Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Blogger Christmas // Christmas/Winter Go2's



*confetti* LETS PARTYYY GUYS *even more confetti*

Since it's December now me and some friends are doing a cool series called...


So, today we are posting our Christmas/Winter go2's.

Christmas Décor
Lights, Christmas trees, stockings, garland, and just says CHRISTMAS. Above our some pictures of some of my Christmas decorations. We have Christmas lights outside, Christmas lights in almost every room, garland over our doors, and stockings.

Preferably Christmas socks.

While it's freezing cold out you can snuggle up in a sweater and relax. AH I LOVE IT.

Hot Drinks
It's weird because even though a hot apple cider sounds so good right now, if someone asked me if I wanted some hot water for hot cider I'd be like, "NAH." Does that make any sense? It sounds so dumb it really doesn't make any sense. But seriously it's true.

Christmas Clothes
Unfortunately I don't have much Christmas Clothes, but my pajama pants are Christmas-y. Right?! Fun Fact: I wear those pajama pants so much (because they're so comfy) that they're VERY worn out.

And finally a Camera
Because when I see this perfect moment *me on the couch watching football with my comfy pj's and sweater* I HAVE TO TAKE A PICTURE OF IT.

Whelp that's it kiddos.

I hope you likeee.

If you'd like to join this amazing Christmas series, YOU CAN.
Talk to me or go on ahead to Kiley's blog and drop her a comment about it.

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ALSO, Morning is doing this GENIUS blogger yearbook. So you should check out her blog here.

Comment below your Christmas/Winter go 2.

bouncing in to say bye,


  1. I loved this post! Thank you for doing this with me! I LOVED your pictures I mean o my gracious they were really good!!!!!

  2. This post was beautiful, lovely photography! Ps. I like your boots!