Thursday, December 29, 2016

Blogger Gift Exchange 2016

2016 Blogger Gift Exchange
hiiii guysss I'm doing the Blogger Gift Exchange hosted by Jo from The Bearable Blog and Vanessa from Simply Me. fyi this idea was GENIUS. Anywho, basically your assigned a blogger and you get to give them a little gift by writing a post about them or something else.

So I got RockandMinerals4Him.

So, after I read a little about her on her blog I learned she likes reading, crafts, music, science, and knitting.
Ways we can relate are:
We're goal setters (woo hoo I always love those people ;P)
We're both weird? (wouldn't you say I'm pretty weird?)
We both like photography.
And we both the piano.

What I found interesting about her is how she loves bullet journals and adult coloring books. I enjoy the reviews she writes for certain coloring books.

Some posts I like from her blog are:

Please go and check out her blog right here.

Thanks for hosting this Vanesa and Jo!!

And thanks for reading

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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

My Christmas

My Christmas Handstand ;P

Merry Christmas guys!!

On Christmas Eve we went to our grandparents house. It was different going there Christmas Eve because we usually go Christmas day, but our uncle had to work on Christmas. So we had a meal and then opened presents. It was awesome to receive stuff, but it was nice to give stuff too. All week me and Sarah were making cookies for our family. I was glad to give those cookies to them. I'm so blessed because our grandparents are so gracious to us. I got some sports slippers, jeans, leggings, pj's, a gymnastic books, and some other cool stuff. It's not all the time we spend time with EVERYONE in our family so it was very relaxing and enjoyable to spend time with them.

On Christmas day we got up, read the Christmas story, and then opened up presents from our parents. It's always a blast because we all buy presents for all our siblings and parents. I got my dad a tie and a shirt for work, my mom a calendar I made at shutterfly, my brother some pj's and a camo shirt, and Sarah a shirt that says "it is well with my soul" (I'm actually listening to that song RIGHT NOW lol). I got a gymnastics leotard, a Seahawks shirt, more gymnastics clothes, some weights, and other awesome stuff too. We also all got a Wi which we were definitely excited about. After we did that we got ready for church. It was so special to get to go to church on Christmas. When we got home we started preparing the meal. Our grandparents and great grandma came over too. It was special to see everyone there. This year we hosted Thanksgiving meal and Christmas meal which is different for us but very fun! :)

I'm just so blessed guys. I'm so thankful. And this year God taught be that even though things are different, that doesn't mean it's not going to be fun. Our holidays have been different. Thanksgiving meal we didn't spend at our aunts like usual. Our Christmas meal with our family was on Christmas Eve. But even though everything seems ruined, God helps us make new memories. Don't be discouraged when everything doesn't go like usual. Because God is good all the time.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!! And remember that even though Christmas is over, it doesn't mean we should forget Jesus' birth. Keep celebrating it. Always be reminded of the true King, born in a manger, who came to save us all.

Have a lovely rest of the week!!

What was your favorite present?
What did you do for Christmas?

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Let us not Forget our Eternal Gift

Hey guys it's Ellie with a special (very special, loving, pretty, cool, funny, and awesome guest) guest. Well I really shouldn't even be in this post, so here she is. ;P

 4 days until Christmas and it's the first day of winter! Gifts are flooding in via the mail, trees are being brought out and dusted off, lights strung, cookies baked, and so on. But, in all the hustle and bustle of this season, what are we really celebrating?
   Are we celebrating tangible gifts or, God-our Savior, our Eternal Gift? Our, Wonderful Counselor, our Prince of Peace? (see Isaiah 9:6) For all that Christ has done for us, we shouldn't belittle Him and put gifts front and center. We need to worship the Lord regularly but, we need not forget Him during this season. I know with all the excitement of new items, we can get a little distracted but, we need to remember Him. Thank Him. Worship Him. Praise Him. For all He has done and, all that He will do. 

   So, as each minute passes, let us strive to keep God in mind and, as we open our gifts, remember, "Why do we celebrate this holiday anyway?"

Isaiah 7:14 "Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel." 

                              Merry Christmas, y'all!! 

I love you guys,
2 Corinthians 5:17


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

My Christmas-y Thoughts

Well guys, it's funny how Sarah (my sister) looks SOO much like my dad and I look just like my mom. Although she looks like dad, she's not like him. I inherit most of his personality. Basically, two words to describe me and dad are....


I'm so proud of what I got done with Christmas season. Mostly what I ordered. In the couple of weeks, I got 50 prints free on Shutterfly because of a coupon I got like THREE YEARS AGO. Literally. I ordered our Christmas cards for friends and family and got those 50% off which gave a HUGE discount on our order. I also ordered a free calendar on Shutterfly because I recently signed up. That was AWESOME. AHH, that moment when you just relax and praise yourself for doing some great stuff. AND may I mention, last Saturday I went to JCPenny looking for a Christmas present. ANOTHER TREMENDOUS DEAL I GOT THERE. I'm feel so....ACOMPLISHED.

Next up, I'm planning a whole big gift (for some of my favorite friends ;P). I'm so excited to send it. By the way, isn't it awesome to bless someone? To just make them happy. It fills my heart with joy.

Then, we also have Christmas cookies going on. Every year our family makes Christmas cookies for our relatives. I've kinda been taking charge of the cookies these past couple years so that's exciting yet frustrating at the same time. I consider myself a good baker, but I mess up a lot. It's actually one of my hobbies, but I'm usually a mess cooking.

And then there's Christmas plays were watching, Christmas lights were driving to see, Christmas shopping were doing, Christmas parties were going to, Christmas movies we need to watch, and it's just awesome. I LOVE THIS TIME OF THE YEAR. I'm so busy, and it's awesome.

 But then we just lay down and we just sit down and read the Bible. Man, trust me, I love the busyness. But, it's just so perfect when you can relax and be reminded about what Christmas is all about. What Jesus did for us.

I really hope you have a great time buying gifts, making cookies, and all the stuff. But most of all I hope you take time to read the Bible.

Take time out of all this busyness and spend time in the Word.

bouncing in to say bye,

Monday, December 19, 2016

Photography Contest Week 4

Hey guys. 6 dayssss :D Today I have my photography contest Week 4 (and the final week) Christmas entries. All of these are beautiful. So enjoy :)

Mandi's Entries

Anya's Entry

Simi's Entry

Paige's Entry

So the winner this week is...

I loved Mandi's picture because her sister is adorable and she really did good with including some Christmas-y props.

Congrats Mandi!

So for all of you that won, if you want to you can guest post on my blog!
Just contact me, if you do, and we'll set it up.

This contest was extremely fun so me. I loved getting to see all your pictures and deciding who's was the best. Every week it was hard. So CONGRATS everyone!!

Thanks for reading!!

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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Photography Contest Week 3

Heyy guys 10 days until Christmas. AHHH. I'm not totally ready yet. But really's REALLY beginning to look a lot like Christmas. I LOVE IT.
Anywho, this is wayyy overdue, but here are the entries for week 3 of my photography contest.
The topic for this week is the weather you're having.

Paige's Entry

 Sophia's Entry
 Anya's Entry
Simi's Entries

 So the winner of this week is....

I love this picture because the picture is kinda dark, but there's also a pretty nice piece of grass (is it a piece of grass?) that kinda makes it look not so dark and sad.

Next weeks topic is CHRISTMAS.
Please enter! I love seeing your lovely pictures!!

Thanks for reading!

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Friday, December 9, 2016

What I Like About the Song Offering

The sun cannot compare to the glory of Your love
There is no shadow in Your presence
No mortal man would dare to stand before Your throne
Before the Holy One of heaven

It's only by Your blood
And it's only through Your mercy
Lord, I come

I bring an offering
Of worship to my King
No one on earth deserves
The praises that I sing

Jesus, may You receive
The honor that You're due
O Lord, I bring an offering to You
I bring an offering to You

I love this song because of the verse "No one on earth deserves the praises that I sing."
I love that verse because it's so true.
is worthy
of the praise that I sing
to my

This songs sings about how
he is.

I pray that we will go to Jesus today and thank him.
And praise him.
For all he has done for us.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

November Highlights

Wow this is sooooo late.
It's December like whaaaat? 
I feel like this year started out pretty slow and then BAM July through November went by so fast. 
I can't believe that my freshman year is almost half way done. 
So far..all that I wanted to do this freshman year has gone pretty well. 
I'm just not ready for the 2nd semester yet. 

November Highlights 

Hunting with my bro
It was very fun. My second time going out there. I learned that hunting with Danny and Dad is WAY more exciting than hunting with just Danny. See Danny is very serious about this. It's his first year of hunting so he's ready to kill a good one. Dad is serious to, but he brings his sense of humor with him in the stand. 
It's finally hiking season🎉🎊 we went hiking in the woods that Dad was going to hunt in and we discovered a cliff. AMAZING. We also discovered a cave with tracings of people camping out there. 
Shooting our movie with friends 
We're currently filming the prequel to our first movie, "An Amateur's First Case." We're also starting our Christmas movie, a reenactment of "A Christmas Carol." I get to be Tiny Timmy. BTW, comment below if you'd like me to explain the plot of the movies we've been making in a post sometime. They're pretty cool.
Finishing my first semester of biology
This is a BIG highlight. Although the test was hard, I got it done. Ugh she just hasn't sent me the grade yet. I know I didn't do the greatest because it's one of the hardest tests. So far, my overall grade is a 96% so I'm just so eager to see what my test score is. Anywho, it's great to be done with biology for the rest of the year. No more having to get up at 7 to get ready for a 10oclock class.  No more stressing about possibly being late. It's down for the year!!
My Thanksgiving for glorious. This was my first year my family made all the food. Every sibling got to decide what dish they wanted to make so that was fun. I made a pie!! And deviled eggs. ;P *insert cool face* I really enjoyed giving my great grandma company this Thanksgiving. I could see she was happy and that's what made me happy!! :)
Thanksgiving break
You know it. It was the best. We got to put up the Christmas tree, go out to eat, and just rest. So that was a blast. It was nice because after Thanksgiving all of us were tired of cooking so we just ate out. Lol that was also verryyyy nice.
And my monthly highlight...
This month for gymnastics wasn't the best. I feel like last time I gave my little update I was learning new things and everything. This month I felt like I kinda lost some of that, but that's okay. It's still a highlight to go there every week doing what I love. This past week was awesome because I thought I really got back into the rhythm. I hadn't done a GOOD roundoff backhandspring in a long time, but I almost did it by myself. The only thing REALLY bad about that class was our conditioning. IT WAS BAD GUYS. The only thing that kept me from doing everything my coach said to do was my pride. It was hard. But it's all over now. AHH.

December Goals
Buy an ugly Christmas sweater (or just some Christmas shirt)
Buy my friends Christmas gifts. (I'm a little low on money.
Get to see some old friends.
Make Christmas cookies.
And get my backhandspring. All my myself, totally straight, and not bent.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 2 Photography Contest Results


well today is week 2 results for my photography contest. this was another very hard one.
So the topic was Thanksgiving, but we kinda changed it to fall.

ANYWHO, here are the results.

Mic's Entry
I love this picture because who doesn't love her adorable bunny?!

Anya's Entry
I love this picture because it's very fall-y :D

Paige's Entry
I love this picture because it's like a AWESOME FALL OVERLOAD.

Maddy's Entry
I love this picture because it's a cute tiny pumpkin. I love the lighting too.

Mikayla's Entry
 I like this picture because the handwriting is very beautiful.

Simi's Entry
I love this picture because I love sunsets and this picture is gorgeous!!
SO, after a lot of looking at these pictures I decided my winner.

The winner is....
I just loved Simi's picture. I LOVE SUNSETS. And it's just a calming picture.


Next week topic is weather you're having.

Hope you enjoyed these pictures as much as I did.

Thanks for reading!!

bouncing in to say bye,

Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Blogger Christmas // Christmas/Winter Go2's



*confetti* LETS PARTYYY GUYS *even more confetti*

Since it's December now me and some friends are doing a cool series called...


So, today we are posting our Christmas/Winter go2's.

Christmas Décor
Lights, Christmas trees, stockings, garland, and just says CHRISTMAS. Above our some pictures of some of my Christmas decorations. We have Christmas lights outside, Christmas lights in almost every room, garland over our doors, and stockings.

Preferably Christmas socks.

While it's freezing cold out you can snuggle up in a sweater and relax. AH I LOVE IT.

Hot Drinks
It's weird because even though a hot apple cider sounds so good right now, if someone asked me if I wanted some hot water for hot cider I'd be like, "NAH." Does that make any sense? It sounds so dumb it really doesn't make any sense. But seriously it's true.

Christmas Clothes
Unfortunately I don't have much Christmas Clothes, but my pajama pants are Christmas-y. Right?! Fun Fact: I wear those pajama pants so much (because they're so comfy) that they're VERY worn out.

And finally a Camera
Because when I see this perfect moment *me on the couch watching football with my comfy pj's and sweater* I HAVE TO TAKE A PICTURE OF IT.

Whelp that's it kiddos.

I hope you likeee.

If you'd like to join this amazing Christmas series, YOU CAN.
Talk to me or go on ahead to Kiley's blog and drop her a comment about it.

And also, visit these blogs pleaseee
P.S. They're doing a Blogger Christmas too ;)

Kiley from Hazel Eyed Blonde
Nabila from Hot Town Cool Girl
and Shelby from Every Bit of Lovely

ALSO, Morning is doing this GENIUS blogger yearbook. So you should check out her blog here.

Comment below your Christmas/Winter go 2.

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