Friday, August 22, 2014

Guest Post: We Will Finish It

Hey, I'm TW Wright (or Abrielle Lindsay, whichever you use is fine) I blog over at Indonesia Around Me. Yes I usually live in Indonesia. But right now my family is taking a nine month break in America.

So a couple weekends ago I met an online friend that goes by the name Mary.

Our families met up at JAARS for JAARS Day. We traveled around and saw a lot of great things that mainly concerned around planes, helicopters, and Bible Translation.

This wasn't the very first JAARS Day I had been to, but one where I could understand it a lot more.

While we were around in the hangar, we saw a huge, 1900+ languages around the world that still did not have a Bible project started.

We looked at all the countries that were still in need of those languages. Lots of countries only had ONE LANGUAGE left! And others, like Indonesia and Nigeria, had almost a complete row of languages still waiting for a language project to be started.

While we were staring at it, someone came up and said something to us. And it struck me hard. I had never thought of that before.


Here's what he said (and I quote): "The olds guys like me aren't the ones that are going to be finishing the Bible Translation, no, it's going to be you kids."

Wow that kind of struck me.

But come on think about it a little.

Older people can't be the ones to finish everything.

Remember, we die off slowly.

This is probably not the post you were expecting, but God has made you UNIQUE (just like Ellie's title :) ). He may be calling you to go to the very least of these.

I hope this post encourages you! :)

Thank you Ellie for letting (and asking me!) to post! :)

TW Wright

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Julia's Guest Post!

Hey everyone! While Sarah and Bernie are away in Savannah, I (Julia Nashif, blogger of Running Through the Stars) am guest posting!

I love reading Christian novels. They remind me how badly I need Christ in my life. Sometimes, however, the books get too preachy. What elements make a Christian book a good one?

To Darkness Fled (Blood of Kings, #2)
In To Darkness Fled, Achan has conversations with Arman, the representative of God, himself. Some people thought the spiritual aspects of this book were too much, but I thought it was a success. Achan clearly needed help, and he got help. I could feel his peace when Arman spoke to him.

In Sixteen, Nikki is a pregnant, depressed teen. Her friend Christy is the one who tells her about Jesus. She says, “In the end, after all of the evidence from Christians and all the doubts from others, you just have to decide if you believe in God or not”, which I think is a good point. There are always going to be people with a stronger faith than you and there are always going to be people with a weaker faith than you. All you can do is keep going regardless.

Nikki then converts without another thought. Is that how it usually goes though? When you’re despairing over your past, wouldn’t you be more cautious about leaping into a future? (That’s just my two cents though. I really enjoyed reading Sixteen.)

Purple Moon (Contemporary Christian Fiction) (A Young Adult Christmas Holiday Gift Idea)
Purple Moon is about another troubled teen. Selena, on the verge of addiction, spends the summer at her cousin’s house and goes to a three day camp with the next door neighbor (a total hearthrob, by the way). After her conversion, however, the doubts come back. Could Jesus really love someone as unlovable as her?
Because of her reluctances, her ultimate conversion in the end feels more real. Life isn’t perfect, even for Christians. There is, however, an eternal silver lining to life's cloud: the reassurance of God’s love.

What makes a Christian book believable? In my opinion, realistic difficulties and powerful convincing does the trick for me. That’s just my bookish opinion though. Comment and tell me what’s yours!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Some things I want to share

HEY EVERYBODY!! SO, if anybody has heard this awesome band you need too. It's 1 girl nation! OH YEAH! They're awesome and Christian. I literally listen to their videos over and over again. So here's some vids of them for you.
And also I got some awesome writers and bloggers who are going to guest post for me while I'm gone. So thanks guys! It's not to late for you to guest post too!
Today I did a live chat with Royal Tailor and he said my youtube name. Basically he said my name! EEeeeeeee!! They're awesome! check im out!
A SPECIAL HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CHRSTINA AND LAUREN! It's Christina 24th birthday and Lauren's 16th! YAY!
Last thing. For the people who want fashion ideas for school here it is. Check out Brooklyn and Bailey!
Thanks everyone!
Peace and Love,

Friday, August 8, 2014

Hey Everyone! It's me again! I just wanna say I'm going to Savannah in about a week and I won't have much time to post. So, if anyone would like to guest post they can! SP please comment if you do and I'll work it out! Thanks ya'll!

Peace and Love,

MY favorite of the week! ;)

Hello! So, I haven't been listening to much music but I have some songs I've been listening to this week. Here we go!

We sang this at our church and I've already heard it but it was awesome! Kari Jobe is awesome!

I've been singing this song a lot for some kind of crazy reason. Don't judge! Come to me winter!
No words. This cover is AWESOME!!!
That's all I got. Sorry I know it's not a lot. Hey now you have time to watch all these videos please do! There awesome!
Peace and Love,

Monday, August 4, 2014

PEN PAL!!!!!!!!!

 If you are my follower you can be my pen pal if you want. I've had couple a couple of pen pals and they've eventually just would stop talking to me. So, if you want to have a pen pal bad like me hello I'm here! So, if you do please tell me your address. Thank you!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Songs and My week:)

HELLO EVERYONE! So, I'm going to post my favorite songs of the week to you and I might tell you a little about my week which was fun! So let's go! Actually please just stay where you are and keep reading! Thank you!

So one of my favorite song is "Circle of Life" in Lion King. Reason why was because I kept listening to it with my friends and we were laughing hard;D
My next one is "Making me new" By Royal Tailor! Just because!
Also, we got this song or more like mash-up of Disney songs. This one is awesome!
Thank you for reading or please watch these videos! There AWESOME! So I guess I'm going to talk about my week for you.
I went to a vacation bible school at my church which was FUN! The topic was mining. We had a bible study kinda thing, crafts, snacks, rec, even a miner guest spoke and told us about mining. Rec was the best because we played really fun games. We were actually playing Trash can football. Basically your trying to shoot a football in the trash can and people can tag you and they have to pass the ball to someone else in there team. Well, my brother's fast, but not fast enough for me because I tagged him a lot. When I run fast and then tag someone I go fast so I guess I tag with force because of that reason. So one time I tagged and on the way I accidently tackled him. Opps! Best day! I was glad to learn more about God and have a good time with my friends! Has your church have a bible school this year? Was it fun? What did you learn?
Peace and Love,