Saturday, October 25, 2014

Hey People!! So thanks everyone for voting. Your vote is helping so much cause I did not know what to do first until you voted. So, you have six more days if you still want to vote. Please it helps a lot! Thanks everyone because I'm so lucky! I have 21 followers! In about six months of my blogging I already have 21 FOLLOWERS! YES!! THANKS YOU SO MUCH! Sorry I haven't been posting much but I just got not much to say. So, here's some awesome songs and videos to brighten this post up a little more. How's your week been going? Also, if I do the modesty series first (which I think I'm doing cause most of my votes are on that, but who knows) could you give me suggestions on what I could really post about including the topic modesty. Thanks!
This song is awesome! THREE MORE DAYS UNTIL REGENADE EP!!!
I kinda like this song but GREAT COVER!!
Royal Tailor!
great song for great singers
Okay so I love this video
Peace and Love,

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