Thursday, December 29, 2016

Blogger Gift Exchange 2016

2016 Blogger Gift Exchange
hiiii guysss I'm doing the Blogger Gift Exchange hosted by Jo from The Bearable Blog and Vanessa from Simply Me. fyi this idea was GENIUS. Anywho, basically your assigned a blogger and you get to give them a little gift by writing a post about them or something else.

So I got RockandMinerals4Him.

So, after I read a little about her on her blog I learned she likes reading, crafts, music, science, and knitting.
Ways we can relate are:
We're goal setters (woo hoo I always love those people ;P)
We're both weird? (wouldn't you say I'm pretty weird?)
We both like photography.
And we both the piano.

What I found interesting about her is how she loves bullet journals and adult coloring books. I enjoy the reviews she writes for certain coloring books.

Some posts I like from her blog are:

Please go and check out her blog right here.

Thanks for hosting this Vanesa and Jo!!

And thanks for reading

bouncing in to say bye,