Sunday, March 13, 2016

Some of my Favorite Songs

I'm going to share today some of my favorite Christian songs right now. And trust me I might be overflowing you with some a little bit because last week we went to the Roadshow. We got to see Mandisa, Newsboys, Jeremy Camp, Phil Wickham, Danny Gokey, and some more! It was a lot of fun. So yeah! Let's get started!
Great are You, Lord by All Sons and Daughters.
I love this song so much! We've been going to a new church and whenever the wonderful worship team performs a song I like I look it up. So I loved them singing it so I looked it up on youtube. And it's just such a peaceful and TOTALLY TRUE song. Right? I love it.
No Longer Slave by Bethel
I just love this song. It's so comforting to know that we no longer have to be worried. Because God is with us. And because he has a plan for you. So we don't have to be slaves of fear anymore. I love that song. And they sing beautifully. Also check out the cover of this by Austin and Lindsey right here. That's a good one too! :)
Crazy by Newsboys.
Oh my goodness guys! I love this song! When we saw the Newsboys I REALLY admired how unashamed they were in the gospel. And this songs is a lot like that. It also has a great beat!
For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile.
We believe by Newsboys.
I love this song. After hearing many times on the radio it gets old but after I watched "Do you Believe" I really liked it. That movie is awesome. Watch it. And the song it awesome too!
Guilty by Newsboys.
I just love this song. Again just showing how much they are unashamed. And this is the song for Gods Not Dead 2. AHH! I'm so excited. If anybody hasn't seen the trailer. Watch it here. I'm guilty! Are you?!
I also love this song. When I saw this in the concert I was like, "Woo Hoo!" It was awesome!
Sorry I think I'm almost done with Newsboys, but the next one is Gods Not Dead by you know who.
When we saw this at concert it was awesome. They showed a clip of the movie and it was so good. I just love this song. Oh and by the way when they whisper, "Gods not dead he's surely alive" Everybody whispered but it was loud because so many people were whispering it. THAT WAS SO AWESOME! Just got me more pumped for Gods Not Dead 2.
Beautiful by Phil Wickham.
I mainly love this song because I love photography. I love taking pictures of God's beautiful creation. And I love to just sing this song while I'm looking out the window. Phil Wickham sings so good. Seriously guys. Especially live too! :)

Heaven Song by Phil Wickham.
I JUST LOVE THIS SONG! Phil just makes the most relaxing and true songs ever. I could just sleep to this song. It's so awesome at night to listen to this song and try to sleep. It's so relaxing. This song is so true. It just reminds me so much that in this world we will have trouble, but God has overcome the world. And some day we will be able to live life with him forever.

Awakens Me by Phil Wickham.
I just love this song! It reminds me a little about when I do photography. Your love awakens me.

Phil Wickham is coming out with an album too so be ready! I'm so excited!

Holy Spirit by Franchesca Battistelli.
I love this song because I want to live this song out. I want more of God. I need more of God. It's so relaxing. Another song I could just sleep too.

Oceans by Hillsong United
I love this song because I love the eagerness to just trust in God. It’s like the story of Peter. As he was scared of walking on the water he wanted to go more. Take me deeper for my feet can ever wonder. And my faith will be made stronger in the presence of my Savior. And I also love this line because God is mine. And I am yours. It’s just like giving yourself up. God I’m nothing without you. I am yours. And you are mine.

Same Power by Jeremy Camp.
I love this song because it reminds me that God is in control. In this day we think lean on the president for making this country better. But we need to remember that God is in control. Like my Pastor said today, "I don't care if Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump, or Mickey Mouse will be president." Because God is powerful.

Although I have probably more I'm going on to the next section.
I have some favorite Christian upbeat songs for you.
I love rap sooo..:P

Crowns and Thorn (Oceans) by KB
I love this song a lot because Hillsong is in it. What is better than rap and Oceans? C'mon guys! I really do love it though. I love the two lines she sings. And KB's awesome.

Get Hype by 1 Girl Nation.
I love this song a lot. It's so fun! Some people say it's just a party song, but it does say spread it around the world. I'm really excited for 1 Girl Nation though.

Cruisin by Lecrae
I love this song a lot. It's just upbeat. We sing this song for Ted Cruz. Keep keep CRUZin. Lol :P

Sideways by KB.
I love this song! My brother sings it and it's funny. It's upbeat and I love it.

Church Clap by KB.
This song is upbeat and very fun!

I hope you like this list!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Those are so cute, Bernie!!!

  2. lucky you got to go!:)do you like just be held?

  3. Wow!!! I love this blog post SO much!! : ) Awesome job, Ellie -- you're so amazing! : )
    (I'm pulling for Ted Cruz, too! It made me SO mad, because I'll be legal to vote like 2 months after Presidential elections!! : (
    Haha! I'll definitely check out this Keep CRUZin song! lol XD I really like Lecrae! DO you know his "Church"?

    1. Thanks! Thank you so much! Aw that stinks! hehe thanks!

  4. Wow, this is beautiful Ellie! I just found your blog and I love it! I love the header especially! :)