Tuesday, September 5, 2017

August Highlights // Saying Goodbye to Summer Break

well hello ya'll* i'm here doing my august highlights a little late but hey, at least it's here. I was literally about to post this and it suddenly deleted ugh so I pushed myself to write it all over again in one setting. so here it is. hope you enjoy.


last week of summer break - our last week of summer was filled with fun and games ;) it was gonna be bittersweet to start school up the next week so I wanted to make sure we did enjoyed it. Monday, we spent the day with our friends. We played basketball (like usual) then after getting all hot and sweaty we took a dip and king of the dock in the water. (You guys should be glad I'm alive cause that game was intense) Tuesday, we reunited with another one of our friends who just got back from venturing through New York (ahhhhh jealous). It was super nice to catch up, drink bubble tea, play with each others new cameras, and do a photoshoot. Thursday, we roasted in the sun while we played basketball with a lot of our friends. And Friday, we had a lemonade stand at our house. You'll hear more about this later ;) Overall, the week was a blast

the eclipse + lemonade stand - our town reached totality so it was suppperrrrrr amazing to see. our town was also the longest point of totality (uh huh aren't we so cool :P) so tons of people all over were coming over to experience this amazing sight. just a half mile from our house hundreds of people gathered to watch. It was a blast to be able to experience it with all my family and grandparents. Since our town was kinda busy we decided to have a little lemonade stand at our house. Although right by the highway isn't the best place to have a lemonade stand, it was super fun getting to spend time with my family (and friends who came over to support us. I have the best friends ya'll haha) and make a little money out of it. The money went to my gymnastics fundraising so that was cool too hehe.

visited a really cool small business coffee shop - after school my family met my friends at this reaaalllly cool cofeee shop. it was sooooo cool. the iced coffees were served in mason jars (whaat so cool right?!) and the hot coffee was served in a very round cup. It was really vintage with lots of succulents, plants, old books, and old tables and chairs. They also had coffees from different countries like Guatemala and Mexico. after drinking our delicious coffees we took a walk around the town and did a little photoshoot. it had lots of brick walls which made for great photos ;)

our family went to a baseball game - our first one this year (which is unusual. we usually go to more than one by August). it was really fun cause we got to see a grand slam and we were all screaming really loud haha I have the video and it's hilarious. they won the game which always makes the game twice as fun as it is ;)


my mom and I have been bike riding at least 3 times a week every month which is super awesome for me cause I love bike riding but no one used to ever go with me. now we're starting to go more again yayyyyyyy

I learned how to play the bass. I'm going to play for a youth event this weekend and I'm really excited.

we went to the science center for sarah's little babysitting kid for her birthday and it was soooooo fun. I love it so much. #childatheart it was also really fun to see how excited they were to go.

okay, so my friend accidentally tripped me while playing basketball and I got a bruise on my knee. who cares about that though. I RIPPED MY JEANS. and before ya'll ask why I was wearing jeans playing basketball, it was because we were at a youth party. I got to look good, cmon. haha *chuckles at myself* anywho, the next day I was determined to go and find another pair to replace my beloved jeans. AND I DID. TWO. I FOUND TWO. One of the them was 6.00 dollars. 6.00 DOLLARS YALL WHATTTT? I still have the price tag on my dresser so I can see it every once in a while and feel accomplished haha. Ik I'm weird.

my friend braid my hair in dutch braids and I never get my hair done like that so I kept it in for literally 4 days. the next morning I took it out and it was super wavy.

I drew that pretty cool flash drawing. kinda just a little proud of myself haha

had tons of photoshoots with my siblings and friends :) yayyyy

last months goals were:
have a good last week of school - yessssss
paint the kitchen cabinet - I actually did this in September but ehhh close enough. It was the 2nd day.
stop being on technology so much - yes mainly bc our dad started taking our ipods with him to work for part of the day so we can focus on school.
sleep outside - ugh no but our dad just put our camper down in the  backyard so once it cools down we can sleep there. i'm so excited. my siblings and I have countless memories in that little camper.

this months goals:

not completely die in the first month of chemistry

stop being so nervous at gymnastics (it's a bad nervous)

read a lot more

get 450 followers on my photography Instagram account

get a new blog design (anybody who can do it for me or knows someone who can please contact me. that'd be great)


Thanks for reading!! I hope you enjoy your September!!
bouncing in to say bye,


  1. YOU EXPERIENCED TOTALITY?? That's so awesome. What was it like? I LOVE having my hair in double braids, but my attempts never turn out really well. Six dollars for a pair of jeans is a STEAL. Good luck with chemistry and gymnastics! My goal for September is to not take school so seriously.

    1. Yeah it was awesome. It was supperrr cool but it happened super fast. haha yeah I always get my friends to do it for me. IT IS HAHA :P Thanks so much!! Oh that's a good one. ;) Thanks for commenting!!

    2. Seeing a full solar eclipse is on my bucket list. Haha, me too! You're welcome. :)

  2. Six dollar jeans sounds like a miracle. I would be proud of that too! I don't think I have ever found jeans for less that 15 dollars and that was a discount. I don't know about you but I am also super picky with jeans. They HAVE TO fit right and be comfy oh! and I have short legs. Struggles.

    The eclipse was amazing! and I only saw 99% totality. Do you know how annoyed I am that it was 99% AH like what!?

    I am too excited for fall. I want the weather to be decent enough so that I can get sleep again! OH and sweaters.

    Was fun catching up with you! (wonderful photos too!)
    Simply Me

    1. haha yeah 15 dollars is still really good too. Yesss I am too.

      Oh my goodness, that'd be super annoying. But it's still cool ;)

      Haha that's a good reason to want fall back. Yes, and always sweaters!

      Thanks so much! I love your comments. They're so sweet!

  3. Ellie!

    Wow! That's so neat you got to experience the total eclipse. Did it get dark like night?

    And I loved reading all the stuff that happened recently...the lemonade stand sounds like fun and it was a good idea since all those people were gathered near your house. :)

    I want to eat a waffle right now because of that picture....YUM!!!!! :)


    1. Yes, it didn't get totally dark which was what I was expecting. But yeah it was still dark and the crickets came out and there was a nice sunset. It was really amazing!!

      Yeah it was. It was really fun.

      Oh haha! Come over and I'll make you one.

    2. Wow! Crickets came out and there was a sunset? How does that even happen?

      I wish I could. I hear you make pretty good waffles.do you have a secret recipe? :)

    3. Yeah. haha I have no idea. Lol it was cool though!

      haha yeah they're pretty good. I just got it somewhere from the internet. haha it's not that special. :P

  4. Wow, that's amazing that you saw the eclipse and were in the path of totality! It just got a little dim here. :)
    And ooh, a baseball game? I went to my first one in August too. Is that the Cardinals Stadium? The Cardinals are my second favorite team. :)

  5. The hardest part of summer is having the need to realize that it's going to end very soon! Goodbye summer!

  6. You can reach your knees with your head while doing a split? Whattt? That's impressive!

  7. When I saw the Flash logo, I was just grinning cause I'm a great fan too!

  8. Your braid looks so neat...and it's very cute!