Sunday, March 22, 2015

Create your masterpiece;)

Couple days ago me and my family took our stuff to St. Louis for a homeschool conference there. We were very excited abut being motivated and seeing many Christian families just like us. Turns out we got to meet Sarah's biology author, our history author, and our writing class author. There were many lectures about goals, writing, geniuses, art, memorization, history, and much more. Today I'm going to talk about art. How we can encourage ourselves in art and working hard.

Many of my relatives and siblings know I'm probably the creative and artsy one around our house. I love to draw and doodle. My brother loves drawing to although he is not always comforted when drawing because he gets a little mad when he messes up or doesn't like his piece. It usual. One reason some people might give up on art and not like art is because they aren't very positive about there piece. First let's talk a little about art first.

Art really has a one word meaning. Create! It's not create the books example neither create what your teach made. It's you create you masterpiece. Often we compare ourselves to the teachers painting or the books drawing but really we have to realize that's not our piece. That's theirs. The one your making is yours. It's going to be different. We are different!
One of the best places to get inspiration and encouragement for you masterpiece or anything is go outside. The tree that stands outside with it's beautiful big leafs is a masterpiece. It's God's masterpiece. It's awesome to go outside and see that beautiful and amazing masterpiece outside and to know that GOD MADE IT ALL!!! He is the creator of everything! Even you! Wow!
Some people give up because they don't like their piece. It's not good enough to them. I'm constantly telling my brother that as long as you have fun and work hard whatever you made is a MASTERPIECE! Work hard and never give up! You'll never ever make a beautiful masterpiece until you try. You have to try try try again. (Isn't that a song)
Even if it's drawing on a coloring book to trying to copy Leonardo da Vinci's famous painting. DO IT! Create your masterpiece! Be you while your at it too!
Peace and Love,

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