Friday, April 1, 2016

A Little Update ;P

Welcome Everybody!
I'm going to do a lot of things today!

Firstly, Emily from A Purpose and A Promise nominated me for the Three Word Quote Challenge.
And I'm not the big quote person, but I'll do it.
I'll be posting my quote of the sidebar every day!
And I want to nominate three people for this challenge.
And that's...
Katie // Shelby // and Mikayla //
And anyone who wants to do it!
Here are the rules for you:
-Thank the person who nominated you
-Nominate 3 new bloggers everyday
-Post a new quote everyday for 3 consecutive days

Secondly, I wanted to do an announcement.
I've been thinking of some fun posts to do and I'm going to do a Family Series.
Basically, I'm going to interview all of my family members.
And maybe even my pets if you want me to ;)
After I interview all of them I'm going to do a Siblings Q&A.
So, please start sending some questions for that!
And I might also do a Who is Most Likely To...
So if you want that tell me too ;)
Thirdly, I want YOUR opinion.
I have a beautiful notebook that says Bernie on it. And I don't do diaries.
So, I was wondering if you could give me some suggestions for how to use that notebook.
Because I hate just sitting there. I know you guys got some great suggestions!
So yeah! Thanks guys!
I'll be hopefully post another post this week!
Oh and also!
I've been on 52 for so long and I was just waiting for the 53rd. Thanks you 53 follower! I love you! :)

Bouncing in to Say Bye,


  1. First awesome challenge. Second awesome new series! Third congrats on 53 followers? I think a question for you that I have is what is your advice for other people to help them get more followers?

    1. Thanks! Thanks again! Thanks again! hehe! I think I always gain followers by just going to new blogs, commenting, and at the end say my name and blog address. Sometimes they don't follow, but a lot of times they do! :)

  2. maybe you can use it to write a book?Ummm...a sketchbook?prayer book?Congrats on 53 followers! ---Liah

  3. I love your idea for the new series! Congrats on 53 followers!!!

    1. Thanks! Thanks again! And thanks for commenting! :)

  4. Those series sound great! I look forward to reading about your family members. :)
    Here are some questions for you sibling Q&A.
    What are your siblings names and how old are they?
    Are any of your siblings as limber as you?
    Do you share a room with anyone?

    Congratulations on getting 53 followers.
    What grades are your siblings in?