Sunday, June 29, 2014

Long week!

Hey everyone! This has been an exhausting week! This week I had camp. It was awesome! My brother and parents were there so it made me feel happy. My dad and mom were teachers! They were funny, nice, and great teachers! I was proud to say those teachers were my parents! I went to crafts! Basically we made shirts,bandanna's, and bracelets! It's was fun! Then we made a cardboard boat that was going to be in a race with the other teams. Everybody made there boat alittle different which made the race questionable about who was going to win. We didn't win. We also learnedabout  missions and missionary's. So going on,after camp my brother had four games in a row in four days. It was a lot of fun going to a game every day. And to pile on my sister is gone at camp to except longer then me and she'll be ccoming home today! YAY! I hope you had a great week too! :) 

Peace and Love,

Saturday, June 21, 2014


Hey everyone! :) Well, this weeks been tiring but awesome! Me and my brother went to a sports power camp called FCA (Fellowship Christian Athletes).

Basically, you had a huddle group and would hang out some times together. Later, you would separate and go to you clinics or sports. I did track and field for the first time and softball. Both sports were really fun! At the last day of FCA we did a scrimmage game at softball against the boys. WE WON! Then we had delicious lunches! After that a guest speaker who had to relate to sports like maybe a coach or player. Last, but DEFINATLY not least was competition. My huddle or team would play games relating to sports or just fun games, like volleyball, dodgeball, soccer, basketball but with a football and all kinds of other fun games. Our team wasn't great, but we had fun! It was great to make new friends, learn more about sports and eat good lunches. Our huddle was also provided with delicious candy like kisses, gum, and awesome candy! Woah!

Okaaay, so our team was team #12. Our team name was Pink Fluffy Monsters! We got if off google, I think. So, to encourage our team we wore pink! We had pink war paint on and some people wore pink bandana's. We also had pink ribbon to use for styles, like shoelaces, hair pieces, anklets, or headbands! We loved our team! IT WAS AWESOME!

I learned a lot about encouraging teammates. When I did competition almost everyone would say "It's okay" or "Nice try" to a teammate who didn't hoop a ball or didn't get the ball in the goal. It was nice to know that everything was fine if I didn't get something right. Or if someone got a score I would "Good job" and clap really loud! One time we were losing and we started screaming really loud saying "PFM" (Pink Fluffy Monsters). It actually made us play better, but then someone told us we kind of detracting other players in another game so we had to be a little less quitter. Anyway, it was fun!

Anyway it was second year and I really like both years but this year (2014) is better! FCA is in other places around Southern Illinois so maybe next year you can come! Also, I won't be posting any this week because of another camp. It's an overnight camp so yeah. I'll miss you! Have a great week and summer! Thank you! And also a HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BROTHER DANNY! HE'S JUST TURNED 11! LOVE YOU BRO!

Monday, June 9, 2014

10 Fashion Must-Haves

Okay..! Hey guys! Soooo, I LOVE FASHION! Although I like sports I love fashion too! I'm going to do a post called "10 Fashion Must-Haves! Let's start!
P.S. I'll also say why I must have it and I may post a pic of it! Thanks!

1. MY BOW!
2. My converse!
I'm in love!
3. My green tank top.
I like it because whenever I have a shirt to short or I just don't like it I put the tank top over and it looks better!

4. My Realities Perfume!
I love it because whenever I might smell bad I know my perfume is covering it up lol jk.
5. My polka dotted dress!
I love polka dots so I love this dress! It's cute, comfortable, and awesome! This picture is just a dress that looks kinda like it.
6.  My hair ties and monster loom bracelets!
I love them! My hair ties are cute and whenever I need it. It's right on my wrist! My monster loom bracelet are also cute for any kind of outfit!
7. My skittles lip smacker
Whenever I just feel like it I overload on the lip smacker and it looks really good! I gotta say!
8. My white Capri pants.
They go a little over my knees and I can wear them over dresses, long shirts, or skirts! Annd their cute!

9. My socks!
I'm really getting cray cray with the socks now cause I can never find matching pairs. So I wear not matching socks. So yeah! Their cool!
10. Finally............................My signature pose! I smile, peace sign, anything that can cheer someone up! It's something that you have to have! I thought this picture was soo cute!

I also want to share this 5 fashion must-haves by 1 girl nation!

That's all everybody! Hope you liked it!

Peace and Love,

Sunday, June 1, 2014


HELLO! So, I was nominated by Sarah. It's warm hugs time! Let's go! By the way, Thanks Sarah!

1. Follow the blog that tagged you (optional)
2. Post 2 or more
 pictures that include your favorite characters, books, movies, or lyrics from songs. (They can also be your own edits or pictures)
3. Tag 5 or more bloggers and tell them.
4. Answer the blogger's ten questions related to characters, books, movies, or lyrics.
5. Create your own questions having to do with the same thing.

My Questions:
1. Which fictional character relates/speaks to you the most?
WOW! I can't think on these questions. I would think Anna from Frozen cause I love guest! I a little afraid of things, but mostly I just be me! I also in my perspective think I'm pretty nice.
  2. What lyric from a song describes you the most? (or song, if that's too vague)
"Who say's I can't wear my converse with my dress" "LaLa Land" By Demi Lovato!
  3.  Whose character change is your favorite? ( Like how Elsa found\ her strength and became the girl she is)
Uhhhh..... I really like how Thor changed into a prideful guy into a humble man. That's all I can think of.
 4. Has any kind of book or story made you realize something or changed your opinion about something?
Not reeeallly.
 5. Which character death made you the most sad?
I have no idea....... So, Bianca from Percy Jackson series
 6. What is your favorite message in a Disney movie and why?
Frozen: The first Disney movie to teach girls that you don't need a man to save you. Sisters before Misters! Lol
 7. Favorite song from a Disney musical and why?
Either "Be my Guest" in Beauty and the Beast or "Do you want to build a snowman in Frozen.
 8. Favorite lyric from a Disney musical song and why?
As much as I have thought about this I have no idea so I rely on Frozen. "I think some company is overdo. I have no idea why because I think it just sounds cool I guess!
 9. What are your two favorite songs from Frozen? (Because 'Let it Go' is a number one choice)
"Do you want to build a snowman"
"In Summer!"
 10. If you could make a sequel to any Disney move, which one would it be?
Camp Rock 3! Yep I still like that movie! ;)

My questions:
1. What is your favorite sifi movie?
2. What is your favorite show?
3. Who is your tv/movie admirer.
4. What your favorite musical?
5. Worst depression moment because of something in a book/movie etc. and why?
6. Favorite book series?
7. Last movie you saw at the theaters?
8. Favorite movie/book scene?
9. A song that describes you?
10. Favorite character In a book/movie etc.
I nominate:

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Hope you like the answers and question! Thanks!

Peace and Love,