Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Hello February

 it was his birthday on the 24th yayyyyyy

 I did a photoshoot with Sarah :D
WHEW HAS IT BEEN LONG GUYS. I'm so sorry, but I had like NO, ZILCH, NOTTA inspiration. but...I'M BACK. January was a long month, but I very much enjoyed it. So here are some of my highlights.


New Years Day
I really enjoyed going outside and clanging the pans with my family. It was really cool to start the new year with going to church. I mean, who doesn't want to start there year off with studying God's word with my friends and family.

The Power Going Out
Lol You're gonna think I'm weird but I very much enjoyed when the power went out (for about 3 hours) because of a ice storm. It was cool to relax with my fam and actually do stuff together. Sometimes I get so lost in my iPod and what I want to do that I don't always do productive things with my family. So besides having to bring a candle everywhere I go, I enjoyed the power outage. We played guitar and sang together and then worked out. It was nice :)

 Hanging Out with Our Youth Group
It was fun going with our youth group to a Can you Escape the Room game. Basically, we were stuck in a room and had to unlock boxes all leading to you finding the key to get out of the room. Even though our team WAS BAD, it was so much fun. HEY..we got a REALLY good excuse for being bad.
1. We were the youngest people in the youth group.
2. We had no parents with us contrary to the other groups.
3. All of us had never done it before.
But really, it was hard.

So guys, I know, in the past I said I'm doing gymnastics lesson but really I haven't. I've been doing tumbling lessons. It isn't the same thing. Gymnastics is the four events floor, beam, vaults, and bars. Tumbling is only floor. Anywho, this month I changed classes and went to gymnastics. AND I LOVE IT. My favorite event is bars.  AHH IM SO EXCITED.

Dad's Birthday 
It was fun to plan our dad's big celebration. I feel like parents don't get as much as celebration for their birthdays as kids so I try to make it as festive as I can. On his birthday we went to Applebee's after biology class. Then we went to history class, so it was a busy school day. Friday we had a nice party for him. We made a homemade carrot cake, a banner, and I gave him my frame that says "I love my dad." Then we went bowling. Btw, man I was baaaad, I thought I was going to be wayyyy better. I'm getting too much confidence on Wii bowling I guess. 

February Goals
Earn a superior in my piano festival. 
Drink more water. 
Condition more. 
Do another photoshoot with Sarah. Teach her some tips on photography so she can start doing picture of me :P
And finally do my roundoff right. 

Lol I know this post is already long but I just gotta say one more thing about that last goal. 

Every single coach who sees me do a roundoff always says "We need to work on that. You have a weird roundoff." Dude, I know I do and I'm not making fun of them for saying I need help, but so many people have said it. And every time someone says it, I laugh and say, "Yeah I know." 
SO. I want to do my roundoff right. I want to learn. I'm going to do it💪🏼 

Anywho, I'm super excited about February. We got some REALLY exciting things happening. WOO HOO. 

bouncing in to say bye,
P.S. I just realized two of my pictures I featured in my last post. *slaps myself in the face* sorrryyyyy


  1. January sounds like it was fun for you!

    What's a superior in a piano festival? It sounds interesting.

    1. It was :)

      Basically you practice two songs for about 5 months then you perform it in front of judges and they judge you for your songs. So the highest score you can get is a superior. If I get a superior in both of my songs this year this will be like 6th year in a row getting all superiors and I'll get a trophy. :)

  2. Glad to have you back blogging Ellie. I've missed your posts. I too have taken a break in January. It was actually pretty nice. Weren't your hands freezing doing that handstand? I've been trying to do handstands...I used to be able to do them when I was younger.


    1. Thanks Ashley!! I'm glad to be back :D Lol yeah after a couple minutes of flipping in the snow without gloves they got suppperrr cold. Oh cool! Yeah they're really fun to do :)

  3. I know how you feel! The reason why i don't post to much is because i have literally NO inspiration! Anyway I'm glad you're back I've missed your posts!


    1. Lol yeah. I hate that. Thanks so much :)

  4. Happy February, Ellie! Love all the pics again. :)

    1. Happy February to you too Emily! Thanks so much :D

  5. Ooh, I wanna see the photoshoot! Sounds like you had a fun month! That's AWESOME that you started gymnastics and your favorite is bars! I've barely done anything with gymnastics for 2 months. I'm pretty sure that that was just a "thing" for a little bit. :l you're doing awesome, keep it up!

    1. I did have a fun month. Yeah it's awesome. You should go to an open gym sometime. That's where you can just play around with the gymnastics place equipment. Ah yeah that's sad that you stopped. It does take a lot of motivation to keep yourself going. Thanks Paige :)

    2. Awesome! Yeah, me and my sis have wanted to, but it hasn't happened yet.

  6. I am so with you on the drink more water. I've been terrible terrible terrible but I completely blame my water bottle for getting lost... :p
    And good luck with your round offs- no easy thing!

    elissa //

    1. Lol yess. I have two water bottles that I put in my fridge so I have nice cold water to drink but then my brother uses it and never puts it back in the fridge. Ugh. Lol

      Thanks so much!! :)