Sunday, December 6, 2015

Daily December / Winter Essentials

So, I don't have a lot of Christmas Essentials so these are kinda going to be Christmas Essentials and Essentials Right Now. Okayyy!
Sweater are awesome. This week I've worn one almost every day. I love my cardinals sweatershirt (doesn't look like that one) and my almost warm sweaters.

Christmas time is Christmas movies. I love snuggling up with my family and watching Christmas movies. Yeah and if anybody has any Christmas movie suggestions tell me. Our family has been looking for some good ones. Apparently, Netflix doesn't have many good ones.

You heard a couple posts ago I love Francesca Battistelli's Christmas music and this is an essential. I don't know if I've already told you this, but listen to it. It's awesome.

These weeks have been busy and tiring. After all the math and school I'm tired. And I like the moment I get to climb in my bed, turn on the Christmas lights in my room, get in my covers, and read a good ol' book. After that I love to snuggle up with my elephant and annoy my sister about liking Gale in Hunger Games and flicker the Christmas lights. Lol ;P We love big sisters don't we! :D

So, I know. It's December. It's cold. But our family is like yeah it's cold, but ice cream. Oh we'll take that sacrifice. So, I'll take the sacrifice of freezing, but the taste is oh so worth it! :) I love icees! Especially around 2-5 where I get $1 larges. And when I get to get free refills on Tuesdays while doing school with my Mom and brother. Oh and I love surge. I think it's green apple, but it's called Surge. I call it deliciousness though. hehe ;P

Family is like my number one essential. I really can't do any of this stuff without them. And if I can do them they wouldn't be fun at all without them. They make me laugh. And they make me crazy. They make me LOVE Christmas time. THEY'RE AWESOME! Everything you do or say is AWESOME! Lol sorry Everything is Awesome though :P

Thanks for reading!
Tune in tomorrow for Christmas Playlist.
See ya guys! :D

                       ~Ellie R.


  1. Those are some essential essentials

    1. They are! hehe and I like the way you said it :P

  2. Love those photos. Hallmark channel,Halmark Mysteries and Moveis channel and UP TV have lovely and clean Christmas movies.

    1. Ooh hallmark like when calls the heart hehe I like that :P I've heard hallmark mysteries are good. I need to see some. that's cool. Thanks for commenting! Do you have a blog?