Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Bernie's Random Ramblings #1 Piano Piano!

Sorry it's been a while since I've posted. 
I was waiting for the poll to end. 
And the results made me happy. 
Most all of you voted for what I wanted you to vote for! 
I have literally like 6 posts that I need to post on here. 
But school is so crazy! 
I get school done at like 2 or 3 lately. 
And then I have math class at night and Latin and Worldview. 
It's crazy life! 
But I like crazy! 
I really don't know what I want to post here. 
I'm going to start a series called 
Bernie's Random Ramblings
I hope you like them! 
Today is about my piano.
Lately, we've been preparing for festival where judges judge our songs we've been practicing for 3 months or so. 
So today I'm going to share the songs I'm playing for festival. 
Here is the first one. 
It's called Valse Triste. I like it a lot! This is by Dennis Alexander. 
Here is the other one. I really like this one! 
This is called Minuet and Trio. It's by Mozart. 
And the last one. 
This one actually isn't a festival song. It's a backup for just in case Minuet and Trio isn't good enough to play for the festival. 
This is called German Dance in C major. 

I also have this one I almost picked. 
It's a pretty cool song. 
And last but not least. 

This is a song I played. 


  1. Bernie's Random Ramblings.. I like it! The songs sound cool!

  2. I love these songs Ellie!! They are so pretty! I loved listening to the one you played. :) When I was listening to it I was on our computer in the living room and Brae and Brody heard it and started to dance, LOL! It was really cute! :) Also, Brae wanted me to tell you that she loved the song you played. :)
    I think Bernie's Random Ramblings sounds cool!

    1. Aww thanks Shelby! haha awww they're so sweet! Tell them that made my day! My week actually! ;) Thanks Brae!

    2. Aww, I'm glad it made your week! :D

  3. Those are really pretty!! I love playing the piano!
    How long have you been playing?

    -Alexa Crawford

    1. Thanks! I do too! I've been playing for 5 years I think. How many have you been playing for?