Sunday, April 26, 2015

Guest Post: Ashley:)

Hello everyone!
I want to start by giving Ellie a HUGE thank you for inviting me to do a guest post on her blog. :)
I have a new store called Ashley's Crochet Corner! You can click on the the name and it will take you to it. :) I can make headbands with flowers, pot holders, and baby hats. If enough people are interested, I will make fingerless gloves. ( I don't make them because we don't like to wear them.) But if you know someone that would like fingerless gloves, or you would like some, I would be happy to make them for you. :) Also, in the making are baby booties! If you know anyone that has a baby and needs some shoes for them, please tell them about me. :)
Please follow my crochet store/blog! :) And I would love it if you all would leave a comment. :)
And just in case you didn't know about my blog, it's Precious Moments. I would love it if you all followed my blog and left a comment because I just love getting comments. :D
Thank you again Ellie for allowing me to do this guest post :)
Have a good and godly day!

In the Lord's love mercy,

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

10 Random Facts about ME! AGAIN!

HEY PEOPLE! Here is another blog challenge post! I was extremely excited for this one cause I did 10 random facts about me about a month ago but forgot some of my main random facts. So let us begin!

1. I roll my tongue when I'm concentrating. I'm not ashamed about it either! I was rolling my tongue just today when I was playing this kind of hard piece on the piano.
2. I'm left-handed! COMMENT IS YOU ARE LEFT-HANDED! #proudlefthander
3. I not only give personalities to numbers but also to keys on the piano. C is like the popular one! D is liked by E and C and he's a little strange. E is kind of like C but really nice and calm. F is best friends with E and is calm. G is best friends with C and kind of the cool guy. A is very super nice! B is really super strange (ya know cause the B sounds the strangest out of the all the white keys hehe)
4. I don't like cheese on sandwiches but I like macaroni and cheese and subway sandwiches with cheese.
5. I love dry eraser boards!
6. I the summer I sleep with a sheet and quilt and a comforter. I sometimes get hot with all those though.
7. I like really unknown music bands. (Like Gardiner Sisters and Royal Tailor)
8. I LOVE 19 KIDS AND COUNTING! We also went to a homeschool conference and they were there to!
8. I have a boyfriend. MY DOG!
9. I love mysteries!
10. Lately, I've been not changing into my day clothes until like an hour before we have to leave.

So there ya go! I'm very proud that I didn't copy any facts from last time! YA!

What are some random facts about you? Do you like 19 kids and counting? Do you not change into day clothes until you have to leave? What hand are you? Do you have personalities for the piano keys?

Saturday, April 18, 2015

10 Things I LOVE!

Hello peoples! So my friend Shelby from Country Christian Girls made this picture and invented this challenge! Isn't is awesome! YEAH THREE CHEARS FOR SHELBY! WOOOOHHH!  So my other  friend Trinity from Lord's Girls did this challenge and she told me I could do it too! Yay! If you want to do it! DO IT! It's especially good if you having bloggers block. I might not do every post because some of them I don't know how to put into a long post. Today is 10 things I love.

1. My family!
2. My friends!
3. FOOD!
4. Nature!
5. GOD!
6. Being Homeschooled!
7. Blogging!
8. My church!
9. Lord of the Rings and Hobbit!
10. And this is kinda embarrassing and weird but HOTWHEELS!

So there it is! 10 things I love! They are not in order either.

P.S. Shout out to Trinity for making this sign off for me!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Hey everybody! I've been CRAZY busy this week and before this week so please excuse my blogging break. I will be very busy this week and probably this whole month, but whenever I get the time I will try to blog. Thanks for being great viewers and followers! COMMENT IF YOU LOVED SHELBY AND KATIE'S INTERVIEWS!

Peace and Love,


Hi everyone! My name is Katie, and I blog over at, and :)
Thanks for having me, Ellie!
Let's jump right in!
1. What colour best describes you and why?
Hmmm...I would say purple! I'm not exactly sure why, but I really love that colour. :)
2. If you could live in a store for a week, what store would you live in?
Bath and Body Works most definitely!
3. If you met your favourite character in a book and you could say only TWO WORDS, what would you say?
Well, that's hard considering my favourite book character is a cat in warrior cats... I'd say meow meow! Ok, ok, I'd say YOU'RE AWESOME! :D
4. Are you left-handed or right-handed?
Right-handed :)
5. What is your favourite number, and why?
My favourite number...hmm...I like the number 2 a lot, but I'm really not sure why. I also like the number 7 because that's how many people are in our family, including our kitties. :)
6. If you could have one power what would it be?
Probably the ability to read people's minds.

7. What's your middle name?
I actually have 2 middle names, Holly and Marie.
8. Favorite name out of this list. Bertis, Bob, Fred, Frank, Bert, or Bobalyna?
Hmm...I like Bobalyna best because it's such a unique name.
9. Favorite subject?
Maybe Home ec, or history. :)
10. If you could change your full name what would it be? (I like my full name is not a answer)
Gah, I like my full name is not an answer! Well, that would have been my answer!;) Ok, let me think...
Maybe Evangeline Primrose Brooks. :)
11. If you could tell the whole world one thing what would you say?
Wow! That's hard! I'd probably say pretty much, to never give up, no matter how dull the future looks, because no matter what God will always have a plan for you and watch out for you.

12. Favorite thing to take pictures of? (Like the sky or grass and trees?)
I love taking pictures of my cats, and anything outside to do with nature, like the clouds or the moon. :)
Thanks for interviewing me Ellie! I had an awesome time answering these questions!