Saturday, October 25, 2014


Hey I'm back because I just wanted to post this awesome song. Just keep listening to the first couple lines of the chorus. I'm weird. Cause these walls can't hear me!!
Peace and Love,
Hey People!! So thanks everyone for voting. Your vote is helping so much cause I did not know what to do first until you voted. So, you have six more days if you still want to vote. Please it helps a lot! Thanks everyone because I'm so lucky! I have 21 followers! In about six months of my blogging I already have 21 FOLLOWERS! YES!! THANKS YOU SO MUCH! Sorry I haven't been posting much but I just got not much to say. So, here's some awesome songs and videos to brighten this post up a little more. How's your week been going? Also, if I do the modesty series first (which I think I'm doing cause most of my votes are on that, but who knows) could you give me suggestions on what I could really post about including the topic modesty. Thanks!
This song is awesome! THREE MORE DAYS UNTIL REGENADE EP!!!
I kinda like this song but GREAT COVER!!
Royal Tailor!
great song for great singers
Okay so I love this video
Peace and Love,

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Hey peeps! Please go to my poll which is debating on if I should post on My Modesty Series which is basically going to be a series of posts about modest outfits and rules about that. Or you can pick My Uniquely blank you series which is a series of posts about being happy or crazy etc. Please vote and you can vote multiple times. Thanks guys! Sorry I haven't been very active.
Peace and Love,

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


HELLO EVERYONE! I'm so chirper cause today I went outside to take some lovely pictures with my model, Taffy the Pumpkin. He's so cute and a great adorable model. So here are some pictures of the outside air and Taffy. EEk I'm so excited!
                                                                              I saw this flower that was beautiful! And I don't think that's a spider.

                                                                             Sorry my brother's target for bow and arrow was in the background
                                                                        Long distance pic
                                                                                                          This is my absolute favorite.

                                                         Against the wooden fence or whatever you call it
                                                                                                                      By our rope
                                                                    Leopard boots and leafs

                                                         This picture was hard to take but another favorite

                                                                                                                Against our fence
                                                                                                                     On our bench
                                                                                                On our bird something (don't remember)
                                                                                                    This is were it sits all the time.
On our porch steps
Thanks everyone for looking at these pictures. Do you think I should do more photography? Do you have a pumpkin? Aren't you just so excited about Fall? What are you most excited about?
Peace and Love,

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My week and rainbows!;D

Hello everyone out there who's reading! Hi! So, an update on my life. Yesterday I was off from school because it's Columbus day! YAY! You can also say I have fall break this week because I don't have piano or writing class but I still have to do school I just don't gotta travel anywhere. Yesterday and today was fun! This whole weekend though has been kinda muggy and boring because it's rained a lot.  They were calling for tornadoes and severe thunderstorms. I know it kind of sounds like a boring holiday weekend, but I'm just glad I'm alive and have another day here. So yesterday, we saw a beautiful rainbow. It was a double one too!;) We saw both ends and it was just gorgeous. It was awesome to be reminded of God's promise. So, I took some pictures. Yay!


 Hope you like the pictures. Have you seen any rainbows lately? Has it been rainy this week with you too? Do you like Fall? Also, I'll hopefully be posting really soon my FALL POST! Thanks for reading! Please comment below for any questions or statements or anything! Thanks!

Peace and Love,

Friday, October 3, 2014


This post today is for a special day and a special person. It's Sarah's 15th birthday! Sarah is my sister! She is so awesome and nice! . She is a  high pitched talker, a kindhearted family member, and almost like a teddy bear. If no one will take Rudo (our dog) outside she will. The same with dishes, laundry, or anything. Though she is a little clumsy and she doesn't always think out of the box she is so smart. She is determined to do what she needs to do and do it with a good attitude. She is a wonderful writer, but it is hard for her to speak out loud or even share her thoughts to people. When she's around me she's knows I can make a part in her story funny. She will someday become a GREAT Mother, writer, wife, and a Christian. She has always grown to be a strong Christian. You could see in a years of her age she would go strong in her working studies. When she couldn't read she based the story off of the pictures in the book. She was an intelligent girl. She still is and she still will. Sarah is so special so me! Even though we have disagreements, augments, and even when were annoying each other, were friends. Were Best Friends Forever! Sarah, never stop dreaming. Keep pushing for your dream! You are a great writer no matter what the judges say! Never give up. Cause it's not worth it. To all of you out there who just want to give up. Please don't. Who cares what they say. I used to be kind of bad at tennis. As I just focus on just the little things like how to swing you tennis racket. I'm slowing getting better. So, never forget the little details because some times you the ones that are most important. Happy Birthday Sarah! You are the best sister EVER! Keeping up the AWESOME writing! And as you grow in age grow in God too! He's the reason why your 15 today! Love you Sarah!
I had to post this song.

So, for your birthday a lot of people have signed this post and have wrote a short note. Thank you all for contributing this post for Sarah!

Sarah, you are so nice! You kiss me goodnight every night and I LOVE IT! Thanks for being a great dog sister! -Rudo (Our dog)

Hello Rosie, what a gracious and exquisite lady you are - classy and so funny.  I love you!  You put a smile on my face everyday....oh, and I love Rudo.  Love, your one and only,

Hello Rosie, I Amo you and I'm glad that your my sister. Stay in there, even with me bouncing off the wall. You always cheer me up when you say Hi! No matter what you, will always be with me,.
-Your one and only DRiCH (Sarah's brother)

Happy Birthday Sarah! You're a great bestie!! I can't believe you your 15! Miss you! Wish I was there!! Happy Birthday!

Dearest Sarah! Happy happy happy 15th birthday! I can't believe you the big 15! I am so proud of how amazing and Godly you are! I can't wait to see what God has in store for you! Thank you for being such a great friend! I miss you and love you!
Your friend,

Thanks everybody for signing this post. If you would like to sign it too. Please comment below your name and a little Happy Birthday note to Sarah! Thanks!