Monday, February 23, 2015

Foreign Part #4

Ello! I realized I haven't updated my story in a long time so here you go!

“But Father, I-I surely didn’t mean too. Oh please let me go.” Foreign exclaimed to her Father.

Unknown didn’t think Foreign should go outside at all today. He knew it was her fifth birthday. When Popular told the nasty curse he said she would have a sudden urge to go out in the woods. Unknown was hard to explaining to Foreign because he’d never told Foreign about the curse.

“I’m sorry Foreign but you can’t. I can’t let you go.”

“I’m not going Daddy! Screamed Foreign helplessly, I will be okay. I wish you would stop being so protective sometimes!”

“STOP! I shall hear not one noise come out of your mouth for the rest of the night. Please Foreign it’s for you good. Now go to your room. Don’t escape either. We are having a ball tonight so please don’t be playing around the castle. I’m sorry.”

So just like Unknown told Foreign she couldn’t talk to him that whole night. Instead of having a splendid feast and a magnificent tango Foreign lodged helplessly she pitied over not being there by the gleaming stars. As she heard the finest noise of the happiest king and queen greeting everyone with great cheer Foreign greeted the feelings of sadness and loneliness. Though in a split second her sadness suddenly sprang down and her happiness suddenly jumped right in when she saw a quite rhythmic knock on door.

“Foreign, would you please open the door. Oh Foreign sometimes you selfish. Now, open your door for your friend.”

“Why should I, exclaimed Foreign, Okay fine!”

In came Foreign’s dear friend, maid, and very important servant in the castle. She had long dark blond hair with a beautiful dress only rugged and worn out. She had a pretty blue bonnet wrapped around her head with a big smile like she just saw her Dad who she hadn’t seen in a while. Her name was Clarisse. Clarisse’s father and mother died when she was just twelve years old in a dreadful earthquake. Surprisingly, Clarisse survived. Though she almost died in her heart seeing the tragic death of her dear parents. After that she weakly traveled around not knowing any idea of where she was going or if she was going to be going soon. For she hadn’t had food in many years and was very frightened. When she weakly begged right by Unknown and Unaware’s castle footstep they finally invited her in to be a servant.

Now while Foreign was young she had to have a person almost like a nanny taking care of her like a Mother while their parents were busy. Clarisse, though young, asked very pleadingly to become her nanny while juggling being a servant too. It was surely hard though she was completely certain that it was very much worth it to have a special relationship with another girl. Clarisse had a hard life when she was young. She was also an elf. Clarisse told breathtaking stories about things she saw and things she experienced while living life as an elf. Though it was always miserable when Clarisse had to mention her Father and Mother dying at age twelve. However, she in spite of everything found herself close to death on many thrilling excitements. Over all these stories Foreign learned what a bow was and how to fight with a dagger. Foreign admired Clarisse because of her sensational knowledge in fighting.

Though Foreign thought she knew everything in the world her parents didn’t. They worried over her and deeply encouraged Foreign to be a princess not fighter. Foreign didn’t listen though. She fought with no regret. Clarisse highly supported Foreign into listening to her Father and Mother. Foreign very much agreed and she knew they knew everything for her best, but she also knew they urged her to do what she loved. Though her parents were scared of her getting hurt they encouraged her and thanked Clarisse. Clarisse was very fortunate to have the exceeding love with the Queen and King and Foreign.
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  1. Wow! That is so good, I loved every little bit of it. I can't wait for Part 5!!!

  2. Thank you so much Shelby! I have never got this much of a compliment! You have inspired to do more and update it soon! Thank you so much again again and again! THIS MADE MY DAY!!

  3. You're good! Keep up the great work! :-)