Thursday, March 2, 2017

Hello March

Hello guys. I'm pretty excited cause I'm posting my February Highlights. yeahhhh this month was very busy, but exciting so I'm pumped to tell you about it ;)

February Highlights

Sunny and Warm Days with Friends
It's been reaaally warm around here. All month it's been 70 degrees. Even though I love winter I really liked it being warm too. UNTIL I GOT A MOSQUITO BITE. Anywho, we walked that cute dog (the mayor's dog. yah we're cool) and it was awesome. Then, we strolled around town with a scooter and a bike. it was like back to my childhood days when I scootered everywhere. seriously scooters are so fun though.

Valentines Day Banquet
Our church band does a show every Valentines Day where the youth perform songs from different genres in the olden days. You know cause it'd be like Throwback Tuesday to the old people ;) So we did old gospel songs in the Grand Opry. We dressed up in country dresses, boots, and lots of rhinestones. Before we performed we served them with a delicious dinner. It was a lot of work, but sooo fun. The best song was He's Got the Whole World which had a very interesting twist in it. Please check it out on Youtube right here. It's really good. And if you watch it, tell me if you liked it ;)

IHOP and Mall Adventures.
Once Sarah and Mila finished their book we wanted to celebrate by going to IHOP. I'm pretty sure it was my first time going there. and it was really goodddd. After that we went to the mall. We have this thing about going to stores, trying on weird clothes that you'd probably never see us in, and taking pictures together. We've done ugly Christmas sweaters, old lady clothes, suits, and then we did dresses. I was in a black lace dress, Sarah was in a white sparkly dress (we all agreed she looked like a three year old with her pink pants under them), Mila was in a romper (that was funny. she looked like she just got our of jail), and Ellie was in a really long black dress (and she just got back from prom lol not really. it looked like it though). So there you are, now you know what we do at malls. #secretrevealed

Piano Festival
Although it was very nerveracking, it was fun. Basically piano festival is where you play for judges two songs that you've been practicing for about 5 months and they judge you. For the five years that I've been doing it I've got a superior (the highest score you can get) every year. This sixth year I got another superior. So, I was really excited. Danny and Sarah got a superior too!! After our festival we went to Golden Corral. AHH FOOD. it was sooooo good. I was glad to get another year of festival done.

So two things that are really cool happened this month concerning gymnastics. Firstly, I went to my first gymnastics meet. EEP it was awesome. If I do competitive gymnastics this fall I will compete the level I got to see. I didn't expected it to be as advanced so I'm really excited to do all those skills. Lordwilling I'll be competing this fall. AHHH anywho that was really fun. Secondly, I did an ariel (no handed cartwheel) for the FIRST TIME this month. All by myself in my backyard. I was super encouraged by that because I barely even practiced with my coaches. So it's kinda weird that I would just GET it. but it's really exciting. :D oh one more thing hehe :P Every week we practice any skill we want on the trampoline (a perfect time to do my front flip) but I was scared to because I fail at it a lot. One day I told myself to do it so I can get better and I did. It was a lot better than I thought. I'm finally starting to get a hang of it, but it's a very hard skill.

Roadshow Concert
Every year we go to this concert that has tons of Christian artists. We got to see Jordan Feliz, Passion, Rend Collective, Franchesca Battistelli, Family Force 5, and Steven Curtis Chapman. You might've not heard of Family Force 5 but you should check them out. They have great music to dance too ;P everyone else I really enjoyed listening too. I really liked Franchesca Battistelli, Family Force 5, and Steven Curtis Chapman. :)

Random fact: our youth group is going to see NF (a Christian rapper that IS AWESOME)!! I'm so excited. Look him up dudes. Therapy Session, How Could You Leave Us, and Mansion. Please.

February Goals
Earn a superior in my piano festival. YESSSS I MADE IT
Drink more water. ugh noooo I definitely failed at this
Condition more. #proud yesss I did this :D
Do another photoshoot with Sarah. Teach her some tips on photography so she can start doing picture of me :P. ugh nooo
And finally do my roundoff right. so yeah I'm not totally perfect on this but I definitely got better so ima gonna check it off ;P

March Goals
write more letters
draw more
make a special St. Patrick's Day dinner
I literally don't really have anymore.
(watch me publish this post and think of like a hundred goals for this month)

so yeah happy March. I'm pretty excited about March because of St. Patrick's Day. dude, that's like my holiday because my favorite color is green hehe :P. I'm gonna wear green a lot this month and I'm going to make a special Irish dinner yup :D

Btw, I failed at trying to post this before March ugh maybe next time. Sorrrryyyy

thanks for reading
bouncing in to say bye,


  1. Gosh your photography is amazing! Those pancakes that dog...Great post!!

    ~ Rukiya

    1. Heyyy thanks so much <3 lol yup both are them are pretty awesome. THANKS SO MUCH :)

  2. <3 YOUR ARE AWESOME! Keep up your gymnastics girl! What level would you compete at? =D

    1. Aww thanks Paige <3 so are you. It's not really a level it's called Excel Gold.

    2. Your welcome...and thank you!!
      ok. I think I've heard of that. Super deal!! Keep it up!!! =D

  3. Love the leo. Love the sneakers (WANT THEM). Love the calves (ENVY). Love the ankles. Love the pancakes. Love the gummy bears. Love the foursome pic (all of y'all are #UBERGORG!

    with much love in Christ,
    -your sister

    1. Thank you. Yup thanks. *cool face* thanks. thaaankkksss. thanks they were good. thanks they were good also. and thanks again. hehe thanks for the comment stranger. lol jk

  4. What a sweet month! You're not alone in finding the weirdest clothes in the store and making your fried try them on! Also, that concert sounds great! I love Rend Collective and Francesca Battestilli!

    1. It was :) ahh good we're not the only ones! Yeah it was! Thanks for commenting!!