Wednesday, December 7, 2016

November Highlights

Wow this is sooooo late.
It's December like whaaaat? 
I feel like this year started out pretty slow and then BAM July through November went by so fast. 
I can't believe that my freshman year is almost half way done. 
So far..all that I wanted to do this freshman year has gone pretty well. 
I'm just not ready for the 2nd semester yet. 

November Highlights 

Hunting with my bro
It was very fun. My second time going out there. I learned that hunting with Danny and Dad is WAY more exciting than hunting with just Danny. See Danny is very serious about this. It's his first year of hunting so he's ready to kill a good one. Dad is serious to, but he brings his sense of humor with him in the stand. 
It's finally hiking season🎉🎊 we went hiking in the woods that Dad was going to hunt in and we discovered a cliff. AMAZING. We also discovered a cave with tracings of people camping out there. 
Shooting our movie with friends 
We're currently filming the prequel to our first movie, "An Amateur's First Case." We're also starting our Christmas movie, a reenactment of "A Christmas Carol." I get to be Tiny Timmy. BTW, comment below if you'd like me to explain the plot of the movies we've been making in a post sometime. They're pretty cool.
Finishing my first semester of biology
This is a BIG highlight. Although the test was hard, I got it done. Ugh she just hasn't sent me the grade yet. I know I didn't do the greatest because it's one of the hardest tests. So far, my overall grade is a 96% so I'm just so eager to see what my test score is. Anywho, it's great to be done with biology for the rest of the year. No more having to get up at 7 to get ready for a 10oclock class.  No more stressing about possibly being late. It's down for the year!!
My Thanksgiving for glorious. This was my first year my family made all the food. Every sibling got to decide what dish they wanted to make so that was fun. I made a pie!! And deviled eggs. ;P *insert cool face* I really enjoyed giving my great grandma company this Thanksgiving. I could see she was happy and that's what made me happy!! :)
Thanksgiving break
You know it. It was the best. We got to put up the Christmas tree, go out to eat, and just rest. So that was a blast. It was nice because after Thanksgiving all of us were tired of cooking so we just ate out. Lol that was also verryyyy nice.
And my monthly highlight...
This month for gymnastics wasn't the best. I feel like last time I gave my little update I was learning new things and everything. This month I felt like I kinda lost some of that, but that's okay. It's still a highlight to go there every week doing what I love. This past week was awesome because I thought I really got back into the rhythm. I hadn't done a GOOD roundoff backhandspring in a long time, but I almost did it by myself. The only thing REALLY bad about that class was our conditioning. IT WAS BAD GUYS. The only thing that kept me from doing everything my coach said to do was my pride. It was hard. But it's all over now. AHH.

December Goals
Buy an ugly Christmas sweater (or just some Christmas shirt)
Buy my friends Christmas gifts. (I'm a little low on money.
Get to see some old friends.
Make Christmas cookies.
And get my backhandspring. All my myself, totally straight, and not bent.


  1. Haha, why do you want to buy a ugly sweater?
    Sounds like you had a pretty good month! Yay for no more biology classes! :)
    Hope you accomplish everything that you want to!