Thursday, July 24, 2014


So I've been posting a lot about songs I like right now. I thought I would just tell you that I'll be posting songs I liked throughout the week so here this week.
I really like this song for two reasons.
1# It's kinda slow and it's very unusual for Lecrae cause he's a rapper.
2# It's a awesome song cause it talk about giving you all to God every day because "You could die tonight."
I also wanted to post this video because one of my favorite bands did a cover of it and I LOVE THIS SONG!!! SO THANKS GARDINER SISTER! IT WAS AWESOME! (as usual)
I also wanted to share these two videos. THey are awesome! They're the same song but in a different time as you can see. The first one a song that the two girls made together. The second one is about five years later. They sing the song and make a music video of it. So that's double awesome! And the song is sooooo sweet! :) :D :P
That's it for me!
Peace and Love,


  1. Thanks for posting new videos, Bernie! I like being introduced to new music. =)

    1. Thanks Jessica for commenting! I do too! I'm always looking for cool new Christian music.