Tuesday, December 27, 2016

My Christmas

My Christmas Handstand ;P

Merry Christmas guys!!

On Christmas Eve we went to our grandparents house. It was different going there Christmas Eve because we usually go Christmas day, but our uncle had to work on Christmas. So we had a meal and then opened presents. It was awesome to receive stuff, but it was nice to give stuff too. All week me and Sarah were making cookies for our family. I was glad to give those cookies to them. I'm so blessed because our grandparents are so gracious to us. I got some sports slippers, jeans, leggings, pj's, a gymnastic books, and some other cool stuff. It's not all the time we spend time with EVERYONE in our family so it was very relaxing and enjoyable to spend time with them.

On Christmas day we got up, read the Christmas story, and then opened up presents from our parents. It's always a blast because we all buy presents for all our siblings and parents. I got my dad a tie and a shirt for work, my mom a calendar I made at shutterfly, my brother some pj's and a camo shirt, and Sarah a shirt that says "it is well with my soul" (I'm actually listening to that song RIGHT NOW lol). I got a gymnastics leotard, a Seahawks shirt, more gymnastics clothes, some weights, and other awesome stuff too. We also all got a Wi which we were definitely excited about. After we did that we got ready for church. It was so special to get to go to church on Christmas. When we got home we started preparing the meal. Our grandparents and great grandma came over too. It was special to see everyone there. This year we hosted Thanksgiving meal and Christmas meal which is different for us but very fun! :)

I'm just so blessed guys. I'm so thankful. And this year God taught be that even though things are different, that doesn't mean it's not going to be fun. Our holidays have been different. Thanksgiving meal we didn't spend at our aunts like usual. Our Christmas meal with our family was on Christmas Eve. But even though everything seems ruined, God helps us make new memories. Don't be discouraged when everything doesn't go like usual. Because God is good all the time.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!! And remember that even though Christmas is over, it doesn't mean we should forget Jesus' birth. Keep celebrating it. Always be reminded of the true King, born in a manger, who came to save us all.

Have a lovely rest of the week!!

What was your favorite present?
What did you do for Christmas?

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  1. Wishing you and yours a Blessed 2017.
    Marilyn and family