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Welcome to A Bounce in Your Step

Hello friends! Welcome to A Bounce in Your Step! I hope you all like the new name. I know I do. Oh and sorry about that completely random story a couple days ago. Comment if you'd like me to more of those though! Anywho, thank you Allie from Spreading my Joy for doing my design. Guys go and get a design from her. She's so patient and she's totally opened to anything. She's awesome. Thanks Allie for putting up with me. Because I change my mind a lot when looking for designs. You can go right here to see Allie's Blog Designs Blog. Thanks again Allie! Oh and I loved these sunsets. My favorite color is officially sunset orange. Not just because of Peeta. I really do LOVE the color. It's just shows God's wonderful creation! And reminds me that God is in control. And that comforts me.

So, all credit to my dad for thinking of this name. While I was going to the dentist I asked him some names ideas and he gave me this. At first I was a little like, "Okay..moreee.." But after everything everybody suggested I was like, "Nope it's not better than A Bounce in Your Step." People say you just put a bounce in my step when someone encourages or cheers them up. And I love that. Because I want to encourage people. I love doing it. And I hope I'm encouraging you! I also love the title cause it's goes so much with me. I love flipping and exercising. I'm a sporty person. bounce bounce! It's awesome! I really like this title. And I hope you like it too!

A long time ago I was at Sunday School and our teacher asked me to write down what you want people to say about you when you die. And I said that I encouraged them. And he asked me, "Oh so you're an encourager huh?" I was like yeah. I'm nice like that. hehe sorry for that sick Nick Fury quote there. I'm sorry but am I the only one who thinks I am just hilarious! :P Anywho, I'm a shy person. It's hard for me to just get out of my comfort zone and talk to people. But I love encouraging people. And I love encouraging people online! It's so easy. I hope I encourage you guys! :)

I hope that this year I can put a bounce in your step. And that I can encourage you! And also that I can get out of my comfort zone and just encourage everybody! I pray that this year me and you will encourage people more. That whatever is stopping us from encouraging people we will break it. And I know that God will be with me always. And with you too!

Let's go and put a little bounce in their step!

Thanks for reading! It really encourages me when you comment and give me your feedback. You guys are great! Thanks guys! Let's keep encouraging each other!





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