Thursday, July 9, 2015

Super Summer! Part 1. :)

Bello! It's Ellie! Finally. Yeahh I got back from my camp (that I think I secretly didn't even tell you about) on Saturday, but posting never was my main goal. Days past fast, but I still wanted to post about it because you just gotta hear about it. This year for my summer camp me and my sister went to Super Summer at Greenville College, Greenville Illinois. It was my first year so I was a little nervous. I knew I was going to miss my family and I just wanted to be back at the no business life which is VERY rare for me. I LOVE BUSY! ANNYYWHO, right when I was with my church group heading to the camp I wasn't nervous. I was pumped! I was laughing and having a great time.

Let me tell you something, Super Summer is like a dream land. Suddenly, whenever you get there you miss your family, but your not thinking about it. It's pretty much the college life. You get a dorm key! GUYS! THAT'S LIKE..............AWESOME! But I haven't even got to the best part yet. So hang on and keep reading!
In every grade your in a different school. No it's not dreadful like that. It's pretty much like the group you hang out with and go to sermons with. Every school you have a color. I was in the red school. First when you got there you put your luggage in your dorm and immediately a TL (team leader) escorts you to the red school room. It was ALL decorated in red. Red balloons and red table cloths surrounded the room. IT WAS AWESOME! I met my roomie there too! We also met our family group. Mostly after sermons and school sessions your family group would gather together and talk about what they learned.

In our school sessions the main topic was your identity. We read Genesis 1-3 talking about Adam and Eve. I though of a question which is: If we were born sinners then what did we do? What sin did we commit? Here are also some questions our dean (who is like your main speaker at your school) gave us: Would you die for someone? Would you give permission for someone to die? Have you or I put my hope in the hands of Jesus? Do you or I trust him with it?

Rec was AWESOME! It was all about supporting your school. You'd look weird if you didn't wear you school color. Before rec our whole school gathered in our room. EVERYBODY WAS PUMPED! Red face paint, red shirts, red streamers, and red horns were all over the place!
We were all ready to make our team look like so AWESOME! They screamed, The RED TEAM! One of our leaders shouted "For RED!" And we bolted sprinting across the field. Holding our hands up and screaming! We played awesome game like soccer, town house ball, hungry hippos, and my favorite dodge ball. We were DEFINATELY ALL PUMPED!