Monday, May 22, 2017

A Happy Birthday Post for Aiyanna and Anya // May Babes Tag

hey hey hey everyone! today I have a very special post on a very special day for two very special person ;) I had a blast putting this post and I hope you enjoy!
our first facetime September 3rd, 2016

Aiyanna and Anya on their 15th birthday!! Aren't they gorgeous?! yes they are!!
   A couple years ago I met two of the sweetest people on earth who later became my bestest friends ever. Firstly, this is just a witness of how awesome blogging is. It hooks you up with some friendly (like the friendliest people you've ever known) Christian friends. Secondly, I'll never take Google Hangouts and iMessage for granted AGAIN cause that's the only way we can talk being so far away *tears* Anywho, we survive being so far away by "wearing" each other haha meaning we send each other cute clothes that used to be ours. I'm getting SOOO off topic though. Why am I writing this post? Well, firstly because I love my friendzies so much :) but also because it's their birthday today!!
   So, in celebration of their birthday we present to you...

The May Babes Tag

1. How did we meet?
   Exactly September 16th, 2015. lol I (Ellie) was having a giveaway on my blog and Anya entered. Some of her stuff wasn't filled out right so I had to email her asking her some questions. After that we started emailing each other. Later, Aiyanna emailed me telling me she was Anya's sister. We started talking too.

2. What were your first impressions of each other?
   I (Ellie) think my first impression on Anya was that she was really nice but also like clueless haha because in the giveaway entries she didn't fill anything out. I was like, "Oh boy, I gotta talk to this girl." haha so yeah obviously that has changed. For Aiyanna I thought she was super nice to want to talk to me. I also thought it was funny that she just emailed me out of nowhere saying, "Hey I'm Anya's sister, let's talk." :P
   Anya's first impression on me was, "like this girl is nice." btw, I got this answer from her. I'm not trying to make myself look good :P Anya actually won that giveaway which I was super excited about because she was a new subscriber to my blog and she was super nice to me.
   Aiyanna thought I was nice too (I got this answer from her too :P) and she really wanted to talk to me because Anya had said a lot about me.

3. Do you have any nicknames for each other?
   We all call Aiyanna, Aipresha because she says presh a lot. lol and Anya is my Daughter ;P and I'm her Mommy. idk how we thought of this nickname, I guess I act a lot like a mom to her. :P which sometimes I do so haha. And my nickname is Pork bEllie because I'd be a pork bellie if I lived in Georgia which is totally true. I can't stand that hot humidness.

4. Do you have any inside jokes?
    Haha yes some of our inside jokes are the Oscars, grannish legs, goodneye, saying pee instead of please, and the cowboy emoji 🤠 haha which is MY emoji. I'm dying of laughter rn and you don't even understand hahahahahaha okay I'm done

5. How are we alike?
    We all have brown hair, are homeschooled, Christ followers, share the same age (and birthday week yasss we are so cooler than you haha jk), same shoe size, and the same toothbrush color 🤣 haha me and Anya do ;P Aiyanna you need to get a red toothbrush. We all get annoyed of loud eating haha so don't eat loud in front of us lol and our favorite store is Walmart.

6. How are we not alike each other?
    We live in different states, different heights (ugh they're taller than me), they have more siblings then me (I wish I had a baby brother and sister), and I'm a little older than them. Only one week mwahahahahaha. We are SOOO alike each other we had a hard time coming up with more hahaha triplets 👧👧👧

7. What are some of our favorite memories together?
     We really enjoy facetiming each other and all the gift exchanges we've had. Getting to "wear" each other. haha and all the surprising gifts we've gave each other. I gave them a frame that says "Distance can't tear us apart" for Christmas and they surprised me with a lovely blue dress I always wanted of them. They told me I couldn't have the dress because they liked it too much and then they surprised me with it in the mail for my birthday. I'm like crying rn is anybody else?

8. What do we want to do together?
     We all said at the same time on txt, "MEET!" yesssss we want to meet. We want to hug each other, cry over each other, smell each other, and never leave each other ever again. We want to spend 2 weeks together, one at their house and one at my house. Lots of laughs, good food, and laughter. Unless, we can just live together, Then, we'll just live together forever. *crying* I want to live with you forever.

That's a wrap of the May Babes Tag! We enjoyed sooo much going down memory lane together and answering these questions and we hope you enjoyed reading it!

Thanks for reading! and everybody jot down a happy birthday for Aiyanna and Anya below for us :) thanks!!!

bouncing in to say bye,
                                   Pork, Daughter, and Aipresha

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Fashion Post and My Awesome Boots // My Birthday!!

warning these pictures are kinda horrible sorry I took them with my iPod timer haha yeahhhh
   Hey guys!! As you see, I'm doing a little fashion post. This is a casual yet, well put outfit, that I wore last Sunday.
Shirt: Old Navy
Pants: Walmart 
Boots: Earth Spirit
   Just last Saturday, I was cleaning my closet because, I do that when I'm bored :P and, I cried over the fact that my right boot (shown in the pictures above), was still missing. Dude, it's been lost for so long, I don't even remember the last time I saw it! I've looked through the closet plenty of times and, never found it. 

   As I finished cleaned out my closet, I removed all the long dresses from in there and, BOOM IT WAS THE SHOE IVE BEEN LOOKING FOR!!! It was hidden behind all the long dresses, that covered the floor and was sitting there, on my shoe holder! I was so happy and, I made sure I wasn't marveling over the wrong shoe but, it really was the other one! lol I had been searching for this for so long and, THE LOST HAD FINALLY BEEN FOUND. I WAS SO HAPPY.
    So, of course, even though it's nearly summer, I just had to wear this pair of boots on Sunday. I wore them with a button up shirt that I'd been wanting to wear for a while (pictured above). Weirdly, that shirt reminds me of When Calls the Heart. I honestly don't know why but, I just see Elizabeth wearing it while hanging up the laundry and talking to Jack. Haha! Honestly, isn't everything so much prettier with Jack in it? :P  

   Anywho, on other notes, it was my birthday 2 days ago!! I'm officially 15 yayyyy!! :D We went bike riding which is kinda a tradition for my birthday because, we did it last year too. IT WAS SO AWESOME! At first, it was hard because, we were riding up reaaallly steep hills but, then WE SOARED DOWN! Ahhhh!! It was so fun! 
   Then we got ice cream which, I dropped. I was walking and BAM, one of the scoops fell :( it was depressing. 
   Thennnn, we ate shrimp and chicken which was sooooo goooood! The flavor was amazing! 
   After that, I got some presents from my grandparents that I love! 
Finally, I enjoyed slushies with my friends :D It was a reaaaally fun birthday and, I was so sad to go to bed and, end all of the fun. 
   I think that's all of what's been going on over here other than that fact that, I'll be done with school in a couple of weeks and it'll be FREEDOM! *Champions by Queen starting playing and gets louder* lol I'm so excited! Things are already starting to wrap up and, it's so awesome! I'm feeling very accomplished! I can't wait! 

What is your favorite item in this outfit?
Have you ever dropped your ice cream cone? 
When do you get done with school?   

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed! 
bouncing in to say bye,
 P.S. I just discovered that I could schedule my posts and, I'm like whaaattttt? So cool!

Monday, May 8, 2017

What Makes Me Happy

heyyy everyone👋
so, Paige (go check out her lovely blog over here) tagged me for happiness tag. I usually don't do tags but who doesn't want to share what makes them happy?! c'mon. okay let's do this yahh

What makes Ellie happy?! I'm glad you asked...

wearing sunglasses
going barefoot outside
whiffle ball with my bro
3.00 jeans whhhaaatttt? they were three dollars
fun games with cousins
reading while tanning outside
soaking my feet in a cold creek
planting flowers
knowing my birthday is in a week AHHHH
shoes hehe :P
caramel apple suckers
singing on a hammock while it gracefully swings <3
knowing that no matter what Jesus will always be there for me and he loves me :)

What makes you happy?
Can you relate to any of these?

Anyone who would like to do this tag. Don't be shy, I'd love to see it :)

bouncing in to say bye,