Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Standing Firm in Love

13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.
1st Corinthians 13:13

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.
1st Peter 4:8

Hailey from Now All I Know is Grace started a cool project called The Fruit of the Spirits and every month you focus on a particular fruit of the spirit. Last month the topic was love. Later this month we went to D3 youth conference and one of the speakers preached about love. He spoke about the two aspects of love that are important.

1) Love is superior (1st Corinthians 13:1-3)
Paul is not saying other gifts are totally useless but that love beats them all.

I can...
1) have faith that can move mountains (vs.2)
2) be a giver (vs.3)
3) be a martyr (vs.3)
BUT if I do not have love I am still nothing,

Love affects everything you do.

It is #1

2) Love is action - a verb

Love is easier said than done. (can I get an AMEN)

Love is...
1) Patient - slow to anger, slow to offend
2) Kind - gentle, not harsh
3) Not jealous - doesn't burn with envy
4) Does not brag - doesn't think the best of himself
5) Not arrogant - Is humble.
6) Not wrong - acts right
7) Doesn't seek its own - not selfish
8) Not irritable - not agitated
9) Not resentful - love is forgiving. it covers a multitude of sin.
10) Doesn't find pleasure in sin - it finds pleasure and rejoices in truth.

11) Believes all things
12) Bears all things
14) Hopes all things
15) Endures all things

The speaker told us to think of the areas we could work on in this list. I know I could work on EVERY single area in this list, but I have some I really need to work on. I encourage you to study this list and pray for love in your life.  Pray to God for strength to fight the temptation of hate we face daily. Remind yourself constantly of how you can love more.

Stand firm in love.

bouncing in to say bye,

Thursday, July 6, 2017

My Once Again Super Late June Highlights // Hey July

JULY you're here. Well duh Ellie. YOU'RE LATE AGAIN. Ugh sorry guysss. My excuse this time is I just got back from camp and now we're planning a vacation and it's like AHHHH. Busy. Anywho, back into it being July not my stupid excuses about being late. Honestly, I'm a bit sad about June ending. June was great. SUPER busy, but a GREAT busy. A super awesome you-don't-do-this-everyday kind of month. I'm excited to share it with you. So let's gooooooo *yay I'm so excited right now. like literally streamers and confetti are flying out in my brain right now*

J U N E in review

Meeting Anya and Aiyanna - You know your month is going to be good when the first day is THE BEST DAY EVER. I met my long distance friends Anya and Aiyanna after 2 years of knowing each other and wanting to meet. They were traveling back home after a trip and they got to stop by for dinner (thank you so much for giving your time even though you probably wanted to get home).  It was funny because this year Anya sent me a birthday letter and one of the things she said was "I wish I could see you for your birthday but maybe I'll see you next year." And THIS year we met. Like less than a month after she said that. Awwwww I love our little story. haha We also took super cute photos (above is one of them^ but there's more that are sooo cute)

Cousins - Earlier this month we took a trip up to see our family. Mainly, our cousin who was about to leave for the military. So our family hosted a nice party. It was superrrr nice to see all our family we haven't seen in a while. We colored till our fingers dropped played a lot of hide and seek, and ate a lot of blueberries.

Gymnastics - This month my homeschool gymnastics class ended for the summer so we had to find another class for me to enroll in. My coach invited me to be in their gymnastics team. Basically, I'll train in the summer and then in the fall we'll compete. There are lot of differences in my homeschool gym class and my team class.

Gymnastics Homeschool Class vs. Gymnastics Team Class
Mainly just for fun                           To train for competition.
Practices are 45 minutes long.         Practices 3 to 4 hours long.
Less stressed. Not so pressured.      Very stressful. If you aren't doing very good, you will be pushed*
Only about 10 girls                           Probably 20-25 girls.

*Now this is in a totally good way. There are girls (we all do this sometimes) who talk a lot, don't try their best, and overall are kinda lazy in their work. So yes, they will be pushed to pay attention, do their best, and work hard. Gymnastics teaches you great character*

So yeah it's really fun. Actually right now I'm taking July off for gymnastics because vacations, VBS, baseball games, etc. are taking up a LOT of our nights. I'll be training in my backyard again for right now but that's totally okay. I'm excited to improve on my skills during July but also just take a little rest. It takes way more energy than you think.

Baseball games - my bro's lighting up that pitcher's mound ya kno #proudsister. It's sooooo fun to watch him and his teammates play. They're improving too. YAYYYYYY it's awesome to watch that happen :)

Jeppin  - one of my friend's got a jeep and we got to ride in it. IT WAS SO FUN. I'm dreaming about getting a jeep now lol. Anywho, the wind was blowing and the music was super loud. IT WAS THE BEST. And sang to We are never getting back together which I don't even like that song but you can't NOT sing to a song and have fun when you're in a jeep. it was so fun.

Lake day - For about a week I was begging my mom everyday to go swimming. Everyday felt inconvenient and she had to say, "Sorry Ellie. We'll do it tomorrow." haha and that went on for about a week. Until finally we found a free day to go with the whole family. It was sooo worth the wait. We spent the whole day hooping the tennis ball in a tube, doing front flips off the deck, and then we got pizza. I ate pizza in the water (it didn't get wet. I know, that'd be gross). It was loads of fun and I can't wait to do it again.

FCA camp - I've kinda already went into detail about this REALLY FUN HIGHLIGHT (that you should totally read about if you haven't) right here so check it out. A short summary though. FCA is a sports camp and I got to attend and be a huddle leader for my 2nd time in a row. It's always very tiring but loads of fun. but read more about it here hehe :P

Danny's Birthday - Over the time of FCA was also Danny's birthday! Although our day was super busy like a full day of camp and then he had a baseball game, I think he really enjoyed it. He also got some pretty rad birthday presents that I KNOW he really enjoyed getting.

D3 - D3 is a Christian summer camp that lasts for about a week. It's taken place on a BEAUTIFUL campus. (You can witness just some of the beauty when you see my photos of the campus^ there's much more beautifulness though haha.) I went to D3 last year and it was soooo fun, but I got a concussion. This year was wayyy more fun since I didn't get hurt. Anywho, I really enjoyed the sermons, the track sessions, (which is basically just lectures about three topics missions, worldview, and leadership which you have to choose between. I chose leadership) team games, and the fellowship I had with my youth group. I'm going do some posts with more details so be looking out for that ;)

   Some funny stories that happened were being in the talent show :P So our leadership teacher made a dance and taught it to us girls. She told us she wanted some girls to help her do it for the talent show so me and my friends agreed. Now let me tell you. We were in a good mood that day. Because I DID NOT want to do it the next day. I endured it though and it was actually kinda fun. We got to dance on the stage and then watch all the other kids dance with us. It was hilarious cause we all looked like total fools.

    It was the last night of D3 and I was getting ready to head to bed. There was one girl in my room who was sleeping so as I left the room to brush my teeth, I shut the door so she wouldn't wake up. Well after finally heading to bed, I tried to open the door to my room and it was locked. This is horrible. My pillow, bed, blankets, and everything I need to go to sleep is in there. What am I going to do? So I kinda talked to some of my friends hinting to them that I needed a place to sleep but they didn't really do anything lol. I was ready to sleep on the couch when I saw one of my friends and just kinda mentioned I'm locked into my room and she was like, "Oh we have to open it. We can help you. C'mon let's go." So we banged on the door trying to wake up my friend who was sleeping in there but she would NOT wake up. My friend said, "Okay, let's open my window, you climb outside, open your window, and climb inside your room." Which thank God we were on the 1st floor otherwise I'd probably be sleeping on the couch by myself. I climbed into my room though (barely). It was a funny experience in the end :P

   D3 was soooo awesome (as always) and I can't wait for next year!!

Thanks for reading guys!!
bouncing in to say bye,

Monday, June 26, 2017

FCA camp stories + flower photography overload


GUYS I JUST WENT OUTSIDE FOR A NICE AFTERNOON WALK AND I REALIZED OUR FLOWERS HAVE BLOOMED...whhaaattt? Where has the time gone? It seems like we planted them yesterday?!?! I was soooo excited. As you know, I might get OVERLY BEYOND EXCITED about our flowers in the backyard and maybe spam your feed with LOADS of pictures of them. #unashamed
   This week my brother and I attended FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes). We've attended for 5 years. This was my 2nd year being a huddle leader. During the 3 days of camp the kids play sports, but most of all learn about Jesus Christ. As a huddle leader, you help them understand how we should honor God in sports and life and get the privilege to get to know the kids.
    My favorite part of the camp is firstly, getting to see their progress. The first day I had quiet girls who wouldn't answer questions, didn't want to pray, and would forget everything I taught them. As the days went on I saw their progress. Suddenly, I had to ask the girls to raise their hand so we wouldn't be talking all at the same time. I saw the girls desire to WANT to be a better Christian. I got to hear them memorize their verse which I heard dozens of times that week. It made me so happy to enjoy learning about Jesus :)
    Another favorite part of the camp was (of course) the competition. I mean, who doesn't? It's a blast to see the hard work (even when it's super hot) we all contribute in to. I also like cheering them on ;) and giving them tips. The week of FCA is always usually the hottest week of the summer so it's super exhausting to play outside. After you come in, you look badddd. I mean I defs did. Like I was walking in with frizz everywhere, a red face, and a sweaty shirt. I like it though, cause it makes me feel proud ;P
    So, I'm walking around inside and one of the competition directors (who looks just like Robert Redfern) asks me, "So what soccer team are you on?" It was SOOO funny cause I NEVER play soccer and I don't even like it that much. So I tell him, "I don't play soccer. I'm horrible at it and I don't even like it." And he was sooooo shocked. He told me everybody knew for sure I played soccer. hahahahaha I was like nooooooo.
     He also told me I run like gazelle and I have natural abilities. and as we sadly said goodbye to the camp he told me, "Get into a sport okay?" and apparently he told my brother the same of me as well. He's got me thinking about possibly looking into a sport that involves more running, throwing, and catching. BUT. I don't like softball. I don't think I'm good enough at basketball. I like soccer kinda but I don't think I'm good enough. I love football know you gotta tackle people...nah. I'd love to go for tag football or flag football :P but I'm too old to be in a league like that. So I'm stuck. Any suggestions?
     I think that's all in my life other than right now while you's reading this, I'm at d3 Youth Conference :D Don't worry, I won't get a concussion. (You'll get that last sentence if you read this post ;P)

How's summer treating you? 
What's the weather like? 
Do you know a sport I could play that involves at least running, throwing, and catching?

bouncing in to say bye,

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Behold our God

Who has held the oceans in His hands?
Who has numbered every grain of sand?
Kings and nations tremble at His voice
All creation rises to rejoice
Behold our God seated on His throne
Come, let us adore Him
Behold our King—nothing can compare
Come, let us adore Him

Who has given counsel to the Lord?
Who can question any of His words?
Who can teach the One who knows all things?
Who can fathom all His wondrous deeds?

Who has felt the nails upon His hands?
Bearing all the guilt of sinful man
God eternal, humbled to the grave
Jesus, Savior, risen now to reign

You will reign forever
Let Your glory fill the earth

yeah I know I've already did a post about this song but I just wanted to do it again :D cause I love this song.

I thank God for my love of the outdoors and it's mostly because of Him. I understand that for sure humidity is horrid, there's mosquitos, i'll sweat, etc. but how can you go outside and not be amazed? How would you not want to spend your whole life out there? And to know that my awesome God made it all with the power of his word is even more breathtaking.

Who can fathom all his wondrous deeds?

It grieves me to know that some people spend all of their time inside glued to their electronics. It honestly made me angry when people go outside and complain about how hot it is and use it as a excuse to go back inside, or whine about the bugs and how they're gross. Oh, and don't get me wrong, I've been caught doing this too. Sometimes we fail to understand that without some bugs it'd be even more annoying. Bees sting, (I just got a bee sting last week) but they're unique in how they all work hard to make honey, something that is delicious and we use a lot in foods. Oh my, spiders can be scary but they eat flies and without spiders eating flies our world would be swarmed with flies. 

What I'm trying to say is, let us be reminded about the importance of everything outside and enjoy it. How without the sun plants, flowers, and food could not grow. How everything would be dry and would die if it didn't rain every once in a while. 

Get outside. Stand in awe of the wonderful Creator who made it all. Praise him. Let His glory fill the earth. 

bouncing in to say bye,

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

My Very Late May Highlights

my birthday handstand ft. my new leo and my birthday hat from Sarah

 *this picture was actually taken on April 30th but I love it so much*

 I got to hold this tiny little bird at biology. Oh it was so cute!

 guyssss i'm going tye dye crazy!! I tye dyed three shirts and I'm going to tye dye a sweater soon AHHH I'm so excited!

 yup that's me :P

so, i'm bad. i'm finally around to getting around to finishing this post because we had a trip to see our family this weekend and then I wasn't in the writing-a-blog-post mood. So I just sat around not doing this blog post and now I'm super late and May is long out of our thoughts. June is a reality now. So yeah, I'm late, but it's okay. Right?  

ahhh the month of May is over and honestly I'm sad. May treated me well. I can't believe this year is almost half way done like whuttttttt?! crazy.

Let's so over May ;)

May Highlights

first things first...I FINISHED SCHOOL for the summer - YESSSSS
hiking without parents - hehehehe
finishing biology - like uhhhh the feels
finding my boots - post about it right here.
my birthdayyyyyy - so yeah I turned 15 this month. we celebrated by going on a bike ride. it was soooo fun. I always wanna go bike riding with my family but it's hard to go when we live by a highway. so for my birthday we biked. around our state park. the first part was sooo exhausting cause we were literally biking up hills but after all the hard work getting up, we biked all the way down the hill and we were riding really fast. IT WAS SO FUN.  Then, we got ice cream (and my ice cream scoop fell on the ground hahah it was so funny but sad too). I also had shrimp and chicken for dinner. Then, we went with our friends and got slushies' which were THE BEST. it was a reaaally fun day thanks to my friends and family :)
teaching my friend gymnastics - this is a great highlight. the week of my birthday I asked my friend if we could do what I call "Bernie's Fitness Club" where we work out :P and I take charge. hahaha I asked if I could teach them gymnastics and they hesitantly said yes. and it was loads of fun. Sarah, I've worked with her before. it ain't workin. Ellie, her arm was bruised so she couldn't put pressure on it. So I worked with Mila and it was soo much fun. hahahaha this is what makes gymnasts happy :P
baseball games - ahhhh this is a big highlight too :P watching my brother and his team play baseball is so fun. nerve-racking and maddening at times but most of the time it's loads of excitement. my brother is a pitcher and he's reaallly good. imma brag about him. He pitches super fast and with great accuracy. it's loads of fun watching him play.
ending our church youth band for the summer - it was super sad to end but awesome to go  over the year together and cherish the memories we made. It was my first year so I learned tons of awesome stuff ;) During that time I was introduced to harmony. Although it was hard at first, I've got a hang of it and it's really enjoyable to practice. 
my birthday party/danny's 8th grade graduation party - I can't tell you how long ago it was since we've had a birthday party for me. Actually it was around 2 or 3 years ago, but those other years never seemed to happen. My idea for my birthday party was literally playing games outside all day. Except on the day of the party there was an 80% chance of thunderstorms. WHYYYY? Basically, we let the party go on and had a plan B for if it rained. IT NEVER RAINED THOUGH. it was the best thing ever. So we played basketball, football, and whiffle ball all day. It was muddy and wet on the ground which was actually super fun cause we got to slip and get all wet hehehehe :P anddddd we had the best snacks too hahaha. 
I HAD MY FIRST STARBUCKS - honestly, it didn't taste anything like everybody makes it sound like, but it was good. I'm mostly just excited about this highlight because I feel so cool now hahaha. I also feel like a weirdo cause my first starbucks was super late for a teenager but I don't really care. Honestly, I like Dunkin Donuts better. but yeah it was a highlight since I'm cool now. 
I made waffles for breakfast - One reason I was sooooo excited for summer was because I was going to make myself waffles for breakfast every morning. I got this waffle maker a long time ago and never used it because whenever I get up for school I go straight to school not waffle making. ya kno? but now I don't have school!! so I can make waffles for breakfast. and they're really good :) 
shooting alice in wonderland - a hundred years ago you probably heard my friends were making an alice in wonderland movie and it's taking forever. but we finally shot another scene. *I feel so official and cool when I say we shot another scene haha*  I was the Carpenter and I got to get mad at my friend cause she ate oysters. mwahahahaha :P

May Goals

throw a the bomb birthday party YES I DID THIS  
get a camera for my bday - ugh no but I'm saving up for one
try Bible journaling - yeahhh noooo I never did this. I NEED TO THOUGH.
finish biology class strong - Yes, I think I did this. It was super hard and exhausting at the end but I finished strong. yayyyyy

June Goals
draw at least twice a week
play guitar at least twice a week
save my money 

Thanks for reading!! And I hope you have a fabulous June!!
bouncing in to say bye,

Friday, May 26, 2017

Your Love, Oh Lord

Every day I realize how indescribable God's love for us. I've been sitting here thinking of what to say but it's so hard to put into words.
People fail us. I've learned that sometimes friends became distant to you, there will be times when no one can help you because they're too busy,  and nothing on this world will never satisfy you. but don't worry my friend, I have good news. Jesus. He's always there for you. He's never too busy. He never doesn't care. He will NEVER fail you. He will never leave you hungry for more. He's satisfying. Loving. Caring. Forgiving.

Sunday, as I sat on my hammock watching my bro and dad play outside and my sis and mom sit out in the sun I was once again reminded how blessed I am. I have two godly parents who give all their energy for us kids. I have two siblings who've always erased my stress by making me laugh. I have a house. And food. A car (oh man that's very useful). Selections and selections of clothes and shoes. I'm so selfish to want more. To be disappointed and unsatisfied for more than what I have. I deserve none of what I have.

But he's loved me. He's poured out his love to me. He's forgiven me. He's cared for me. He's always there for me. He never fails me.

This song perfectly describes Jesus' character and of how we should respond to his love for us.

Your love, oh Lord
Reaches to the heavens
Your faithfulness stretches to the sky
Your righteousness is like the mighty mountains
Your justice flows like the ocean's tide

I will lift my voice
To worship You, my King
I will find my strength
In the shadow of your wings

always remember that you are blessed in whatever situation you are in. i know sometimes life treats you wrong but you are alive. you have clothing to cover you. a house to keep you safe. family and friends. you are forgiven and loved by God. you're blessed.

bouncing in to say bye, 

Monday, May 22, 2017

A Happy Birthday Post for Aiyanna and Anya // May Babes Tag

hey hey hey everyone! today I have a very special post on a very special day for two very special person ;) I had a blast putting this post and I hope you enjoy!
our first facetime September 3rd, 2016

Aiyanna and Anya on their 15th birthday!! Aren't they gorgeous?! yes they are!!
   A couple years ago I met two of the sweetest people on earth who later became my bestest friends ever. Firstly, this is just a witness of how awesome blogging is. It hooks you up with some friendly (like the friendliest people you've ever known) Christian friends. Secondly, I'll never take Google Hangouts and iMessage for granted AGAIN cause that's the only way we can talk being so far away *tears* Anywho, we survive being so far away by "wearing" each other haha meaning we send each other cute clothes that used to be ours. I'm getting SOOO off topic though. Why am I writing this post? Well, firstly because I love my friendzies so much :) but also because it's their birthday today!!
   So, in celebration of their birthday we present to you...

The May Babes Tag

1. How did we meet?
   Exactly September 16th, 2015. lol I (Ellie) was having a giveaway on my blog and Anya entered. Some of her stuff wasn't filled out right so I had to email her asking her some questions. After that we started emailing each other. Later, Aiyanna emailed me telling me she was Anya's sister. We started talking too.

2. What were your first impressions of each other?
   I (Ellie) think my first impression on Anya was that she was really nice but also like clueless haha because in the giveaway entries she didn't fill anything out. I was like, "Oh boy, I gotta talk to this girl." haha so yeah obviously that has changed. For Aiyanna I thought she was super nice to want to talk to me. I also thought it was funny that she just emailed me out of nowhere saying, "Hey I'm Anya's sister, let's talk." :P
   Anya's first impression on me was, "like this girl is nice." btw, I got this answer from her. I'm not trying to make myself look good :P Anya actually won that giveaway which I was super excited about because she was a new subscriber to my blog and she was super nice to me.
   Aiyanna thought I was nice too (I got this answer from her too :P) and she really wanted to talk to me because Anya had said a lot about me.

3. Do you have any nicknames for each other?
   We all call Aiyanna, Aipresha because she says presh a lot. lol and Anya is my Daughter ;P and I'm her Mommy. idk how we thought of this nickname, I guess I act a lot like a mom to her. :P which sometimes I do so haha. And my nickname is Pork bEllie because I'd be a pork bellie if I lived in Georgia which is totally true. I can't stand that hot humidness.

4. Do you have any inside jokes?
    Haha yes some of our inside jokes are the Oscars, grannish legs, goodneye, saying pee instead of please, and the cowboy emoji 🀠 haha which is MY emoji. I'm dying of laughter rn and you don't even understand hahahahahaha okay I'm done

5. How are we alike?
    We all have brown hair, are homeschooled, Christ followers, share the same age (and birthday week yasss we are so cooler than you haha jk), same shoe size, and the same toothbrush color 🀣 haha me and Anya do ;P Aiyanna you need to get a red toothbrush. We all get annoyed of loud eating haha so don't eat loud in front of us lol and our favorite store is Walmart.

6. How are we not alike each other?
    We live in different states, different heights (ugh they're taller than me), they have more siblings then me (I wish I had a baby brother and sister), and I'm a little older than them. Only one week mwahahahahaha. We are SOOO alike each other we had a hard time coming up with more hahaha triplets πŸ‘§πŸ‘§πŸ‘§

7. What are some of our favorite memories together?
     We really enjoy facetiming each other and all the gift exchanges we've had. Getting to "wear" each other. haha and all the surprising gifts we've gave each other. I gave them a frame that says "Distance can't tear us apart" for Christmas and they surprised me with a lovely blue dress I always wanted of them. They told me I couldn't have the dress because they liked it too much and then they surprised me with it in the mail for my birthday. I'm like crying rn is anybody else?

8. What do we want to do together?
     We all said at the same time on txt, "MEET!" yesssss we want to meet. We want to hug each other, cry over each other, smell each other, and never leave each other ever again. We want to spend 2 weeks together, one at their house and one at my house. Lots of laughs, good food, and laughter. Unless, we can just live together, Then, we'll just live together forever. *crying* I want to live with you forever.

That's a wrap of the May Babes Tag! We enjoyed sooo much going down memory lane together and answering these questions and we hope you enjoyed reading it!

Thanks for reading! and everybody jot down a happy birthday for Aiyanna and Anya below for us :) thanks!!!

bouncing in to say bye,
                                   Pork, Daughter, and Aipresha

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Fashion Post and My Awesome Boots // My Birthday!!

warning these pictures are kinda horrible sorry I took them with my iPod timer haha yeahhhh
   Hey guys!! As you see, I'm doing a little fashion post. This is a casual yet, well put outfit, that I wore last Sunday.
Shirt: Old Navy
Pants: Walmart 
Boots: Earth Spirit
   Just last Saturday, I was cleaning my closet because, I do that when I'm bored :P and, I cried over the fact that my right boot (shown in the pictures above), was still missing. Dude, it's been lost for so long, I don't even remember the last time I saw it! I've looked through the closet plenty of times and, never found it. 

   As I finished cleaned out my closet, I removed all the long dresses from in there and, BOOM IT WAS THE SHOE IVE BEEN LOOKING FOR!!! It was hidden behind all the long dresses, that covered the floor and was sitting there, on my shoe holder! I was so happy and, I made sure I wasn't marveling over the wrong shoe but, it really was the other one! lol I had been searching for this for so long and, THE LOST HAD FINALLY BEEN FOUND. I WAS SO HAPPY.
    So, of course, even though it's nearly summer, I just had to wear this pair of boots on Sunday. I wore them with a button up shirt that I'd been wanting to wear for a while (pictured above). Weirdly, that shirt reminds me of When Calls the Heart. I honestly don't know why but, I just see Elizabeth wearing it while hanging up the laundry and talking to Jack. Haha! Honestly, isn't everything so much prettier with Jack in it? :P  

   Anywho, on other notes, it was my birthday 2 days ago!! I'm officially 15 yayyyy!! :D We went bike riding which is kinda a tradition for my birthday because, we did it last year too. IT WAS SO AWESOME! At first, it was hard because, we were riding up reaaallly steep hills but, then WE SOARED DOWN! Ahhhh!! It was so fun! 
   Then we got ice cream which, I dropped. I was walking and BAM, one of the scoops fell :( it was depressing. 
   Thennnn, we ate shrimp and chicken which was sooooo goooood! The flavor was amazing! 
   After that, I got some presents from my grandparents that I love! 
Finally, I enjoyed slushies with my friends :D It was a reaaaally fun birthday and, I was so sad to go to bed and, end all of the fun. 
   I think that's all of what's been going on over here other than that fact that, I'll be done with school in a couple of weeks and it'll be FREEDOM! *Champions by Queen starting playing and gets louder* lol I'm so excited! Things are already starting to wrap up and, it's so awesome! I'm feeling very accomplished! I can't wait! 

What is your favorite item in this outfit?
Have you ever dropped your ice cream cone? 
When do you get done with school?   

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed! 
bouncing in to say bye,
 P.S. I just discovered that I could schedule my posts and, I'm like whaaattttt? So cool!

Monday, May 8, 2017

What Makes Me Happy

heyyy everyoneπŸ‘‹
so, Paige (go check out her lovely blog over here) tagged me for happiness tag. I usually don't do tags but who doesn't want to share what makes them happy?! c'mon. okay let's do this yahh

What makes Ellie happy?! I'm glad you asked...

wearing sunglasses
going barefoot outside
whiffle ball with my bro
3.00 jeans whhhaaatttt? they were three dollars
fun games with cousins
reading while tanning outside
soaking my feet in a cold creek
planting flowers
knowing my birthday is in a week AHHHH
shoes hehe :P
caramel apple suckers
singing on a hammock while it gracefully swings <3
knowing that no matter what Jesus will always be there for me and he loves me :)

What makes you happy?
Can you relate to any of these?

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Monday, May 1, 2017

My April in Review // Hey May!!

 Heyyyy May. And hey you :D what's up? how's life? This month was awesome. Busy but filled with tons of exciting events. *intros are always so hard to write cause I don't want to say how my month was. I just want to tell you all about it* so let's talk about it ;)
But first...
April Photo Dump

 this photo isn't upside down hehe :P


 AHHHHHH look at him

April Highlights
-playing chess (and winning, against Sarah)

-celebrating birthdays by eating slushies with bubbles (oooh soo good)

-spending a beautiful day outside with cousins and eating watermelon 😝

-dressing up at Tweedle-dee and Tweedledum in Alice in Wonderland. dude, we have special dresses, makeup, and our own personalized flag thingys (it’s in the movie) AHHH it was awesome. Mad Hatter (ME) hasn’t made his appearance yet, but it’s coming soon (hopefully).

-Resurrection Sunday. The day before that we hosted our grandparents. I love having my family over. It was nice having them over. Then, Sunday we went over to our church friend’s house and had lunch. Before that we went to church. You can see my dress in the photos above πŸ˜‰

-organizing and flipping clothes around.  An organizer freak who’d love to remodel the whole house (but can’t) spends their time going in their closet and cleaning. Like nonstop. BUT ITS SO FUN. I flipped our winter clothes around to summer clothes and AHHH it’s so awesome. I love the Spring clothes right now Oh and is anyone in a obsession of plain tshirts? Cause I am!! 😝

-the fact that I’m FINALLY getting a hang of my vault YESSSS and it’s so fun. I did a windmill on the beam (totally without my coach. It wasn’t even at practice). OH OH I almost forgot. I did a roundoff backhandspring my myself without even warming up with my coach first. AHH it was a little scary but I did it!! It looked seriously horrible but I DID IT yayyyy

-finding bugs outside. Like snails, slugs, spiders (with a GIANT egg on it *gasps*, and all kinds of cool stuff. s

-the fact that there’s 3 MORE WEEEKS of biology and history left of this school year!! Yasssss so excited for summer.

-going to the zoo. We didn’t get to see my family (the elephants) but that’s okay. I miss them though *sad face*

And my favorite highlight of this whole month…

-SEEING NF IN CONCERT. Anybody know NF? He’s a Christian rapper and HES AWESOME. C’mon girl look em up please. Do it for me. Anywho, our youth group got to see him in concert and it was awesome. Ugh I’m speechless. Comment down below if you’d like to hear more about the concert.

-3a.m. car rides. The concert ended at about 10:30 (on a weekday I may add) and we still had a 2-hour drive home so it was a late night. SO FUN THOUGH. Late nights reveal the unexpected personalities of your greatest friends. <that’s what we learned.

-bowling with our youth group. The bowling alley was glow in the dark (whhaaat). We had a blast playing bowling πŸ˜ƒ

-rain, rain, and more rain. And thunder and lightning too 😝 We got 13 inches of rain in 3 days ahhhhh crazy.


windows down, music up (LOUD), listening to NF. The feels

getting a plain black shirt that you’ve wanted for sooo long. I didn’t know you could be so in love with a plain black shirt, but you can. Am I weird?

doing school outside on the back porch while it’s raining. Suddenly, school became very enjoyable *gasps*

walking outside and realizing that all the trees are green now. (I think summer is here guys)

getting 100 followers on my photography account (it sounds bad but I’m so happy). FOLLOW IF YOU HAVEN’T PLEASE THANKS.

having a photoshoot with Sarah and getting bomb results

when calls the heart announced season 5 YESSSSSS

knowing your birthday is soooo soon

when you think of some killer harmonies for your youth band yessssss

April Goals-

Post two times a week at least TWICE this month.  Yay I did this

Do an aerial (no handed cartwheel) again. I just can't do it anymore. Ugh

May Goals-

throw a the bomb birthday party

get a camera for my bday

try Bible journaling

finish biology class strong

Have a fantastic May ya'll!
bouncing in to say bye,