Thursday, December 15, 2016

Photography Contest Week 3

Heyy guys 10 days until Christmas. AHHH. I'm not totally ready yet. But really's REALLY beginning to look a lot like Christmas. I LOVE IT.
Anywho, this is wayyy overdue, but here are the entries for week 3 of my photography contest.
The topic for this week is the weather you're having.

Paige's Entry

 Sophia's Entry
 Anya's Entry
Simi's Entries

 So the winner of this week is....

I love this picture because the picture is kinda dark, but there's also a pretty nice piece of grass (is it a piece of grass?) that kinda makes it look not so dark and sad.

Next weeks topic is CHRISTMAS.
Please enter! I love seeing your lovely pictures!!

Thanks for reading!

bouncing in to say bye,


  1. Oh yay!😃I'm so happy! It's like a weed or something, I'm not completely sure, lol!
    I loved everyone else's pictures! They all did a really awesome job!☺