to live every last minute of our lives for Christ. After all, the chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy him forever. (Westminster Shorter Catechism)

So, whether you are a new believer or have been a follower of Christ for a few years or more, how is your relationship with Adonai? Strong? In need of strength?Just think about it.  

Thanks so much for this chance to guest post on your blog Ellie! It was great! I hope to write again! 

In Yahweh, 
                    Anya 😊❤
#2Corinthians 5:17

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Great Are You Lord

 you give life
 you are love
 you bring light to the darkness
 you give hope
 you restore
 every heart that is broken
 great are you, Lord

 it's your breath in our lungs
 so we pour out are praise
 we pour out our praise
 it's your breath in our lungs
so we pour out our praise to You only
Daily I am reminded of how great our Lord is. Especially when I see this beautiful sunset he put in front of me with the power of his voice. Great is our Lord. And let us proclaim it to many this week!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

You Know You're Me If...Gymnastics Edition!

That's hello peoples if you didn't know. hehe :P
Today I am going to post about...
You Know You're Me If... GYMNASTICS EDITION!
And soon I'm going to do a just plain ol You Know You're Me If...
And I'll be sharing some pictures too!
entonces empecemos
That means so let's get started.
1. make an imaginary beam in your living room and do routines on it. Below if you can see in this pictures there is tape on the carpet. yeah that's my homemade beam :P

2. Ask your family to take a picture of you doing a handstand and if they don't do it you just put on the 3 second timer on your camera.

3. just literally do handstands everyone.
4. have your own competition meets in your house 
5. accidently pounds your foot on a desk in the house. really my living room is a little to small, but it's all I got. If I get any bit taller I'll probably be hitting the fan. Only reason I want to stay short like this.

So there you go! I hope you like the pictures. And yeah those are all my gymnastics confessions. Yeah I'm weird. Also, if you could be praying for me. There's a chance I could possibly start doing gymnastics. Just pray we have the money and I can do it! It'd be a dream come true!

Thanks for reading!

                    Bouncing in to say bye,