Wednesday, June 7, 2017

My Very Late May Highlights

my birthday handstand ft. my new leo and my birthday hat from Sarah

 *this picture was actually taken on April 30th but I love it so much*

 I got to hold this tiny little bird at biology. Oh it was so cute!

 guyssss i'm going tye dye crazy!! I tye dyed three shirts and I'm going to tye dye a sweater soon AHHH I'm so excited!

 yup that's me :P

so, i'm bad. i'm finally around to getting around to finishing this post because we had a trip to see our family this weekend and then I wasn't in the writing-a-blog-post mood. So I just sat around not doing this blog post and now I'm super late and May is long out of our thoughts. June is a reality now. So yeah, I'm late, but it's okay. Right?  

ahhh the month of May is over and honestly I'm sad. May treated me well. I can't believe this year is almost half way done like whuttttttt?! crazy.

Let's so over May ;)

May Highlights

first things first...I FINISHED SCHOOL for the summer - YESSSSS
hiking without parents - hehehehe
finishing biology - like uhhhh the feels
finding my boots - post about it right here.
my birthdayyyyyy - so yeah I turned 15 this month. we celebrated by going on a bike ride. it was soooo fun. I always wanna go bike riding with my family but it's hard to go when we live by a highway. so for my birthday we biked. around our state park. the first part was sooo exhausting cause we were literally biking up hills but after all the hard work getting up, we biked all the way down the hill and we were riding really fast. IT WAS SO FUN.  Then, we got ice cream (and my ice cream scoop fell on the ground hahah it was so funny but sad too). I also had shrimp and chicken for dinner. Then, we went with our friends and got slushies' which were THE BEST. it was a reaaally fun day thanks to my friends and family :)
teaching my friend gymnastics - this is a great highlight. the week of my birthday I asked my friend if we could do what I call "Bernie's Fitness Club" where we work out :P and I take charge. hahaha I asked if I could teach them gymnastics and they hesitantly said yes. and it was loads of fun. Sarah, I've worked with her before. it ain't workin. Ellie, her arm was bruised so she couldn't put pressure on it. So I worked with Mila and it was soo much fun. hahahaha this is what makes gymnasts happy :P
baseball games - ahhhh this is a big highlight too :P watching my brother and his team play baseball is so fun. nerve-racking and maddening at times but most of the time it's loads of excitement. my brother is a pitcher and he's reaallly good. imma brag about him. He pitches super fast and with great accuracy. it's loads of fun watching him play.
ending our church youth band for the summer - it was super sad to end but awesome to go  over the year together and cherish the memories we made. It was my first year so I learned tons of awesome stuff ;) During that time I was introduced to harmony. Although it was hard at first, I've got a hang of it and it's really enjoyable to practice. 
my birthday party/danny's 8th grade graduation party - I can't tell you how long ago it was since we've had a birthday party for me. Actually it was around 2 or 3 years ago, but those other years never seemed to happen. My idea for my birthday party was literally playing games outside all day. Except on the day of the party there was an 80% chance of thunderstorms. WHYYYY? Basically, we let the party go on and had a plan B for if it rained. IT NEVER RAINED THOUGH. it was the best thing ever. So we played basketball, football, and whiffle ball all day. It was muddy and wet on the ground which was actually super fun cause we got to slip and get all wet hehehehe :P anddddd we had the best snacks too hahaha. 
I HAD MY FIRST STARBUCKS - honestly, it didn't taste anything like everybody makes it sound like, but it was good. I'm mostly just excited about this highlight because I feel so cool now hahaha. I also feel like a weirdo cause my first starbucks was super late for a teenager but I don't really care. Honestly, I like Dunkin Donuts better. but yeah it was a highlight since I'm cool now. 
I made waffles for breakfast - One reason I was sooooo excited for summer was because I was going to make myself waffles for breakfast every morning. I got this waffle maker a long time ago and never used it because whenever I get up for school I go straight to school not waffle making. ya kno? but now I don't have school!! so I can make waffles for breakfast. and they're really good :) 
shooting alice in wonderland - a hundred years ago you probably heard my friends were making an alice in wonderland movie and it's taking forever. but we finally shot another scene. *I feel so official and cool when I say we shot another scene haha*  I was the Carpenter and I got to get mad at my friend cause she ate oysters. mwahahahaha :P

May Goals

throw a the bomb birthday party YES I DID THIS  
get a camera for my bday - ugh no but I'm saving up for one
try Bible journaling - yeahhh noooo I never did this. I NEED TO THOUGH.
finish biology class strong - Yes, I think I did this. It was super hard and exhausting at the end but I finished strong. yayyyyy

June Goals
draw at least twice a week
play guitar at least twice a week
save my money 

Thanks for reading!! And I hope you have a fabulous June!!
bouncing in to say bye,


  1. Happy birthday! I love watching my brother play baseball too; and I'm 18 and I like DD better than Starbucks. :)


    1. Thanks!! Yes, it's so fun and exciting. I always get so nervous for him. AHH yes *fist bump* :) haha

  2. It sounds like you had a fabulous month! :) Happy belated birthday!
    I'm impressed by your handstand - that must have taken much practice. What did you get for your first Starbucks?

    1. I did! Thanks!! Yeah it takes a lot of work but it's super fun to do :) I got a mocha frappe!

  3. Loved this looks like you had a wonderfabilistico month and the pictures are great! You really love that handstand don't you?!! Do you know if you'll be competing yet? XDD

    1. Thanks Paige! Yeah I did. HAHA yes I really do!! Yeah I think I will be this fall :D eek it's exciting!

  4. Lovely photos, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! <3

  5. happy belated birthday!! your blog is so cute!!

    also, one of my goals for this summer is to save money too...we'll see how that goes lol :)

    1. Thank you so much :)

      yup ;P we'll try our hardest!