Monday, February 20, 2017

My Obbsession Over Stuffed Animals

low quality picture of a strawberry lol :P

okay so I don't know if this is weird (comment below if it is) but I have a obsession over stuffed animals. lol I have them all together on my bed, they're named, and we're all just a little happy family. and if you're laughing at me right now, IT'S OKAY. Honestly, I am too.

So seriously I have 18 stuffed animals (Ellie (the elephant), Brownie and Brownie Jr. (both bears) Wolfie (a wolf duh), Piggy (a pig), Ellis (another elephant), Steph (a bear), Peyton Pako (a panda), Spaghetti (a monkey), Rudo (a dog), Jesus Loves Me Bear (a dog. he has a really interesting story behind him), Kevin (he's a minion), Jesus Love Purple (a weird bear I guessss?), Tiki (I don't even know what animal she is), Fatball (he's a hamster), Lamby (a lamb), Timber (a dog), Ralph (a mouse), and finally (my new edition) Pigella Smith.

Literally I'm laughing right now. Well not literally but in my mind I'm dying in laughter.

Okay so Jesus Loves Me Bear (even though he's a dog) has been abused by our dog Rudo. Lol it sounds horrible but sometimes Rudo (our REAL dog, NOT stuffed animal) likes to chew on him. And he chewed both of his ears off. So really Jesus Love Me Bear is Sarah's, but he has to go on my top bunk now so he won't get abused by Rudo anymore. Oh and also, his name is Jesus Loves Me Bear because his paws say Jesus Loves Me on it.

And my new edition like *a bajillion heart faces* I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. My friends and I did a swap where I gave them some of my clothes that they liked and they did so to me too. They also added that little cute pig in the gift to me too :D and I love him so much.

I love ALL my animals a lot, but my favorite animal has to be Ellie the Elephant. I've had her for the longest time. And you press one of his paws and you can say something and then press his other paw and she'll say WHAT YOU SAID *mind blown*. Everyone of us siblings got one, but mine is the one that's microphone has last the longest. Yeah I take care of my stuffed animals.

Okay enough about stuffed animals.

ME AND SARAH MADE SMOOTHIES TODAY. Like, it was homemade. Oh my goodness it was sooooo gooooodddddd *I'm like drooling right now* so yeah. :P

I hope you enjoyed my crazy randomness and didn't die of boredom.
bouncing in to say bye,

How many stuffed animals do you have?
Have you made a smoothie before?


  1. wow seriously that is a lot of stuffed animals! And I have to say, they have lots of interesting names XD


    1. Lol yeahh. Yeah a lot of them have stories behind them, but that'd take toooooooo long to explain lol thanks for commenting.


  2. I have 3 stuffed animals! Tutu (A giraffe), Laura (A bear) and, Uni (A unicorn). YES I HAVE MADE HOMEMADE SMOOTHIES AND THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!!

  3. ...I have two laundry baskets of stuffed animals in my closet, 1 bin in our shed, and 3 bins in our storage closet. (Well to be fair half of them are my sister's but still XD) I LOVE stuffed animals!! (#notashamed) XD

    I love homemade smoothies, they are the best!! :)

    ~Lydia~ <3

    1. Oh wow that's awesome! Do you still have some of them in your bed? lol that's funny.

      Yes they are :)
      thanks for commenting!!

  4. aahhhhhh, I'm so dying in laughter in my brain right now like lol lol lol!!!! omgness! That is SO hilarious!
    And I was worried for a second that you had made up a whole scenario of how your stuffed animals abused each other, but then I saw the rest, lol lol!!

    1. Lol I'm glad you found it funny too.
      haha no :P lol

  5. AAAHAHAHAAA!!!!! "low quality picture of a strawberry." LOL! I'm glad YOUR kid made it in this post. I hope he's adjusting well to his new life with you and your sweet family. He's a little bashful at times, so please bear with him. He means well. <3

    with love in Christ,
    -your sister xoxo

    1. Thanks yeah I mean I just had too. Oh he's defs adjusting lol ;P

  6. I've always loved stuff toys too. I mean, who wouldn't, right? They're squishy and all!